Sexual Life Can Actually Bring These Amazing “Benefits”

Sexual Life Can Actually Bring These Amazing Benefits

The male semen contains an important antibacterial substances – semen cytoplasm, the cell enters the cell, it can prevent bacterial RNA synthesis. 1-2 times weekly semen into the vagina, through the cervix gradually arrive uterus fallopian tubes, can achieve disinfection effect.

Miraculous one: help to eliminate insomnia

Everyone is eager to have a deep, sweet sleep, but insomnia variety of causes, often haunt you. Especially women, are more likely to insomnia. When experiencing a harmonious sexual life, the nervous excitement of the body began to relax tired muscles are able to meet later in the stretch, drowsiness naturally hit, help to eliminate insomnia. And sex life more happy, and afterwards the more easily fall asleep.

Miraculous two: alleviate premenstrual syndrome

Women in 5-7 days before menstruation, pelvic blood flow increases, it may cause swelling and spasm, causing bloating or abdominal pain. The sex life of muscle exercise, can promote blood flow to accelerate the pelvic area into the general blood circulation, and relieve pelvic pressure, thus reducing abdominal discomfort.

Miraculous three: semen help women vaginal disinfection

Experiments show that there is an antibacterial substance in semen – semen cytoplasm, it can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus bacteria. They can help female genital against microbes. Long-term no sexual life of women, more prone to vaginitis, endometritis, salpingitis and other illnesses.

Miraculous four: help to protect the young mind

According to the Japanese medical research shows that: “use and disuse” of atrophy, but also to a lack of sexual life. Proper sex life helps prevent brain aging and metabolism, memory is also strong.

Miraculous five: effective to reduce the incidence of heart disease and myocardial infarction

Sex life can make the pelvis, limbs, joints, muscles, spine more activities to promote blood circulation, strengthen the heart and lung capacity. Dangerous people have a harmonious sexual life of heart disease than sexual disharmony of people by at least 10% of the risk.

Miraculous six: alleviate or relieve pain syndrome

Sex even with aspirin have the same effect, it sounds a bit marvelous. However, feedback lot of medical institutions, confirmed the sex life can stimulate the central nervous system that secrete a chemical called amine polyphenols, weakened pain quite effective.

Close-up of a young couple lying side by side

Close-up of a young couple lying side by side

Miraculous seven: reduce the incidence of skin disease

Poor skin blood circulation, can cause acne, dark spots and other skin diseases. And moderate sex will accelerate blood circulation, balance metabolism, skin smooth and delicate, and play a role in prevention and treatment of skin diseases.

Miraculous eight: to improve disease resistance of the immune system

Modern civilized life, but let people’s immune systems are more vulnerable than ever. Colds, high blood pressure, all kinds of ulcers often become obvious to hide. Sex can make a balanced adrenaline secretion, muscle contraction first, then relax, creating a virtuous cycle in which the immune system can be maintained in good condition.

Miraculous nine: the promotion of women’s reproductive health

Estrogen enable women to maintain the structure and function of good blood circulation system, regular sex life of women, estrogen levels than occasional sexual intercourse is much higher. Thereby strengthening the physiological function of the ovaries, normal menstruation, menopause can be delayed, but will make every sex genital secretions increase, to prevent drying of the vaginal mucosa.

Miraculous ten: slow aging

Women in about thirty-five, bone began to loose, sex can regulate cholesterol and maintain bone density and slow down osteoporosis. So the people look lithe gait, the body’s flexibility is also strong.

Miraculous eleven: make men stronger

Health moderate sex, can make the secretion of testosterone in men increases, so that men are more muscular, weight gain, improved bone marrow function, but also to reduce the accumulation of body fat.

Miraculous twelve: ease and inhibition

Men having sex every day to enhance reproductive capacity, affectionate woman cares about most things, his health, help protect the young mind. Most men are generally stronger libido performance of energy, memory and willpower were the strong side, which also indicated that adequate sex life does have a role in brain health.

Health Words: proper sex life helps prevent brain aging and metabolism, memory is also strong. However, this is only in the “appropriate” range, if too frequent sex life will be brought to the brain damage.

Miraculous thirteen: help alleviate stress

Some men will consciously or unconsciously choose to use sex to relieve stress, proper sex life can really relieve stress male, married life can promote harmony. From the Chinese point of view, this is the effect of yin and yang balance.

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