Sexual satisfaction of the eight coups

High-quality sex can make people refreshed, happy, the relationship between husband and wife can also play a very good role in promoting. So, how can we get a satisfying sex?

1. List of sex schedules. It is surprising to set a timetable for sex, but many people really do it. With the timetable, the couple will be looking forward to sex, and to prepare for this. To sex that day, they will arrange work and life in advance, adjust the state, you can also carefully arranged foreplay, making romance, to avoid sex become dull. Survey shows that there are sex arrangements for the couple, a higher quality of life, sexual experience more pleasant and wonderful.

2. Lock the bedroom door. Jennifer Flanders married for 24 years, she has three children, the youngest 2 years old, the largest 13 years old. She joked that no matter where the family moved, the most important thing is to change the main bedroom for the new lock. The couple told the children that when they closed the bedroom door, if there were no emergencies, the children could not enter at will. Locked the bedroom door, the space left to their own, is that they keep the quality of the secret of sex. This is very important for couples with children or with their parents. Lock the door, let the couple have a sense of security, let go, and thus threw himself into the world of two people.

3. Cherish every chance of sex. Busy life and work will squeeze people’s sex time, so that sex life has become a hurry. At this point, we must cherish every opportunity to love, affectionate kiss, fanatical embrace … … do not simplify the steps, but to do more perfect, pay attention to the blending of the spirit and meat.

4. Try new ways. Sex just like music, there should be ups and downs, immutable sex will make people feel boring. But the way of sex innovation, to two people can accept the degree. The two together try a new posture, change the location of sex, make you feel fun.

5. Keep the exchange. Communication is an important way for couples to keep intimate. You can talk, especially sex, describe their sexual feelings and expectations, can stimulate the sexual desire of partners, but also let each other feel happy.

6. Sex priority. Unhappy couples always avoid sexual life with headaches, stress, fatigue, or quarrels, but happy couples can give priority to sex. They believe that sex can relieve pain, improve sleep, and allow couples to resolve conflicts more quickly.

7. Mutual trust. Only in the mutual trust, each other without tension, will naturally be naked relative to their own to each other.

8. Care about appearance and health. Keep fit and healthy, will increase the attractiveness of the partner, but also make themselves full of confidence.

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