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Why Aerobic Exercise Is Most Conducive To Weight Loss

Compared to anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise is more conducive to weight loss

Aerobic exercise refers to the physical exercise in the case of adequate oxygen supply. In other words, in the course of exercise, the human body inhaled oxygen and demand equal to achieve a physiological balance. Excessive weight, in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss through exercise, aerobic exercise when a good choice.

Anaerobic exercise, refers to the muscles in the “hypoxia” state of high-speed strenuous exercise. Due to the speed too fast and explosive force too much, the body’s sugar too late after the decomposition of oxygen, and had to rely on “oxygen-free energy.” This is a way of exercising your muscles to make your body stronger.

Aerobic exercise is most conducive to weight loss reasons

1. Accelerate metabolism

Aerobic exercise refers to exercise in aerobic state, exercise for a long time (endurance exercise), so that the heart (blood circulation system), lung (respiratory system) to be fully effective stimulation, improve heart and lung function, so that Whole body tissues, organs get good oxygen and nutrient supply, improve metabolism, accelerate digestion, consume calories.

2. The movement makes the body’s adrenaline secretion increased

Under normal circumstances, the movement will make the body’s adrenaline secretion increased, thereby promoting fat burning: short-term exercise to produce fatigue, the liver, adipose tissue lipase, glucose will be activated, muscle glycogen breakdown, Accelerate the circulation of blood, relax the nasal cavity, gastrointestinal blood vessels, etc., to speed up detoxification, accelerate the release of fat burning fat.

3. Aerobic exercise can increase the body “good” cholesterol

Often aerobic exercise can increase the body “good” cholesterol – high density lipoprotein content. The body of high-density lipoprotein, blood vessels in the blood vessels can be transported to the liver, commonly known as “good” cholesterol. The researchers found that people who were aerobic exercise had an average of 2.53 mg of high-density lipoprotein per 0.1 liter of blood; the minimum amount of exercise that could cause high-density lipoprotein production was 2 hours per week or equivalent to consumption of 900 Calorie calorie exercise; for fat people, aerobic exercise to increase its “good” the effect of cholesterol is particularly evident.

What exercise can be effective for weight loss

Want to achieve weight loss, exercise intensity and exercise time is very important, in a nutshell, effective weight loss exercise mainly has the following three categories:

1. Moderate intensity aerobic exercise

Common ways include brisk walking, jogging, boating, climbing and power bikes. In general, the heart rate should reach 50% of the maximum heart rate – 60%, exercise time 30-40 minutes. In the gym, should be sweating the body is appropriate In this case, the body can adapt to the case, the appropriate increase in speed to consume more energy.

2. Strength training

Mainly for the trunk and limbs large muscle movement, you can use their own weight for sit-ups, squatting and push-ups and so on. You can also use utensils such as dumbbells or rally. In order to achieve the purpose of consumption of fat, to force the movement of muscle load is the maximum muscle strength of 60-80%, repeated exercise 20-30 times, every two weeks and then increase the amount of exercise.

3. Ball game

Ball movement as an auxiliary exercise, can exercise muscles, enhance physical fitness, more importantly, can continue to exercise, consume energy, play a weight loss effect. For every person who wants to lose weight through exercise, the most painful is that they can not insist on a single run and strength training for a long time. The ball and other collective projects, changes, and more fun, will extend the exercise time. Common ball with badminton, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, basketball, you can also choose social dance. Through this movement once or twice a week, you can enhance self-confidence and keep your body stiff.

The following recommended several effective weight loss exercise:

1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most comfortable and effective ways to lose weight in summer, and the calories consumed are very impressive. Such as disc-type swimming every 30 minutes can consume 470 kcal of calories. Keep swimming for half an hour every day, plus the appropriate diet control, you can quickly lose the accumulation of fat in the body.

2. Playing squash

Playing squash consumption of calories, in a short time can get a better weight-loss effect. 30 minutes a day to play squash, you can consume more than 450 kcal of calories, can effectively help the body of fat and waste toxins.

3. Skipping rope

Rope skipping is also a good effect of burning fat aerobic exercise, skipping 30 minutes can consume 440 kcal of calories. To lose 1 kg of fat to consume 7200 kcal of calories to calculate, skipping less than 5 hours can lose 1 kg of fat.

4. Jogging in the water

We all know that running has a very good weight-loss role in the water jogging better role Oh Because the resistance of water is 12 times as much as air, density and heat transfer are also larger than air, so jogging in the water consumes more calories than on land. Drinking 100 meters in the water can consume 65 kcal of energy.

5. Playing badminton

Playing badminton can not only exercise the muscles of the body, but also can effectively improve the flexibility of the body. 30 minutes a day to play badminton, you can help you consume 160 kcal of calories.

6. Playing volleyball

Playing volleyball on the thin arm and stovepipe have a good effect, can help exercise the power of the upper arm and the consumption of leg fat. Every 30 minutes of volleyball, you can also help you consume 160 kcal of calories.

7. Playing table tennis

Do not underestimate the action of playing table tennis, it can help you exercise the muscles of the body, the effective consumption of fat, but also improve the individual’s ability to respond. Every 30 minutes can consume 130 kcal of heat.