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Exercise Winter Weight Loss Program – Easily Reduce Fat

Movement has been one of the most effective ways to lose weight, exercise to lose weight in winter and summer is different, because the weather was cold, the matter will be particularly important to note the following, we summarize the considerations winter sports to lose weight, help you easily maintain a good figure.

American fitness expert Brown said, winter sports program has two characteristics:

First of all, autumn and winter fitness program should focus on weight loss to develop. Autumn and winter the human digestive function enhancements, appetites, in the autumn and winter, many people have reached the heaviest weight. On the other hand, when the heat in winter exercise consumption is also large, is a good season to remove fat.

It is understood that the National Weight Control will all the thousands of members, they have a successful weight loss of about 14 kg per person, more than experience, and has maintained the weight loss of at least 3 years. When it comes to weight loss experience, members believe that autumn and winter is the year to maintain weight loss record of the most critical moment, the most important means is exercise.

Secondly, the autumn and winter people decreased immunity, easy to get sick, so another focus of winter fitness program is through an effective exercise to prevent disease. However, unplanned exercise, irregular not only physical health, but also because of physical discomfort and illness.

Rely on the aerobic exercise

Autumn and winter weather is cold, anaerobic exercise explosive easily cause physical discomfort, or even cause injury, so be sure to choose a health action to a lesser extent, the heat consumption of large aerobic exercise. On specific projects, may vary depending on the age difference: the young, can be arranged running high impact aerobics, which can consume more calories; middle-aged people can be arranged brisk walking, jogging, stair climbing and other low-impact aerobic movement; the elderly can arrange walking, yoga, tai chi and other projects.

Young autumn and winter exercise can increase the amount of exercise, time can be longer, such as running, can be more than 10-15 minutes in spring and summer.

Middle-aged health are generally in decline, not because the gym is not busy with work, according to the amount specified in the winter fitness program to activities.

After the autumn and winter to develop a good fitness program, to achieve the best fitness results, the key is to adhere to, not because the weather is cold or snowing so easily give up. Texas Woman’s University sports expert John Duncan did a survey recently proved: exercise intensity is not the most important, there is the law is the most important.

Choose a good time to lose weight in winter

There are two significant differences compared with the spring and summer sports program for winter sports program.

First of all, there are very different timing, people of all ages according to their physical condition to select the time period activity. Young people due to the body’s ability to adapt to climate strong, good physique, physical recovery faster, autumn and winter fitness time can be arranged in the morning and afternoon; middle-aged somewhat less adaptable, able to after work, unwind 18:00 -20 points more relaxed time for exercise; elderly fitness autumn and winter time is generally to be elected at 14:00 -19 points, their poor health, choose the highest temperature, sunshine time for fitness activities easier to open, so as to avoid injury .

Secondly, the autumn and winter sports and fitness plans on the choice of the sun and spring and summer fitness program is different. Emphasized in the sun in winter sports, while in spring and summer activities is required in the shade to avoid heat stroke.

Winter exercise weight loss notice

Cardiac pressure

Autumn and winter is the high season for heart disease. Data show that the onset of winter, the chances of heart disease by 50% higher than in summer. In this period were a surprise a lot of movement, it will cause additional pressure on the heart, blood reduced ability of the body caused by hypoxia, increase the risk of disease. Before exercise is recommended to conduct low-intensity aerobic exercise, a gradual transition to strength training, after strenuous exercise to be walking and other sports, to restore stability in blood pressure.

Muscle strain

When autumn and winter sports, due to the cold weather, poor tensile properties of human muscle contraction. If you do not make the next ready sudden overload of stimuli in the body, it is particularly likely to cause muscle and ligament strain and tear. In the event of a muscle strain occurs after local pain, tenderness, swelling, muscle tension, spasms, dysfunction and other phenomena, seriously injured will produce subcutaneous bleeding and other symptoms. So, time to warm up exercises than usual were slightly longer, extended to 15 to 20 minutes.

Catch cold

Autumn and winter, whether in the gym or go outdoor exercise, should pay attention to the problem of cold. In this season due to larger changes in temperature, sweating so much easier. At the time of exercise, if you want to reduce the clothes, do not get much time off. Fever should wait until after the full body gradually decrease clothes. In addition, after sweating should keep warm, do not wear wet clothes for a long time.

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Winter Sports Four Groups Make You Have Slim Belly

Winter Sports Four Groups Make You Have Slim Belly

Winter is the best time to lose belly fat, like in the next year before the arrival of a slim belly? Want lean abdomen but no time to go to the gym? By strengthening exercise abdominal muscles, the fat is converted into meat, is an effective way to eliminate belly. The following four actions can be performed anywhere, easily make you lean belly.

1. Tablet support

Feet shoulder width apart, elbows bent, forearm close to the ground, back straight, the body forms a straight line from start to finish. You will feel intense abdominal muscles contraction, the body in fighting gravity. Even if you insist on only twelve minutes a day, will be getting a flat belly and back will be more solid.

2. Prone tablet support

Stays hands, arms and shoulders into a vertical angle, kicking his legs straight, back straight. Elbows bent 90 degrees, upper arm close to the body sides, shoulders pressed down, keeping the back straight. For 1 minute.

3. Half boat action

Sitting on the mat, upper body lean back, arms extending parallel legs off the ground, was the boat-shaped. So keep breathing after three back back slightly reduced, while his legs stretched forward, do not touch the floor, was a half boat-shaped, 3 breaths, then return to the initial state, repeat 10 times.

4. Side support

Stays hands, arms and shoulders into a vertical angle, kicking his legs straight, back straight. Moved to the middle of his left pad, foot support, the body naturally turned to the left. Leaning on his left foot, right arm extended upward. Maintain the action eight deep breaths, and then back to the initial action, for the right side and repeat the exercise.

Easy and simple set of actions for more than 4, in the thin lower abdomen, but also be able to exercise, enhance the body resistance.

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Simple and Effective Postpartum Recovery Gymnastics

Simple and Effective Postpartum Recovery Gymnastics

Postpartum recovery gymnastics, if the situation is good for pregnant women, postpartum first day you can do the proper stretching exercises, and strength to the pregnant woman most comfortable state prevail. Then you can slowly increase the intensity, were shaping.

Postpartum recovery gymnastics, to pregnant women, the state itself is the most comfortable subject:

From the first day of the first week postpartum start, you can practice the three sports.

The first is the pelvic floor muscle exercise. This is an exercise squat and stand up slow motion.

We can according to their own physical strength, try to do a few times each day. This exercise can enhance the pelvic floor muscles, if you have a suture delivery wounds, it can help you heal wounds.

Second, foot pedal movement. It can improve blood circulation and prevent leg swelling. Ankle forced the legs bent upwards, and then bent down, over and over.

The third is to do exercises strengthen abdominal muscles. Tightening the abdominal muscles when exhale, maintain a few seconds and then relax.

From postnatal day 5, if you feel good, you can do pinch abdominal exercises. Lying in bed with two pillows shore heads and shoulders, legs bent and slightly apart, arms crossed on the abdomen above. Then when you lift the head and shoulders, exhale and gently press with two hands on both sides of the abdomen, the sides of the abdomen pressed together. Keep this position for a few seconds, then inhale and relax. Repeat three times.

The first two weeks postpartum, you can gradually add some exercise. Each movement must be repeated many times, but you have to feel comfortable as a limit.

Backward bending motion. Sit up straight, legs bent and slightly apart, arms folded on his chest. Then exhale while your pelvis slightly tilted forward and backward curved body slowly until you feel the abdominal muscles are tightened up. In case you feel comfortable, try to maintain this position longer. In the hold phase, you can take a normal breathing pattern. Then relax, inhale sit up, ready during the next exercise.

Forward bending motion. Sit on the plane, legs bent, feet slightly apart, hands rely on the thigh. Breath, raised his head and shoulders, the body stretched forward, so that his hands across his knees as much as possible, and if your hands can not touch your knees start, it does not matter, continue to do so. Done inhale and relax.

Lateral swivel movement. Lying in bed, his arms flat on the sides of the body, two hands are closer to the outside of both thighs. Head slightly raised, body deflected to the left, the left leg sliding arrive. Supine again, and repeat the operation to the right, left, and right sides for 2-3 times.

Several groups of simple and effective post-partum recovery gymnastics:

1. Neck movement: sub-leg stand, the former head of the song, back, reset, turn left, turn right, to surround, surround left, cycle 4 times.

2. Around the arm: sub-leg stand, arms on the move, circling forward four laps, circling back four laps, do 2 times.

3. Chest: sub-leg stand, flat chest, arms curved rear vibration, vibration arm after the show, do four times.

4. Transfected movement: about 4 times, so 2 groups.

5. Precursor song: 8 times.

6. The body of the loop: the waist axis, left and right around a week, do 2 times.

7. Kick: before and after each 10 times, so 2 groups.

8. Front lunge stretching: about 4 times, so 2 groups.

9. Side stretching: about 4 times, so 2 groups.

10. squat stand: 12-20 times.

11. Foot turn around the wrist: 12 times each.

12. Sit-ups: 8-15 times, making three groups.

13. Push-ups: 8-12 times, so 2 groups.

14. Relaxation activities 3 minutes.

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Ultra Low Calorie Diet Recipes Let You Eat Good Shape

Diet weight loss is at present a lot of fat people loved weight loss method, weight loss diet is not only for food choices have a requirement, cooking method is also very important.A lot of food to lose weight because of wrong practices and lead to heat up, the following is recommended several kinds of food to lose weight for everybody to eat, let you can make the lowest calorie diet!


Carrots taste very sweet, and contain plenty of water may help a diuretic, so that the body residues discharged. In addition, carrots contain lower sugar substance, not only can reduce sugar intake can also help suppress the desire MM favorite sweets for dessert. MM to help achieve weight loss effect. From this, it can be a carrot diet food which one. Note however that better not eat raw carrots, raw carrots because carrots nutrients will make it difficult to be absorbed by the body, which tends to waste.

Recommended Recipe: orange carrot juice

1. Peel the carrots into segments.
2. Peeled oranges.
3. The carrot and orange juice while on the juicer, and then add some mint leaves to slow down the sweetness of the orange carrot juice to drink.

From practical terms, this is a genuine orange juice, but after mixing with carrots, it dilutes the sour orange juice, carrots and sweet flavor has also been fully exploited. In addition, the integration of these two also to help promote the body’s metabolism, can also increase the body’s supply of nutrients and energy.

Soyabean Milk

Soyabean milk is rich in nutrients can lower blood cholesterol and neutral fat, and drink soyabean milk, you can balance the nutrients in the body to stimulate the body movement of a variety of enzymes to break down quickly to excess fat, reducing fat accumulation in the body. In addition, soyabean milk can also play a beauty cosmetic effect. Therefore, for such a slimming and can both beauty beauty food, but also the need to lose a choice of thin lady.

Recommended Recipe: jujube lotus soyabean milk

1. Soybeans soaked in cold water three hours, lotus seeds and meat soak 1 hour.
2. The jujube washed with lotus seeds and meat, beans together in Soymilk inside.
3. Adding the right amount of soya sauce started to play in the water, add a little sugar and stir it drinkable.

In the hot summer can detoxify, discharge excess body fat to achieve weight loss purposes….


As we all know watermelon has the effect of heat and hot weather, the summer heat is essential fruit. In addition, the watermelon itself contains a lot of water, can help reduce the amount of pigment liner body, but also can make the stool flow, reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. And can help reduce leg swelling, so long sitting MM can easily create slender legs. So watermelon is also an integral part of a weight-loss food fruit.

Recommended Recipe: Watermelon mangoes


1. The watermelon flesh dug into the bowl.
2. In a bowl covered with plastic wrap, in the refrigerator freezer for 20 minutes.
3. Diced mango, watermelon in a blender with ice inside Beat together.
4. Plus a small amount of yogurt flavor then you can drink.

Watermelon mangoes in addition to outside help digestion, and mango in nutrients the body can also play a diuretic swelling effect, watermelon and mango with a slimming effect to let the dual role, so for lose weight efficacy will be more obvious. But note that the mango is a high-calorie fruit, not eat to prevent angry.

Want to lean out of the friend through diet, try eating several weight loss described above, so you are still enjoying delicious but good shape !

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