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Don’t Make Excuses For These Reasons Failed to Lose Weight

Why failed to lose weight? Many women are constantly asked this question, in fact, you do not need to confused, let us tell you why you failed to lose weight.

1. Small amount eat
In order to improve metabolism, certain amount of heat is necessary. 1200 kcal or less will cause nutritional deficiencies, the body will lead to metabolic heat consumption savings worse. Reduce the amount of consumption will be difficult to get satisfaction.

This is due to the physiology of the human body have caused. For example do not eat breakfast, the body will feel “food shortage.” Without providing the body heat, it would become a “do not consume energy” savings constitution.

Less than an hour to get up should consume 250 to 500 calories for breakfast, especially protein and fiber intake of 10 ~ 15g can activate metabolism.

2. Eating after exercise
Exercise should consume 300 calories is already a very difficult thing, and then took it back to eat more will hinder weight loss. Because of the large consumption of sports, but misjudged his food intake. Even eating after exercise is to pay attention to calories.

3. Always drink zero-calorie beverages
No calorie intake of sweet drinks, but the body will become very eager to heat. The results in 2011 showed that people who drink diet soda body after 10 years will grow 178%.

Because zero-calorie sugar substitute beverage contained, will increase the concentration of insulin to let glucose decreased, resulting in an empty stomach flu. Sugar substitute only provide sweetness without the release of dopamine, can not suppress the sense of fasting. Drinking cola would want to eat low-calorie chocolate bar is the reason. In order to lose weight is always to reduce appetite, choose sugar substitutes do lose weight, but rather drink or snack trap. I do not know who to pay attention!

4. Your friends are all fat
According to a Harvard study, each has a fat friend, the chances of your own fat will rise 0.5 percentage points. And there are four of my friends are obese, the chances will grow exponentially, even friends who live far away as well. This is because the words around a fat, obesity awareness will be more relaxed.

Interestingly, there is no understanding of the fat side does not meet this criteria. The report also pointed out that there are fat even friends living habits are also affected. However, they do not because it would break off the fat. According to a study at Oxford University, as long as you can together with friends to lose weight lose weight efficiently. When feeling fetters of society, the secretion of endorphins can help relieve the pain. And if a friend lose weight, you will follow to slim down.

5. Reducing the intake of wine
Studies have shown, 1 to 2 cups a day drinking wine women, no drinking than 13 years in women can suppress weight gain.

6. There is no utilization of technology products
Via the recording to note calorie intake, food intake can be suppressed. According to the University of Pittsburgh study, the use of technology to facilitate management products that do exercise or caloric intake manage a lot of people can be successful long-term weight loss down. But not only that, the use of high-tech products recorded intake of fruits and vegetables also increased. Moreover, need not be one day, one week of unit record. Once a month or more, the amount of people eating online 2 years weight maintenance rate three times higher than the average.

7. The ongoing low-carbohydrate diet or a low-fat diet
Blocking the way to lose weight nutrition will cause unable to obtain the necessary nutrients during activities. As is the lack of calcium and vitamin C, likely to cause abdominal obesity. A balanced diet contains healthy fats and carbohydrates, such as fruit is also very important.

As a result, the reasons for the failure of low-carbohydrate diet that can not be sustained for a long time, after the cessation of weight loss, weight will be restitution. The next challenge will be difficult. As long as there is a glass of wine accompanied by a balanced diet, with a recording machine and friends together to lose weight, you can lean for life. Such an approach better than the dull life happy weight loss diet.

8. Can solve all sports
Swimming, football, gym, to exercise equals weight loss success? Tell you that simply rely on physical exercise is not going to let you have a fit body. A recent study showed that certain forces during the three years increased the amount of training, but we did not because of the extra weight exercise decreased, but increased.

The reason is simple: after exercise their appetite bigger, calories consumed are more complementary back, the weight will naturally soared.

Give them: good control of every food every meal. How much to eat for weight loss is absolutely necessary, but it is also the most effective way to prevent overeating.

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3 Mistakes For Fruits Weight Loss

We all know that fruit is good for human health, not only to supplement the human body needs daily vitamins, but also increase the intake of dietary fiber, to achieve beauty detoxification. However, there are contraindications to eat fruit, here to tell you how to eat fruit is healthy.

Mistake one: rotten fruit
Do not think that rotten fruit, just cut off the rotten parts can still eat the rest. Whether rotten fruit is rotten areas, there will Penicillium, patulin it produces can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction animals, kidney edema and other diseases. Patulin and membrane binding process is irreversible, will be long-term damage cells and even cause cancer. Therefore, eating rotten fruit or less touch.

Mistake two: weight loss
Often heard some girls to lose weight fruit meal, the results did not hungry for a long time the weight off, but will also add that this is what you entered the fruit can lose weight errors. The fiber in fruits really help you increase gastrointestinal motility, but the fruit has sugar, heat is not lower than the rice. Overeating not only lose weight, but also gain weight.

Mistake three: fasting to eat
Many people will choose the first meal when hungry Tian Duzi with fruit, not knowing that not every species of fruit can be eaten fasting. Contain apples, oranges, grapes, peaches, pears and other fruits lot of organic acids, will stimulate the stomach mucosa, resulting in the stomach caused by acid reflux, indigestion and other issues.

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Choose Suitable Exercise Weight Loss Methods

As the weather turns cold, a variety of winter weight loss methods are endless, but how to exercise to lose weight the fastest it? Fitness coach pointed out, exercise to lose weight is a very effective way for everyone is not the same way, we must choose the most appropriate according to their own campaign, will be more effective! Winter games allow body heat consumption increased, burn more fat! Everyone according to their comparative lower, to identify the most suitable weight loss winter sports !

Adapt to the crowd: those who like indoor activities, Features: moderate movement mild moderate exercise.

1. Climb stairs. Only 21 minutes of time, you can burn 200 calories, stairs just such a low-intensity aerobic exercise for a long time, it is very attractive sport to burn fat.

2. Aerobics. People working in the office, prone to varying degrees of shoulder muscle pain and other symptoms. Advantages aerobics workout that can be heart, lungs, cardiovascular system more effectively and quickly transferred to the oxygen of each part of the body. It sports a continuous period of at least 12 minutes or more. Is just the right kind of exercise intensity gymnastics, very suitable for gradually improve heart and lung function and muscle strength, while ensuring nutrients aerobic respiration, to avoid “burning” a waste of the human body. If yes, then regular exercise to lose weight.

3. Shaking hula hoop. In the center of the body, the full exercise of the deep muscles, relax the mind. Shaking hula hoop, it is necessary to use to pay back by the Ministry of the deep muscles. By rotating high frequency times more effective exercise to waist deep muscle, thereby promoting basic metabolism, gradually transformed into easy to lean.

4. Latin dance. Latin dance moderate exercise, action and beautiful. Dance a big margin, hands stretching movements will help the whole person more slender lines. Spare no practice, then, to repair the waist, legs absolutely no problem.

Adapt to the crowd: those who like outdoor activities, Features: fun, great exercise intensity calorie consumption

1. Jogging. Winter not strenuous exercise while doing light jogging movement become such a diet fitness election. Jogging the excess calories consumed, the heat will not turn into body fat stores. Exercise daily to maintain a certain time (30 minutes or more), there will be conducive to weight loss.

2. Ice skating. Skating for coordination exercise is helpful. Helps coordinate the body’s ability to exercise, skating is great exercise movement, it will improve your lung capacity. One hour consume 420 calories.

3. Skiing. Skiing is aerobic exercise. For the body’s head, neck, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders, waist, legs, knees, ankles and other parts, almost all the body’s joints, can play a role in relatively good exercise, lose excess fat.

4. Cycling. Effective to combine fitness with our daily lives. This is one of the most easy to adhere to the sport, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and to exercise the foot and ankle are also very effective. At the same time, it also helps your circulatory system.

Due to the low temperatures in winter, you should try to choose indoor exercise to lose weight, choose outdoor exercise to lose weight do people pay attention to warm work. Men and women in the choice of the time will have to exercise to lose weight according to their physical endurance! Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you choose indoor or outdoor exercise to lose weight, we must make full warm-up exercise!

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7 Mistakes Should Avoid For Exercise Weight Loss

Core Tip: Exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, but many feel that they obviously movement of no way to achieve weight loss benefits? 7 sports editor told you to lose weight misunderstanding, avoid them we can let you make some un-useful work, fast slim down.


1. Do not prepare for the next day’s sport in advance

Our time is very precious in the morning, so as to find that the socks after getting held up morning exercise time is not cost effective. Therefore, the previous day, well you prepare the evening wear and equipment, and the next morning you can deft dressed quickly and went out.

2. Lack of sleep

Exercise is important, but adequate sleep is essential. Staying up late the next day also count up at five thirty in the morning exercises full of energy is unrealistic. Before the alarm you at least get enough sleep seventy-eight hours job.

3. The exercise program are too boring

If you’re not mentally prepared to adhere to a tedious exercise, which will make you hard to stick to it. Some of the more interesting workout plan, for example, and the coach of your favorite section of vitality yoga class or about the companion to a small woods running together. Let your morning exercise interesting and attractive, avoiding the generation of the idea want to give up.

4. No warm-up

Because it is waking from sleep, before you begin to truly take a few minutes to warm up exercise is very important. Brisk walking, jogging, stair climbing, or jumping sports will not only allow the muscles to warm up, but also to promote blood circulation and make you sober, so you can reduce stumbled because of morning began the movement which led to the possibility of injury.

5. Limosis exercise

Indeed at this time to eat breakfast early, but you have to have something to eat for workout energy supply. When you are ready, you can chew a small piece of food, such as half a banana or half a slice of toast with peanut butter wiped. This will not only allow you to avoid stomach growling distracted movement, but also allows you to making greater strength, longer workout pace when the child is more powerful, more full of spirit. Once you are home and can be enjoyed in those early usually eat.

6. Excessive intake of fiber foods

Although eating fiber foods can speed up the stomach and intestines, but you can not blindly eat fiber foods, because excessive intake of bloating or make you feel uncomfortable.

7. Lack of water

In addition to food, you also need to add water. But do not Mengguan half a bottle of water before you go to the gym, because drinking too much water will cause you spasms in motion. As long as a small drink a glass of water on it.

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Lose Weight Must Know ! 7 Ways Let You Eat Less


Weight loss is a lifestyle. Need to develop the habit naturally. Want to make yourself thinner overriding principle is to control his appetite, introduced seven let you naturally eat less habits to ensure that you unknowingly thinner.

1. Drink more water
Many people confuse hunger and dehydration physiological reactions, dehydration mistaken need to eat. So, drink plenty of water, plenty of body moisture to keep the day, allowing you to concentrate spending on eating healthy foods, avoiding unnecessary snacks.

2. Do more exercise
One recent study found that, running 60 minutes will result in inhibition of in vivo two appetizers hormones. More walking, more exercise results will not make you a good appetite, but will suppress your appetite.

3. Breakfast can not be ignored
The benefits of a hearty breakfast to the body are numerous. The result was later ignored breakfast make you a lot of calories. Let the body metabolism a little earlier, to help increase your satiety and to maintain the vitality of the day.

4. Protein intake
Energy and protein to keep you awake will, and will not be converted into fat. Ideal low-calorie high-protein meal is the food.

5. Eat afternoon tea
Afternoon hours, the stomach will be a little empty, and this was raging desire to snack time, so you can give yourself a cup of delicious tea, filled Tiandu Zi, nourishing the body, the appetite to stay to dinner.

6. Relieve the pressure
Who entered the state of boredom or under pressure, it will be to divert attention by eating. The best breath or out walking, do not become a prisoner of pressure.

7. Regular eating
Suddenly eat or eat can cause sudden hormonal disorders, hinder metabolism, so it is best to eat three meals regularly in peacetime, each eat Qi Bafen.

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What Foods to Eat During Weight Loss Time

weight loss food

Want to lose weight, proper diet is important, we must introduce you the following several eating habits to help you achieve good status in the usual weight-loss diet, then take a look at what foods we should eat it in peacetime.

1. Fruit

Everyone feels the weight loss period is to eat more vegetables and fruits, in fact, the fruit sugar if they handled badly, but can easily lead to weight gain. During the weight loss is not what fruit can easily eat unbridled heat and some fruit is very high, such as durian, mango, litchi, longan and other high-calorie fruit to try to eat low-calorie, such as apples, oranges and other daily up to eat two – three on it.

2. Nonfat Yogurt

Nonfat yogurt really low calorie, but it will promote artificial sweetness stomach secretion of gastric juice. If you want to use nonfat yogurt to lose weight, but can not get enough stomach fat, it will only make you feel more hungry, hungry for more food.

3. Large Servings Of Vegetables Salad

Girls are dieting to lose weight may choose vegetable salad with low-fat condiments for lunch, but this is kind of the appetite suppressant but the reverse operation, although salad rich in dietary fiber, it looks a lot visually, but because protein and fat low levels, not resistant to hunger.

4. Nuts

Nuts foods we all feel is a very good diet food, it is not true, the fat content of food nuts are also very high, if you are seen to eat in the morning with tea and tea time, it is recommended to control the 5 – 10 you can, try not to eat too much, you can not listen to it more weight loss snacks to eat when seen rumors, this will only lead to more and more fat.

5. Corn

Many people think of corn vegetables, you can eat, but the main ingredient is corn starch, should be attributed to the staple food, and sweet potatoes to eat, like rice must be done with the usual substitution. In corn, the one had 145 calories, while canned corn, a jar of 300 grams there (to be completed) kcal, the more so when, like eating vegetables, the more not only make you thin anti-fat.

6. Soda Crackers

Has a simple appearance crackers, most commonly as tea weight loss alternative ending hunger snacks, soda crackers, but not because of the taste alone, it is lower than other calorie biscuits. Soda crackers need to worry about is relatively high fat content, generally commercially available crackers, fat content ranging from the amount of fat content of 30% to 50%, but also about the calorie soda biscuits, before purchasing, we might look pack food labeling, the above will contain the fat content. But no matter what kind of soda crackers, biscuits experts have warned that commercial oil and sugar are high, not recommended to eat too much.

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