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Impotence And Premature Ejaculation Are The Same ?

Impotence and premature ejaculation are by male sexual function problems, and lead to disease. Therefore, some people think that impotence and premature ejaculation is the same, no difference. In fact, impotence and premature ejaculation are two diseases, is not the same, here, take a look at the difference between impotence and premature ejaculation.

Impotence and premature ejaculation are the same?

First, the difference between the two definitions

Impotence and premature ejaculation, though they are sexual dysfunction diseases, but it is two different diseases. Male sexual dysfunction can be divided into sexual desire disorder, erectile dysfunction, orgasmic disorders, ejaculation disorders. The impotence belongs to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and ejaculatory dysfunction belong.

Second, different risk factors

Multiple causative factors of premature ejaculation is due to over-indulgence, emotional stress caused by central cerebral cortex excitability increased, causing premature ejaculation. Some organic diseases such as urethritis, prostatitis, Seminal, sperm Fu go far inflammation stimulation, can lead to premature ejaculation. Prepuce, phimosis and other factors can also cause premature ejaculation.

Impotence risk factors are mostly due to marital relations is not, too much stress and other psychological factors affect quality of life. Erectile central differences occur, people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and other factors can lead to impotence. Alcoholism, excessive long-term acceptance of radiation, excessive use of certain drugs can cause impotence occur.

Third, different symptoms

Both symptoms are different, the main symptoms of impotence penis is not fully erect or erection is not firm erections insufficient hardness can not have sex.

The main symptoms of premature ejaculation of sexually active young people, strong penile erection, but anxious and lead to premature ejaculation.

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Simple Tips To Get Back Your Sex Drive

Do you know what the most common female complaint about sex is? If you guessed ‘low libido’ you would be correct. Many women tend to face this problem at some point throughout their life. Those who choose to ignore it tend to lack fulfillment in their relationships and that can spiral out of control to affect other aspects of your life as well.

Why Do You Have A Low Sex Drive?

A low sex drive is created by an imbalance of hormones in the body. This imbalance can be caused by both internal and external issues. A few examples of these reasons include:

Sexual Problems (painful sex, inability to orgasm)
Medications (antidepressants)
Lifestyle Habits (poor nutrition, lack of exercise, over drinking)
Anxiety and Stress
Pregnancy / Breastfeeding
Low Self-Esteem
Lack of Connection With Partner

How Can I Get My Sex Drive Back?

You know that you lost that drive and you want it back. We have some great tips on how to rev up your sexual libido and enjoy the pleasures of sex once again.

Dieting Routine

If you find that your overly exhausted by the time you crawl in bed it may be a sign of a lack of dieting and exercise. If you are consistently eating foods that make you feel bloated or unenergetic, opt for foods that make your feel alive.

Cut out the alcohol, coffee, sugar, and processed foods. Opt for whole grains, fruits, and omega 3 amino acids. You can find those in flaxseed, chia seed, and hemp seed. These make great additives to your smoothies or salads.

Physical Exercise

If you don’t get enough exercise or physical activity in the day it can it can make you feel sluggish. This can also create a poor body image. Hit the gym a few times a week and let those endorphins fly out. You’ll be surprised at just how much extra energy you have to play between the sheets.

Try Some Natural Herbs

Herbs have always been known as a natural way to be healthier. Did you know that there are herbs that naturally heighten the female libido? There sure are! Maca, shatavari, damania, ginkgo biloba, and tribulus terrestris are a few.

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What’s The High Quality Sex Life With About

Sex life on men’s mental state does sometimes produce regulation and enhanced role, but with the proviso that, at this moment man must be mental relaxation, there is no accumulation of mental fatigue, nor the kind of sex used to drown my sorrows high expectations. Otherwise it would be counterproductive.

Relax before sex can improve the sexual experience

After most of the men engaged in any kind of non-sexual, extremely nervous activity, libido will have different degrees of decline. This is very natural, no big deal. This is because a man’s libido directly arise from some of their cerebral cortex excitability hub, rather than produced in the genitals.

In any kind of mental stress and mental fatigue caused by the activities, including long playing cards, mahjong, etc., the brain center of the excitement will be severely suppressed, as usual is unlikely to produce libido.

The key to overcoming this is that, should quickly relax, for example, do some sport activities, relaxing entertainment, hot baths, and so on. It continued for some time, until your mind and body truly relax, and then put into sex.

Therefore, the relationship here is: relax in front, sex in the post, rather than through sex to relax. Daily life can often be found: the more after the high tension, there is no self-relaxation to seek sex, the lower the quality of life, and even adverse reactions and feelings affect future libido.

How has the high quality of sex life

First, make sure you choose the sex sites will not be disturbed, is secure and private. Secondly, do not put distracting things on the side, as did not finish the job, no further bills, mobile phones. Finally, dim the lights, put some soft music, a glass of red wine, hold your lover, caress him (her) for a wild night played the first-steps.

When sex does not have to keep quiet. Verbal flirting, scattershot topic murmur will help enhance the flesh. Tell your partner what you want him (her) what to do, not bound, to share ideas, allowing two people closer. Do not pretend, learn to let yourself open up a bit.

To really enjoy sex, you have to actively participate as a Hao Sezhe. Do not always wait for a sexual partner initiative, your initiative and self-confidence will bring other surprises.

Do not worry about what the other view of your move boldly do what you want, “free” time to indulge sex once, you will feel happy.

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8 Sexual Intercourse Tips Can Lift Your Libido

Any of a couple hope showing super skills in sex intercourse, sexual climax will bring each other. A happy sex is inseparable from sex tips, even more in need of help between husband and wife. Sexual desire is a sex “opening”, is foreplay or sex, but how sex tips to mention sexual desire?

8 Sexual intercourse tips in order to lift the sexual desire:

1. Couple together bathing
Couple activities help draw closer together and enhance feelings, but also increase sexual interest. We have more vacation time, you can bet play games together, sharing food, but also a common bath, body wash for each other, appreciate each other, play, increase sexual passion.

2. The temptation sexy lingerie
Do not think those expensive lingerie flashy, they really make a man crazy for this. Especially with lace and tulle underwear, you can increase the sense of anticipation and mystery. And all matter of course, the two sides skin contact with explosive power and excitement will be more intense. Say Sex tips are common effort both husband and wife, but sex is not sex toys less complex, more not less sexual satisfaction, so proper use some dual-drive feel hwan Durex M Dual Shock fun massage, containing a dual-motor drive, a unique dual felt, streamlined symmetrical shape, rhythm sexy beats.

3. More timely shy passion
If you are already familiar with each other, for sex has nothing secret, try a sudden change in what style. I think back to how you are blushing accept his affectionate request, that you will make him shy sex drive Daihatsu. Men can tap asked if she could watch pornographic movies hugged together.

4. Self preheat more passionate
And the winter cars, women in the sex also need to warm up. If, before the candlelight, music and wine dinner, a woman had been excited, then the easier the process of sex multiple orgasm. Contact with the skin before her husband “savings” of sexual energy, the more likely a woman to achieve orgasm. Self woman caress is the best way to warm-up, in addition, read erotic fiction can cause sexual association.

5. Urge desire foreplay
When my wife asked her husband, “if you can rub your face with bare chest? Can I kiss your little nipples? Can you take off your pants?” And other problems, is in fact playing “urge foreplay.” This allows foreplay husband in “orders” was gradually aroused, thus enhancing its combat effectiveness.

6. Lighted get more feeling
“Archives of Sexual Behavior” magazine published a study found that men not only concerned about visual stimulation during sex, women will also receive visual stimuli. Before and after sex can lights on, open your eyes, which helps the two sides exchanges, observe each other’s reactions. Sex in front of a mirror, or sexual passion in life while watching films, will help enhance the two sides passion.

7. The power of the master sex party
Traditionally, sex couples to be equal to each other, but have raised new ideas, sexual power can be controlled by the spouse, as long as the couple can get satisfaction and pleasure from sex, who palm

Big kitchen. If you feel there is always boring sex in the bedroom, you may wish to change the room. For example, the kitchen, living room, bathroom and balcony. However, it must first do security work.

8. Erotic kiss the hand
Accept the kiss on the hand is not a privilege of women, men also like to kiss his hands were feeling. Tongue kiss refers to the root network region, and then slide up slowly. Like the region as the inner ear, high sensitivity, it can make a man “goose bumps.”

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6 Quick Tips Prevent Impotence

The so-called “pathogenic better than cure” sexual function problems, not only affect mood, but also affect a range of family issues. Male friends should always pay attention, to take preventive measures impotence.

First, eliminate the psychological factors

To have a full understanding of impotence, fully understand the impact of psychological factors on sexual function. To properly treat impotence, it can not be seen as a shameful thing and disgust and fear; not because of a failure of depressed worried about twice sexual intercourse, lack of confidence; to increase the feelings of both husband and wife exchange, eliminating the factors of disharmony, tacit understanding, the woman should care , caressing, encouraged her husband to avoid discontent revealed, avoid mental stress caused by her husband; intercourse thinking to focus; in particular, reached a peak of sexual pleasure, when about to ejaculate, but also to focus your mind.

Second, section intercourse quit masturbation

Long-term excessive sexual intercourse, immersed in pornography, frequent masturbation lead to mental fatigue, is an important cause of impotence, undoubtedly the taboo list. Practice has proved that the couple separate beds, stop sex life for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nervous system and sexual organs get enough rest, is indeed effective measures to combat impotence.

Third, pay attention to food conditioning

Eat dog meat, mutton, Yang Shen, etc; animal offal because it contains a lot of sex hormone and adrenocorticotropic hormone, can enhance sperm motility, increase libido; moreover zinc foods, foods containing arginine can help improve sexual function, prevent impotence problem. Prevent impotence do not have to diet, avoid a defensive and increase the psychological burden, but also to avoid nutritional deficiencies, physical weakness.

Fourth, improve physical fitness

Physical weakness, fatigue, lack of sleep, mental stress lasting are impotence risk factors, should be actively engaged in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest, to prevent fatigue, adjusting the functions of central nervous system imbalance.

Fifth, careful medication

TCM impotence prevention, emphasizing syndrome differentiation according to the various types of physical check against prescription, not simply the use of impotence drugs. Blind abuse aphrodisiac, may not be able to improve sexual function, but lead to other diseases. So far, Western medicine has no cure impotence, on the contrary there are a lot of drugs can lead to impotence.

Sixth, quit alcohol for the prevention and treatment of impotence also have a positive effect

Long-term smoking can impede blood flow to the outer periphery of the body, affecting the penis blood circulation, impact response, causing impotence. Foreign researchers noted, resulting in poor blood circulation caused by male factors spasm of smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and smoking cigarettes as the most important. Wine is a gonadal toxin, or drinking too much alcohol poisoning can gonads, the men showed reduced serum testosterone, 70% -80% of people impotence or infertility.

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Patients With Premature Ejaculation Should Maintain Stable Mood

Premature ejaculation and psychological factors have a very big relationship, if suffering from premature ejaculation, then psychological are too nervous, worried, and that is likely to aggravate the symptoms. That got the attention of premature ejaculation is necessary to maintain a stable mood. Mood before sexual intercourse is normal or not, there is a very large speed of ejaculation interference. Agitation and anxiety, often lead to premature ejaculation. Excessive range of motion, increase the intensity of stimulation, often accelerated ejaculation, so cooperation.

What is premature ejaculation patients should pay attention to? Premature ejaculation problem is that many male counterparts are unspeakable, but also feel very helpless, in the end should be how to deal with premature ejaculation, how to face. After the illness first thing to note is that the problem in a timely manner to the hospital for examination, diagnosis after aggressive treatment, and that in order to recover faster in everyday life have to pay attention to some of the considerations are what it?

1. Avoid spicy, smoking and alcohol
Suffering from premature ejaculation disorders, the diet must pay more attention, some need to pay attention to diet taboo going, oh, spicy foods are taboo must, in addition to alcohol and tobacco should be taboo, many foods or condiments on the table (such as leek, onion, pepper, lamb, dog, animal kidney and whip, etc.) have a role in kidney, may wish to eat. Also, eat seafood, soy, fish and other foods yang, were able to enhance physical fitness.

2. Should maintain a stable mood
The emergence of premature ejaculation and psychological factors have a very large relationship if, after suffering from premature ejaculation, psychology too nervous, worried, and that is likely to aggravate the symptoms. That got the attention of premature ejaculation is necessary to maintain a stable mood. Room in advance of emotions is normal or not, there is a very large speed ejaculation interference. Agitation and anxiety, often lead to premature ejaculation. Excessive range of motion, increase the intensity of stimulation, often accelerated ejaculation, so cooperation.

3. Should actively participate in physical exercise
Premature ejaculation want to promote better and faster recovery, and that to maintain a good attitude, a positive physical exercise, take part in some good physical and mental health and sports activities, such as listening to music, gym, adjusting sentiment, enhance physical fitness etc., which helps to control premature ejaculation.

4. Drug treatment is the key
For premature ejaculation, it may make some drugs conditioning, select some few side effects of natural products is very important. Black ant king and herb vegetal vigra can be the best choice for male premature ejaculation problem.

Patients with premature ejaculation in the end what to watch for patients with premature ejaculation problems that need attention, from the diet mentality attention, and have to pay attention to take part in physical exercise to enhance the quality of the body, the problem of premature ejaculation, in fact, a good time to resolve male friend must have a correct attitude.