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Men Should Learn The Five Sex Tips

Sex experts suggest that men do not have a certain sex skills, so that women can not achieve orgasm, sexual gratification is. Male sex must master skills, you can get to her bed, direct access to her heart, made her die happy, they spend the sexual climax.

Skill 1, sincere expression of love
When a man when faced with his lover, to express their love, even sex lives, not only, forget love. As the saying goes “a woman because of love and sex”, even though she is a woman, you had only made her appreciate the beautiful love, to let her into the House of Love, and enjoy the passion of love love.

Therefore, before the formal House of Love, before some gentle caress, kiss, sparking her desire to love and love love together, able to arouse women’s desire, let her enjoy the infinite joy of life.

Skill 2, her multi-directional senses
In sexual life, in addition to the sense of touch can stimulate a woman’s libido, hearing and smell can also play a role. So before sex, she may wish to choose a favorite song, you can reach help role. In order to avoid other odors affect the sexual, you can also spray perfume in the bedroom.

Skill 3, a rich and varied sexual positions
Monotonous difficult to position sated woman taste, so you need some tricks of the House of Love posture, House of Love patterns, to satisfy her appetite. Posture, you can try the female superior, because the female host is most likely to make women reach orgasm position, this position, women can control the tempo, or sliding around, help the female orgasm.

At this time do not just lay men enjoy a hand to help women, retired and sit with hands caress women’s breasts, multiple stimulation to her, let her get more joy and passion.

Skill 4, looking for her G spot
Dig out other sensitive areas, can make each other more easily reach orgasm, G-spot and need to look at when making love, easy to find. You can also watch each other masturbate each other, so you can also well aware of each other’s sensitive areas.

Skill 5, lubricant
Use strawberry lubricant can body sensitivity, and can make sex more lubrication to help reduce the suffering of women, men can also make more lasting. So you can use, let her feel your very considerate, to help you to better stir up interest in sex.

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How to Prevent Sex Anxiety in Sex Life


You may have heard the term anxiety, but because there is no significant relationship and his own, so people did not conduct in-depth understanding. However, there is anxiety has a serious impact on our sex life. To this end, we need to grasp more knowledge under anxiety, understanding what is anxiety, anxiety caused by what is the reason? How in everyday preventive anxiety.

1. What is sex anxiety
The so-called anxiety, generally refers to the sexual behavior of anxiety, worry and anxiety emotional state, but also accompanied by palpitation, sweating, muscle tension, movement of anxiety and discomfort. Common symptoms of anxiety at the time of intercourse, or even just think of sex, they will not help the body tense, emotional anxiety, even with the opposite sex kissing, hugging or touching can also cause anxiety.

2. Anxiety complications
Along with the emotional anxiety, the patient will appear heartbeat, sweating, etc., this rapid heartbeat and sweating, physiological responses and behavior itself is significantly different, with the unhappy and helpless characteristics.

3. Causing anxiety reason
Lack of knowledge can easily lead to anxiety. Education of children has been a weak link in our early childhood education, adult if there is no time to make up the lesson, and even has to leave the marriage hall, but nothing sexual knowledge is still enjoying life, they simply worried hymen is intact, too afraid of unwanted pregnancies, which can cause female “anxiety.”

4. Situational factors
In addition, the generation of anxiety but also with a number of situational factors, such as extramarital sex, sexual intercourse is not enough hidden places, too many factors outside interference, but also one of the causes of anxiety. Meanwhile, anxiety is of a form of mental disorder and will lead sexual dysfunction, such as male sex unsuccessful due to the initial cause impotence, premature ejaculation, female sexual intercourse pain, vaginismus, and fear of sexual intercourse again.

5. Preventive sex anxiety
In fact, under normal circumstances, the focus does not affect the normal sexual excitement, and sometimes orgasm response, but reduces the anxiety of sexual activity can be prevented. First, we must learn some basic knowledge to understand the physical and physiological functions own. If the symptoms have been more serious, resulting in a harmonious sexual life, should receive professional treatment doctors and sexual knowledge through learning skills, by alleviating the symptoms or eliminate anxiety. In addition, a very important point is that the patient should learn to enjoy the fun of life, rather than rigid simple operation.

Sex is a natural function of the human one, and everyone can naturally be carried out, sex is a pleasure, not a burden operate; sex is a natural function, each person must not too much anxiety. Because love is no fixed equation, sex life, too. Remember, creating itself is very happy. Another point, the world is not the best way, just for your way.

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Men’s Sex Life Tips After 35 Years Old

Men's Sex Life Tips After 35 Years Old

After the 35-year-old male, sexual maturity and sexual experience reaches its peak, then gradually in the downhill after state, then, how to adjust it in order to have a harmonious sexual life

1. Try to innovate
After the couple age, increase mutual understanding, due to familiarity and trust each other, no longer ashamed to discuss how to get more satisfying sex life. Might as well learn to use new methods, new ideas to solve old problems, such as husband and wife with the bath, and so on.

2. Adjust the speed
Sexual behavior of young people behave fast and intense, they are easily excited, suddenly burst out. More than 20-year-old male after starting sexual intercourse for 2-3 minutes to reach orgasm, while his wife was likely to need more than twenty minutes to reach the height of excitement. So often the case when the wife is getting better, but her husband has died down appears.

Investigation showed that married women in their twenties are the hardest of all ages to reach orgasm. With age, the men began a slow-paced excitement, flow velocity and the speed of muscle contraction naturally slows down, thus forties male orgasm takes longer. This slow erotic feelings abound wife was more attractive. With the “sexual excitement” of synchronization, the wife will naturally be met.

3. In order to do on behalf of watching
Even if only to see a young man with bra drying may also produce an erection, but after 35 years of age, the face of his wife’s body could not agree, he would pay more attention to his wife’s kisses and caresses. 51% of young husband saw his wife will be excited when you undress, and to the forties, the ratio will drop to 40%. If the couple can have more to their own actions instead of eyes, to take the initiative to express instead of passive acceptance, will get unexpected results.

4. Change roles
Between a young couple, the husband is always active closer to his wife and whispered in the ear expressed desire to have sex. After years later, his wife might become active, the reason is that changes in hormone secretion. Both male and female body secrete androgens and estrogens, but in different ages, different proportions of their secretion. After these two changes in the proportion of male hormones, he may be more willing to persons in a passive position. After the female body’s estrogen decreases androgen secretion increased accordingly, it may become more active.

5. Less is better than more
50% of young couples having sex two to three times per week, of which 11% of couples in four or more. Over 35 years of age, this proportion dropped to 39%. While 45% of couples may be “not a few times a month,” but they will still feel the emotional and physical satisfaction. After reducing the number of sex couples should be aware of the importance of the quality of life for each sex, and if two people can get to meet the physical and psychological Meanwhile, even if only one sex, but also dozens of times better than usual. “Heart grow fonder”, also shows a high quality of life for how important the relationship between husband and wife.

After 35 years in order to have a harmonious sexual life, both spouses need to adjust and adapt. As long as both spouses truly understand the normal and inevitable change, it can properly face to gain lasting happiness, even into old age.

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How Important Of Sexual Satisfaction For Women


Sweet morning, you wake up happily shower, humming a song children, put on your favorite outfit, stepping out enjoyable pace. Passers-by to see you smiling, especially the men could not even look back to see you one more. Into the office, you happily Tierra good morning to my colleagues, all day you are energetic. During the meeting, the idea that you have already made good new ideas, and won the appreciation of the veterans. In addition, you get a bad cold a few days before, why all of a sudden without medication? Is all this dreaming?

Of course not, you happy all day like a duck, it is brought to orgasm after which your pleasure, this is as personalized to meet the woman can have a very happy, because the whole body relaxed and happy sex people. Tips lies: Once you get the perfect sex from sex life, each facing will Fukuzawa your life, let you have it both ways, every day inspiring. Whether doctors, sexologists, psychologists, and even the vast majority of women will say: happy sex home will make you confident, lift your spirits and worry out the window. Do personalized to meet women, make you long health insurance.

Sex seems to be happy to help you build a safety net, put your cold world with separates.

When I feel happy and happy sex life, I do not think it is more stressful, tension out of control; on the contrary, I will look energetic, open all day happy. This is Lizhen’s true, she is 30 years old, serving listed companies have to deal with the pressure of daily closing report, but also deal with customer complaints, but to say happy sex to her courage, so she can safely go through life various Trials, the courage to face setbacks and combat, nor for job-related problems and worried all day.

Happy sex facilitate the operation of the normal secretion of female hormones to make you feeling happy, fulfilling and confident.

Physicians said: A happy sex facilitate the operation of the normal secretion of female hormones to make you feeling happy, fulfilling and confident. New York City, a practicing sex therapist Ivan Ike Kim also shared: sexual gratification can enhance a person’s ability to cope with life challenges. Sex seems to be happy to help you build a safety net, to you and separates cold world, if there is no sexual gratification as a self-protective cover, is more difficult to maintain personal mental health. 29-year-old Bi Fang believes that sexual satisfaction can lead people to rejoice, triggering a series of shifting the burden of flu: loved by a man, so I feel more attractive, and more confident. In addition, I also can bring in their work, which rank it, perhaps a bit absurd, but as long as I’m happy happy sex life, I would not have to cope with harsh veterans deeply frustrated. Sex for me is like vitamins or coffee, is necessities. 35-year-old publishing house book editor Olivia says: happy sex so I felt energetic, more effective, home the night before, when I married by the confused and was working and made the pain also stressed: sexual satisfaction of women are usually my heart is quite healthy, they have great self-confidence, attention to their feelings, there are strong self-concept, due to the pressure of life for mental and physical disorders caused or depression, there is a strong resistance, not easily frustrated, depressed. Pain unbearable. But after having sex with her husband to go to bed, so I happily as to unhindered, also an article a few days pondering, San Liangxia stroke of the pen and you’re done. I think this is a happy sex brings windfall.

Physicians also stressed: sexual gratification women are usually pretty healthy heart, they have great self-confidence, attention to their feelings, there are strong self-concept, due to the pressure of life for mental and physical disorders caused or depression, there is a strong resistance not easily frustrated, depressed.

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