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6 Tips Create Confidence to Feel Sexy

Feeling sexy is so much more than getting your hair and makeup done, or wearing your man’s favorite outfit. It does not mean looking like a porn star nor have anything to do with sex itself. The ability to feel sexy is built on self-confidence, self-love, and being happy in your own skin. If you want to feel sexy for your husband you have to start by feeling sexy for yourself. Trust me, they will notice! Here are my tips for getting that confidence kicked up a notch.

Wear Clothes You Love

Wear clothes that make you feel hot. I am not talking about mini skirts and high heels either. I have a baggy sweatshirt that falls off my shoulders and makes me feel like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Does my husband think it’s the sexiest outfit ever? No probably not, but he does notice that I dance around the room when I am wearing it and he enjoys that. When you dress sexy for yourself, you exude confidence and everyone will recognize and appreciate it. Wear those yoga pants that make your butt look amazing or that teal tank top that shows off your eye color, whatever makes you feel good!

Get Away From the Mirror

This is so important. The amount of times I was feeling confident until I spent way too long looking at myself in a mirror is insane. It becomes a game of find all the flaws and the hairstyle you were rocking suddenly looks silly and your tummy is sticking out more than it should. You are the only one who will notice these little things so do not allow yourself to get mirror-conscience. Do a quick once over in front of the mirror, and then walk out the door. You look fierce, and everyone will see that!

Learn to Take a Compliment

When someone says they love your hair today, learn how to just say, “Thank You!” There is no need to say how messy it is, how bad your split ends are, or to diminish the compliment. People give compliments because they mean them and you should be happy to accept them and allow them to boost your confidence. Stop trying to find faults in yourself, you deserve the positive attention!

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Feeling sexy goes way beyond how you look on the outside. It’s all about how you feel on the inside. Music is a great way of bringing out your sexy self by allowing your personality to shine through. Whether it’s putting on some Britney Spears and doing your best “Slave for you” imitation or rocking out to some heavy metal, music can bring out your inner confidence like no other and put you in an amazing mood.

Wear Sexy Underwear

Who cares if no one sees it but you, it’s all about how you feel! Wearing a cute matching undie and bra set underneath your work uniform can make you feel like you have a sexy secret that no one else knows. You may even walk a little bit more confidently (or that could be a wedgie!) and flirt a little more.

Get Active

It’s amazing how quickly you can start to feel good when you begin exercising. Even before you lose a pound or see any difference in the mirror, you will feel better. Your posture will improve, you will better like the way you look in your clothes, and you will feel proud. All this will lead to you feeling sexier than ever. Finding activities that boost your confidence and get you fit at the same time can change your life.

Simply put, you should not be sexy for other people, you should feel sexy for yourself and that confidence will shine through. Wear makeup that makes you feel good, wear clothes that make you happy, and do activities that let you shine. All these things will lead you to a confident and sexy life.

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7 Benefits Of Morning Sex For Couples

What’s the best time to have sex for couples? According to the research of the American medical experts found that the Asia-Pacific Institute of Sexology: Morning is the best time of life, then what am sex benefits?

1. Enhance the body immunity
US Asia-Pacific Institute of Sexology expert recent study found that those who keep the weekly “morning love” 2-3 times than never lovers love love couple in the morning, generally better immune globulin activity, higher body immunity .

2. Promote lymphatic drainage
Love love the process, the same receptor of hormones change, your metabolism will speed up, especially lymphatic drainage efficiency will be improved. When the House of Love With sweat secretion in vivo leads to a variety of physical discomfort of acid metabolites are excreted waste.

If you can share with him a large glass of lemon honey water after sex, the body’s detoxification of the work is done more thoroughly.

3. Create a good mood
The latest study found that those who like the woman in the morning than never love love love love the woman in the morning, for better emotional control. They have a good mood longer, less depression, irritability, mood swings and other negative emotions.

Psychological experts say, in the morning if we can have a sexy, passionate, start loving and caring, you will certainly look forward to that day, without fear of any pressure.

4. Instead of the morning run
You were brought up education “body good morning to outdoor running,” but you can stick up early running? If the answer is no, then the “bed movement” is the “outdoor running” the best alternative, to know love love 30 minutes of fat burning effect is not inferior to 30 minutes of jogging.

5. Deep fat burning
After digesting all night, and in the morning the House of Love, carbohydrates stored in your body has consumed almost the same.

This is the time to do intense “bed movement”, the body needs to burn deep fat to provide energy support, coupled with the process in the House of Love, due to changes in the concentration of hormones in your body, fat burning effects of exercise is better than the simple too more.

6. Eliminate muscle soreness
You sit in front of the computer all day, so the body back pain? So in the morning is that you can not miss love love healing movement.

First of all, love love your body the pleasure of endocrine hormones and endorphins have psychedelic marijuana similar analgesic effect, can help you relieve all kinds of muscle pain discomfort; secondly, the House of Love is a kind of exercise to the muscles can “Gymnastics “stiff muscles can be activated.

So we can help you to effectively burn fat deep, especially for the elimination of fat waist part is very effective.

7. Improve work force
Try what you know in the morning more than 30 minutes to be in bed, and his close contact with your brain cell activity will be mobilized, your mind will become more agile, confident of their own will, the courage to meet any of the Work challenges.

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Proper Physical Exercise Can Prevent Impotence

Male dysfunction, including decreased libido aspects (of sensory disturbances), erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, sexual disorders. According to global health statistics, the problem of sexual dysfunction in men has been as high as 40 percent, accounting for more than 30% of global domestic, the data show: male friends sexual dysfunction problems can not be ignored. So male dysfunction prevention, how to be better friends, preventive dysfunction happen?

Continuous, proper physical exercise and outdoor activities will be good for you, insist on daily exercise, you can adjust the tension of mental or neurological disorders fluids. Medical experts point out that exercise is not only beneficial to the human heart, but also beneficial to people’s sexual function. Convention, moderate exercise can prevent impotence, preventive dysfunction. Even middle-aged men began to exercise, can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction to some extent.

Physical exercise program varied, which projects to men’s sexual function advantageous? Men pay attention to physical exercise project selection, walking, swimming is good exercise, but cycling is not suitable for a man, because it will increase the chances of suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Although increasing physical activity may be effective in preventing male dysfunction, but only by physical exercise is not enough. Because the cause of male dysfunction varied. Male dysfunction prevention better approach is to develop good habits, ban alcohol and tobacco, the proper conduct of psychological stress, such as regulation and mitigation. Mental factors are the main causes of sexual dysfunction. Psychotherapy is particularly important. Families of patients should be kept strictly confidential, so in the treatment of mental impotence. And carry out the work, so that patients eliminate ideological concerns, ease of mind, confidence in conquering the disease.

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10 Truths Make Sex Intercourse More Wonderful

10 Truths Make Sex Intercourse More Wonderful

Men do not love only passive sex, some women have been accustomed to fancy just lying in bed, “fish”, expect derive pleasure. And in fact, through sound and touch, the performance was a little enthusiasm, so that you can make a man feel like you are enjoying your impact he makes.

Do not just force will focus on himself, to treat men as for himself, let the other side to understand their own feelings and get joy.

Pay at the same time get a little thrill to respond, men often do not know whether the girls to enjoy, even for sex there is no need to do so for the men caused by the pressure, the degree of reaction can make a man more “output.”

Why should we be afraid to let a man know you are enjoying everything he’s doing it for you? Why always deliberately pressed his response? As long as it has sufficient manufacturing small voice let each other know.

If you feel that sex is no longer Payouyitian stimulation, no impulse, do not just sit and do nothing, wear some special clothes or spend some “props” it.

Men like to have the feeling of being needed, it makes him feel that you need him to give you pleasure. Do not need much, occasionally offensive to make him feel the change.

After a while can bring joy would have been memorable, but when you are in the “bin” immediately after finishing up, will immediately feel the kind of break, use little bit of time after lying with his enjoyment of “after-shock”!

Basically in bed most of the time the initiative has the hands of men, girls should try to take the initiative, recrimination boys, in fact, many men do not always expect the initiative.

Some girls do not know why men do not feel like to be kissed, can in fact, men like woman like very much enjoy the feeling of being kissed. Try to kiss a man’s body, allowing more beds filled with strong passion.

Do not let the room becomes too silent, but say irrelevant things seem more boring will increase, as say some “flavored” words, or let a man know that his success makes you happy, are the kind of men tease.

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Small Sex-love Tips Make Women Feel Pleasure


Many women had their first sexual life is going to be a little bit scared, some serious, because the man’s rude, may make women have sex lifetime shadow. So, if in the sexual life to make women feel pleasure it? Especially with the women for the first time, here we prepared for your favorite sexual process, I believe that your sex life will be no small help.

Sex along ago. Woman prelude to imagine that moment in a man, or men to meet the moment. Woman during sex, the situation would daytime into her lingering inside.

If the man is not having an affair with her but to panic at the end of the “battle”, then, the first flowers to her. Money to buy a bunch, you buy a bar. Give a small gift when they meet a woman; take some time to learn a lot of romance novels which, as described, to accompany her for a walk, chat, give a woman a woman like any affectionate hug. Voice: Women need these, if not, women will resent, unless she and the man simply is a “transaction.” Men, please use point in time, and women get along romantically before sex, and her sexual fantasies resonance, so she put it all into sex with you inside.

Full prelude. A prelude to the full, you must be very, very full prelude. Many men would stem from a sex, women have not excited, he spit what point saliva secretions instead of a woman, a woman can not resent it? Both men and women in bed, it is best not to say “no” is the word for the other party to the new requirements, in as much as possible to go with the case.

Adequate follow-up. When done a lot of men do not like the “mud” like lying in the woman playing a big snore, or on a turned back the woman a big ass, and then go to bed. This time, a woman’s sense of not yet finished, how long before the continued follow-up there long.

Woman sweet, whether true or false, will be very useful, to praise her. Even if she is not beautiful, but also praise her. But pay attention to your tone, as if to make her dreams in hazy.

Even if a man can make her orgasm, she still will not be satisfied, this climax is not quality. Because, this is just the culmination of her body instinctively and do not represent the climax of her psychology. For women, her psychological climax, more important than the physical instinct climax.

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Start from the root cause of the problem to overcome premature ejaculation

From the root cause of the need to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation begins, only figured out what factors lead to premature ejaculation in order to find suitable methods to overcome symptomatic. Here are some common causes of premature ejaculation causes, we can properly look.


1. Premature ejaculation psychological factors: More psychological factors, such as the frequency of sexual activity, lack of skills, marital discord, or nervousness, etc., can lead to the occurrence of premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation causes for this, of course, is to overcome the psychological barriers, relax, and communicate with other sexual partners, if severe, can go to the hospital for psychological treatment.

2. Masturbation habit cause: Since masturbation is more afraid of being discovered and ridiculed , nervousness, and strive to rapid ejaculation, premature ejaculation gradually develop the habit. Some men excessive masturbation will lead to premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation caused by masturbation masturbation first stop, go to the hospital for treatment.

3. Excessive fatigue: Fatigue after physical or mental, is insufficient energy to have sex, but also prone to premature ejaculation. Such premature ejaculation men rest for some time may ease, but if rest is useless, then go to the hospital for regular treatment.

4. The organic causes of premature ejaculation, physical differences: Premature ejaculation of the penis muscle reflex faster than non- premature ejaculation. May be due to high levels of ketones in the blood G, so that ejaculation increased excitability threshold decreased ejaculation premature ejaculation easily excited.

Organic damage caused by the sympathetic nervous diseases: Such as pelvic fractures, prostate enlargement, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and so on. Directly affect the controlling hub for central control of ejaculation decreased ability to produce premature ejaculation.

Genital diseases: Penis frenulum is too short, and impedes the full erection; verumontanum inflammation in chronic congestion and edema, a little sexual stimulation that sexual excitement soon ejaculation. For this causes premature ejaculation, should go to hospital for treatment of this disease, disease cure premature ejaculation are also likely better.

5. The foreskin phimosis cause premature ejaculation: A person who usually phimosis the foreskin glans was wrapped in underwear and other objects can not be subject to the stimulus, premature ejaculation is inevitable, it should first deal with the problem of phimosis. If it is false phimosis, then usually you should pay attention to make the glans exposed.