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Let you more and more fat’s 5 diet mistakes

Weight Loss MistakesIn fact, many women are not fat, but in order to catch up with fashion trends go to lose weight, do not eat breakfast, everyone knows, women do not eat breakfast actually easier to gain weight. Because do not eat breakfast or eat too simple people, simply can not provide enough calories and nutrients, until lunch and dinner time, the ability of poor fat consumption, but eating high-calorie foods, the result is eating calories consume more calories than, of course, easy to get fat. Here and in Chinese medicine, said network Xiaobian a look at what other Diet Mistakes make you fatter ?

Mistake 1: All fruits are equal

Most healthy fruit to be less sugary and high dietary fiber, such as grapefruit. Two apples a day is also very good, because Apple is low in calories, less fat and more fiber, easy to make people feel full.

Another good choice is convenient to eat bananas, they are also very rich in dietary fiber. However, fruits like watermelon one is not so good, watermelon contains many sugars and calories, while less dietary fiber, and very easy to eat too much.

Mistake 2: As long as less fat, you can open eat

When you see the food on the label ” low-fat or skim ” label, to be vigilant. This does not mean that the food is certainly healthy: as you may add more sugar to make up for the taste of fat, resulting in less damage.

This low-fat calorie foods may also be higher. On the contrary, some of the high fat content of food and nutrition is quite abundant. Therefore, control of food intake is the most important: the more fat you can eat, but to eat less fat also can not eat all you want.

Mistake 3: Eat or not eat rice or pasta can lose weight

Fact: the main component of rice and pasta carbohydrates, everyday needs of mankind an important source of energy. Carbohydrate intake can cause the body balanced nutrition, weight loss is often less effective. Mistaken eat or do not eat rice or pasta and other grains can lose weight, which is a serious threat to health.

Mistake 4: Do not eat breakfast may reduce energy intake

Fact: Skipping breakfast can reduce calorie intake to achieve weight loss goals. A survey shows that skipping breakfast is one of the main causes of obesity. Because of lack of breakfast easily lead to binge eating lunch, while affecting the metabolism and reduce energy consumption. But also harmful to health, affecting mental state.

Mistake 5: Eating salad to lose weight

Eat salad can indeed reduce the intake of calories, but eating salad diet alone was not very feasible. Because some may contain many salad oil, or ham, fried chicken and greasy salad dressing.

In addition, only the salad greens can not lose weight, not only difficult to eat, but also allows you to quickly hungry, but with other high -calorie food to fill his stomach. Healthy salad should contain a variety of vegetables, nutrient-rich beans and almonds. Best to put a little vinegar, put less oil.

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Who needs medication to lose weight

Lose weight, lose weight …… many women perennial diet talks about, especially in the summer, has even more to lose weight as a top priority, keen to try a variety of ways to lose weight, or even purchase a variety of diet pills. In fact, these people most of the weight is in the normal range, just not satisfied with it. Without appropriate to lose weight, especially weight loss drugs, very often at the expense of their own health for the price.

Most obese patients under the guidance of a doctor to control food intake, reduce fat intake and increased physical activity can usually dramatic weight loss. Through the above means is still not reduce weight, and accompanied by the following situation before considering medication-assisted weight loss.

1. Appetite before a meal hungry meal eating more;
2. Combined with high blood sugar, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and fatty liver;
3. Associated with knee pain;
4. Obesity causing difficulty in breathing.

Diet pills on the human body injury
But taking weight-loss drugs is to pay attention to, not indiscriminately buy diet pills, especially weight loss drugs containing hormones, is not taking too much, otherwise it will damage human health, weight loss is for health and beauty, so to choose pure natural weight loss products to assist us lose weight, but do not think that just taking slimming products will be able to once and for all, we must develop good habits, regular exercise, so as to let the long-term to maintain a good body but also have a healthy.

Where can I buy a regular Lida daidaihua slimming capsule?

Lida daidaihua is currently the best-selling weight loss products, more than 40,000,000 people worldwide taking and successful weight loss, then where to buy regular Lida daidaihua slimming capsule ?

Weight loss can not be one-sided pursuit of results, should place greater value security. As OTC weight loss drug, Lida daidaihua fat lose capsule is safe and effective for the purpose of promoting the health science approaches to weight loss. It does not harm laxatives, neurological drugs and other harmful ingredients, but by inhibiting the body’s absorption of dietary fat intake of energy and fat less than consumption, body fat naturally decreases, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Therefore, a female friend taking Lida daidaihua slimming pills do not have to worry about the occurrence of side effects.

Lida daidaihua as the world’s best-selling diet pills, pharmacy are not for sale, but as for the quality varies, consumers can go to large hospitals to buy, but expensive hospital medicine is well known, in addition to large hospitals, consumers can also choose a reputable online pharmacy. Online shopping is convenient, is a good choice.

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Experts announced the top ten most healthy diet methods

In the the the occasion of of the more and more expansion of the your body, you thirst for the the desire to of the wonderful wellbore section at the same time is also more and more swell up. Dieting has become a hot theme, while the, other than the he offers to In addition to a diet his share, the there are many acknowledged by the whole world the healthy weight loss way to. The general way to lose weight: exercise, medication, reference liposuction, diet, acupuncture points acupuncture weight loss and weight loss paste.

World both scientific and safe way to lose weight? The following will introduce you to ten universally recognized health law slender.

1. Loss of appetite control method
Suppress appetite, only 70 per cent of the intake of your constant each meal. A week later, the and your stomach will be naturally narrow and, while the appetite is also come very naturally to decline in. The majority of obese patients have a good appetite, this can be treated with medication to reduce appetite.

2. Herbal weight loss
We can through the use of anti-obesity effect of traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight. This includes some diet pills and herbal oral paste drugs. And now, the most popular is to extract the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine made oral tablets, greatly enhance the absorption of drugs, in order to more quickly lose fat, such as 2 day diet (Japan Lingzi Slimming Capsule), ABC, Fruta Planta.

3. Eat less
Frequent meals method is to three meals a day this the day-to-day eating habits subdivided into the a few more meals. When you feel hungry, eat the slower the better. So as will be able to to reduce the the the accumulation of of the excess fat.

4. White vinegar diet
White vinegar contains amino acids not only consume the body fat, it also helps to promote the metabolism of sugar and protein and other substances. According to the survey, the daily intake of 15 ml to 20 ml of white vinegar, and month can be reduced to 6 pounds of fat.

5. Tea diet
We all know that unhealthy eating habits is the root cause of obesity. Tea instead of carbonated drinks can not only reduce the calorie intake, but also more effective in promoting the body’s metabolism and lipolysis.

6. Rope skipping method to lose weight
Jump rope not only help increase the power of the lipase to promote the consumption of excess fat, but also to reduce the storage of heat in order to effectively lose weight. In order to truly achieve the number you want to lose, you must insist on jumping rope for 30 minutes.

7. Swimming diet
Swimming in the summer time is the most common way to lose weight. The swimming belong to the one of the aerobic exercise, not only can help you lose fat, also a strong physique and improve the immune system. It is worth noting that swim when you have to do more breathing exercises and reduce hypoxia training. In addition, the swimming time should be one hour or more.

8. Jogging method to lose weight
Currently, jogging is very popular in many countries.

9. Ball
All of aerobic exercise can help you lose fat, the ball is no exception. Particularly enthusiastic people with a strong sense of rhythm and a keen interest in ball games. Most obese patients regarded ball games seen as a panacea for weight loss.

10. Acupuncture weight loss method
Acupuncture weight loss by stimulating the meridian points can help you improve the function of the two systems, the two systems: the hypothalamic – pituitary – adrenal cortex, and the cross-coupling – adrenal medulla. Therefore, not only the basic metabolism, consider accelerate into account to accelerate fat metabolism, thereby increasing the energy consumption of excess fat. Finally, you can adjust, repair and improve the body’s natural equilibrium.