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Summer weight loss shortcuts, 8 tips teach you to easily lose weight

Many ladies want to lose weight fast in summer, but how to lose weight in summer? What weight loss problems should pay attention in summer? Here we must introduce to you a few ways to lose weight, help you lose weight effectively improve efficiency. Want summer thin graceful figure, then take a look at how the summer to lose weight should do it.

1. Cut 100 calories per day

If you can not control your appetite, then reduce the intake of 100 calories a day from the start. Cut 100 calories a day, will not make you feel hungry and deprived, and is a very simple diet to reduce caloric intake methods.

2. Must eat breakfast

Studies show that eating habits remain unchanged, the time to eat breakfast every day are more likely to achieve the desired weight loss. This is because the rich breakfast can not only help you consume a night filled stomach, but also maintain a stable blood sugar, an important step in reducing hunger.

Many women mistakenly believe that skipping breakfast is a good way to reduce calorie intake. But have you ever wondered, hunger makes you eat more at lunch time, it will only lead to excessive calorie intake, and then when you want to lean even more difficult. Eat a healthy breakfast high in fiber can inhibit up to 18 hours of hunger, but also help you reduce the appetite for lunch and dinner.

3. Sleep should be sufficient

Did you know that lack of sleep is also an important reason for weight gain. Because appetite will let you sleep late, then you will naturally eat more of. In addition, the lack of sleep during the day and let your spirit not only insufficient, but also slows down your body’s metabolism, weight loss caused a lot of obstacles.

4. Drink a cup of water before you eat

Believe it or not, water is easy to confuse hunger and thirst sensation. In the time it desperately hungry to eat, it violates the rules of the diet. So, before you want to eat something to drink a glass of water, then wait 10 minutes, this will help you cut calories. Of course, with other high-calorie drinks instead of water isn’t absolutely essential.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables

The brightly-colored fruits and vegetables in the summer is a beautiful landscape. Fruits and vegetables are low-calorie, high-fiber foods, as long as the proper way of cooking, do not worry about the problem of excessive calorie intake, so you can be assured of it, “overeating”!

6. Aerobic exercise is the key

Want to successful weight loss, exercise is essential. When it comes to exercise to lose weight, of course, to choose the best aerobic exercise to burn fat. The common aerobic exercise include jogging, cycling, swimming and yoga exercise and so on. Of course, the need to adhere to exercise 30 minutes a day can really achieve the desired weight loss.

7. Eating out with caution

Warm weather and sunshine should be enough to make you more active cook it? You can take advantage of this summer, and then reduce the chance of dining out. If you are participating in dinner, then it may wish to eat fruit before going out, so that you can prevent hunger and eating and drinking.

8. Have a good mood

Sunny summer, blue sky, white clouds, the beaches are very beautiful scenery. These are enough to make you feel good! For weight loss ladies, it is very important to maintain a good mood. Good mood can help you relieve stress, reduce stress because of the emergence of the phenomenon of overeating, weight loss is very favorable.

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Winter slimming coup, easy to lose excess fat

In the cold winter, clothes to wear and great, fat girls certainly look fat, how to look a little thin it? Would lose weight now! Today, we teach common sense weight loss fat girls will learn tricks to lose weight in winter, six winter slimming small coup, so you lean a good figure!

So in the winter, you want to achieve weight loss results also make yourself more sweat, the body’s heat is converted into a sweat flow out rather than accumulate inside the body into fat. Weight loss is the greatest enemy of the winter cold, the manufacture of heat, obesity is the best way to cope with the seasonal, so you have this season summer sweat dripping. Here are a few winter slimming methods:


1. Wash hot water bath:
In winter, the work day, soak in a hot bath is the greatest pleasure. It allows you to get relieve tense mood of the day, virtually reached a slimming effect. When you body completely immersed in hot water, the pores will automatically expand to allow the skin to completely forget the cold outside in the winter is not easy to greatly sweating, burning off the excess fat, flush out with sweat, dripping.

2. Buy some tight sweater:
Over the past summer, can not wear miniskirts expose stature, but it does not matter, you can buy some tight sweater to wear, winter slim figure is unstoppable. Moreover, because close to the skin tight sweater, warm and a lot higher than the average of loose clothing, a little exercise will make you sweat. This time, tight sweaters just like magic shaping belt that let you use your own calories to burn excess fat.

3. Eat chocolate:
Do not mistakenly think that chocolate is poison to lose weight. In winter, eat low-calorie chocolate, you can achieve weight loss results. Calorie chocolate make you provide will not be intimidated by the cold in the winter, so that you withstand winter raging hot pot and some lose weight eat something, because eating chocolate had a belly full.

4. Warm bags:
Winter warmer for weight loss in terms of action, the role is also great, oh. Winter, the girls are easy to cold hands and feet, with a warm bag to warm hands, warm hand to warm up the body will follow. Then close equivalent effect warmer small stove, constantly providing heat from the hand to the body, eliminate cold, naturally do not eat something to supplement the heat it.

5. Increasing sunshine:
In winter, the sun is also lazy , but for the body to maintain or to lose weight you can not have lazy ! Do not because of the sun’s mean and stingy make their own opportunities sun . In autumn and winter, outdoor activities reduced, less sun to sun , some of the functions of the body began to be lazy , fat starts to accumulate. More than the sun can wake up the body , so those places strike movement began , this is a healthy weight loss program . The key to successful weight loss and difficulty lies in changing habits, good weight loss products can help you change.

6. Drink more water:
The warm water has a warm-up effect , drink plenty of water in the fall and winter seasons can add moisture , resistance to dry weather , keep the skin supple and smooth. Most importantly, drinking too much water can make the body produce some heat , in favor of sweating . Also, drink plenty of water can also inhibit Chan Chong Oh ! Of course, you can also use slimming tea substitute , currently selling on Taobao clear harmonic tea is a good choice , pure herbal formula, good customer response . Drink plenty of water in winter is really a good way to lose weight and beauty.

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Movement slimming frequently committed three errors

A lot of girls think that just stick movement will be able to slim down, but that is not the case, exercise to lose weight always have some misunderstanding, so sisters do not step into these the motion error to lose weight.

Error one:

Fasting movement harmful to health. People always worry about fasting Games due to the consumption of large quantities of glycogen stored in the body and hypoglycemia reaction, such as dizziness, fatigue, palpitation, bad for your health. Dallas Bodybuilding heap doctor Pa think ,1-2 hours before meals (fasting), moderate exercise, such as quantitative walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, etc contribute to weight loss. This is because the body no new fatty acids into fat cells, easier to consume excess capacity, especially the brown fat, weight loss is better than exercise after eating.
In addition, due to the adequate use of the appropriate amount of exercise, less energy consumption for heating and stored in the body, does not affect health.

Error two:

Movement intensity is higher, the more intense, the weight loss effect is more better.In fact, the only long-lasting low intensity aerobic exercise can make people consume excess fat. This is due to low intensity exercise, muscle by oxidation of fatty acids for energy, fat consumed faster. Exercise intensity increases, the proportion of fat consumption but correspondingly reduced. When close to the high intensity exercise, the proportion of fat for energy only 155. Therefore, relaxed and gentle, prolonged low-intensity exercise or heart rate is maintained at 100-124 beats / min prolonged exercise is the most conducive to weight loss.

Error three:

Each adhere to the 30 minutes of jogging to lose weight. Jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, But have little effect reducing weight , Practice has proved that only exercise duration is more than about 40 minutes, the body’s fat to be mobilized along with glycogen for energy. With the extension of the exercise time, the amount of fat for energy up to 855 of the total consumption. Visible, not significantly shorter than about 40 minutes of exercise intensity regardless of the size of fat consumption.In other words, you must insist on more than 40 minutes of jogging to lose weight obvious.

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