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5 Reasons for impotence, treatment to symptomatic can be effective

Men are most afraid of others that he “can’t”, the treatment did not dare to big square to go to a large hospital, often choose some remedies treatment, or take aphrodisiac mess, this way, impotence will only be more and more The worse. So impotence treatment can not blind, symptomatic is the key. Xiaobian for the following detailed explanation of the relevant issues.

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction (international referred to as ED), refers to the sexual desire, the penis can not erect or erection is not strong, or although there is an erection and a certain degree of hardness, but can not maintain enough time for sexual intercourse, thus hinder Sexual intercourse or can not complete sexual intercourse. Male causes of impotence usually include psychological factors and disease factors, specifically:

(1) Mental and neurological factors: such as childhood sexual trauma or marital lack of sexual knowledge have tension and anxiety psychological or husband and wife feelings and family relationship is not harmonious; or bad habits such as long-term masturbation mental stress too heavy can lead to Impotence; mental or physical exertion or poor mental stimulation such as excessive depression, sadness, fear, or so arrogant sex life can cause cerebral cortex dysfunction and impotence.

(2) Neurological diseases: hypothalamus – pituitary tumor or other parts of the tumor brain localized lesions such as localized epilepsy, encephalitis, cerebral hemorrhage and other spinal cord injury, spinal cord cancer chronic alcoholosis multiple sclerosis pelvic surgery around the autonomic nerve Etc. can occur impotence.

(3) Endocrine lesions: such as diabetic pituitary insufficiency testicular injury or dysfunction or hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism adrenal insufficiency can lead to impotence.

(4) Genitourinary organ lesions: such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, epididymitis, varicocele and other can often lead to impotence. Part of the elderly patients is due to prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia caused by impotence;

(5) Drug effects: a lot of drugs on the clinical function of inhibition of sexual function such as reserpine, guanethidine, digoxin, stability, furosemide, metoclopramide can cause impotence.

In addition, sexual life is too frequent, too masturbation, smoking, alcoholism may also induce impotence, male friends should pay attention to quit these bad habits.

Now, a lot of men are susceptible to prostatitis, premature ejaculation of this type of disease, patients need early to the regular hospital to treat, to avoid the consequences of impotence, affecting family stability. In recent years, China’s divorce rate is so high, partly because the man is suffering from sexual dysfunction, so the impotence of the male is the early attention, should cooperate with the doctor to conduct a comprehensive examination, identify the cause, symptomatic treatment.

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Men With Not Good Blood Pressure Need to Prevent Impotence

Clinical surveys show that about 52% of hypertensive patients and 68% of diabetic patients have ED. Experts remind male friends, a lot of folk remedies do not fly, the network of counterfeit “blue small pills” can not guarantee the quality and effectiveness, security is out of the question. Male friends encounter male problems, should find a regular medical institutions for medical treatment. Avoid the so-called “folk remedies”.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has always been a taboo topic for men. Today, fast-paced life, uneven diet, so that more and more people too early with diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease linked to the relationship. The ED and high blood pressure, diabetes and other closely related. Experts remind male friends, ED is not only “lower body” problem, but also to pay attention to the male body “overall health”.

Hypertension Diabetes should beware of ED

A clinical survey showed that about 52% of hypertensive patients and 68% of diabetic patients have ED. Experts say: high blood pressure, diabetes is ED high-risk groups; many poor condition control patients, ED is sooner or later.

Hypertension leads to ED, mainly due to arteriosclerosis caused by hypertension, so that lower body blood flow, thus affecting the penis blood supply, lead to or aggravate ED.

In addition, because sex requires a certain amount of physical, some critically ill or poor control of hypertensive patients, in the couple’s life will appear discomfort, which also increased the patient’s sexual deterioration of high blood pressure concerns, coupled with occasional sexual intercourse failed Psychological disorder. Diabetic patients can not erect, mostly also gradually appear. And diabetes and blood vessels and neuropathy, ED is one of the most closely related diseases.

ED treatment do not believe folk remedies

Speaking of treatment ED, folk there are many remedies, such as sheep kidneys, oysters, leeks, etc., are familiar to everyone, “aphrodisiac” the. Experts believe that for some impotence remedial and do not say, “from the grass” leek, for example, some experts have said that leek eat more on the kidney and other organs of the health of the organs have some benefit, but for the promotion of male hardness, but also Lack of real arguments. For the network is full of some fake “blue small pills”, experts believe that consumers to buy these products will certainly cause damage to the body, fake drugs can not guarantee the quality and effectiveness of security is out of the question.

Strategies For Male Deal With Impotence

1. Eliminate the psychological factors: To have a full understanding of the knowledge to fully understand the impact of factors on sexual function fine. To correctly deal with sexuality, can not be seen as something shameful and disgust and fear; not because of the failure of one or two sexual frustration concerns the lack of confidence; to increase the feelings of both husband and wife exchange, eliminating factors of disharmony, tacit understanding, the woman should care , caressing, encouraged her husband to avoid discontent revealed, to avoid causing stress to her husband; intercourse idea to concentrate, especially when reaching orgasm, but to focus thoughts.

2. Control intercourse: Long-term excessive sexual intercourse, immersed in pornography, is one of the causes of impotence. Practice has proved that sex between husband and wife temporarily stopped for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nervous system and genitals get enough rest, are effective measures to combat impotence.

3. To improve physical fitness: Physical weakness, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress lasting mental, are risk factors, should be actively engaged in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest, to prevent fatigue, adjust the function of the central nervous system imbalance.

4. Diet conditioning. Eat more conducive to sexual health foods such as eels, oysters, scallops, etc. Soy, soy milk contains large amounts of arginine, can improve sexual function. Celery, tomatoes are rich in carotene, peanuts, sesame seeds contain vitamin E, vitamin A to enhance sexual performance, avoid sexual dysfunction, has a positive effect.

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7 Kinds Circumstance Likely to Be Mistaken For Impotence

7 Kinds Circumstance Likely to Be Mistaken For Impotence

Impotence has now developed into a common male disease, then in the end how to be considered as impotence it? Masturbation will certainly cause impotence it? Listen to the experts to tell you the following seven easily be mistaken for cases of impotence.

7 kinds of circumstances likely to be mistaken for impotence:

1.  Early sexual intercourse several times failed as impotence. This situation is quite common, in fact, is contrary to the principles of the spouses must have two to three month run-in period after the start of sexual life. At the beginning of the wedding, especially the wedding night, too excited, tired, or even drunk; or because of a lack of cooperation between the newly married couple stages, causing temporary erectile dysfunction. Originally, it is not surprising things. There are also poor individual newlyweds intercourse is due to premarital steal tasted the forbidden fruit, then groping attempts, nervous, afraid to act under the complex feelings, failure rate, thus leaving their sexual incompetence of the shadows in the mind. This case should have a stage adaptation of intercourse in marriage.

2. Think masturbation is bound to cause impotence. More common in unmarried youth, is a common mistake of understanding. Needless to say, masturbation is common behavior of young people, there are some people worried about masturbation induce impotence, can anyone really happened subsequent impotence. But modern medicine has stated that the incidence of this type of impotence, in essence is not a sexual organ damage due to masturbation, but rather a long-term masturbation lead to spiritual and psychological factors play. In fact, masturbation is very complex mental activity, often in anxiety, guilt, depression, anxiety, this kind of thinking unhealthy sexual activity would hinder normal functioning. However, even a long masturbation, as long as all these can lift the spirit of “pimple”, it may not be impotence.

3. With the usual response is not obvious for erectile impotence. There are many young people such impact statements: previously read some books with pornographic pictures and television content; indulged in a favorite girl; or indulge in some sort of sexual fantasies, the penis erection naturally, but now this response obvious, is not got impotence? Wrong! The answer is simple, because there is no spouse from complete sexual stimulation, including vision, hearing, touch, smell and other aspects of sexual stimulation, but also because there is no real sex practices alone penile erection or not, is not as impotence diagnosis. In fact, the man’s erect penis points from the physiological perspective two situations: one is reactive erection without any sexual stimulation, reflex erection spontaneously through the nerves, such as erectile sleep at night after that is the case; another is mental erection, you need some kind of sexual stimulation, including unemotional mind about the sexual fantasies come from. So, everything erotic stimulation can induce mental erection. This occurred in the usual spirit of erectile law is very complex, vary with a person’s physique, thoughts, emotions change, sometimes better, sometimes worse, it simply did not judge impotence indicators.

4. Can not cause the woman to lust and pleasure regarded as the climax of impotence. This is a bigger mistake, as long as the man penis erection and placement, as long as man can successfully complete ejaculation and reach orgasm through intercourse erotic action, it is not impotence, even with the emergence of sexual pleasure. One of the characteristics of male and female sexual function that is “men and fast women slow”, so the man who has ejaculation, the woman has not yet entered orgasm, which is a physiological phenomenon, at best, inadequate harmonious sexual life issues, should not think that impotence.

5. After sexual intercourse that is subject to change bad erectile impotence. Strictly speaking, this view is not correct. Some people with his wife all the normal sexual life, erectile function was good; but in the affair in sexual intercourse, but a stick of appetite. On the contrary, some people with his wife intercourse, perhaps for no novelty, poor erection occurs, but in an affair intercourse is very good. These are subject to change after intercourse occurs, at first glance, in the event of bad erection intercourse with an object, is indeed a impotence, also called “impotence affair” medicine, “marital sexual impotence,” the argument . But the real sense, there is such a “selective” impotence man impotence is not a real patient. From one side, he happened to impotence, from another side, his sexual function well. Thus, you can not just give these people wear hats impotence. Of course, the correct style, attitude adjustment, to ensure normal sexual intercourse within marriage is essential.

6. Premature ejaculation is bound to develop later evolved into impotence. People who hold this view can cite some specific examples of these patients begins as premature ejaculation, there is no contact or new to the woman shortly after the occurrence of ejaculation, erectile function was even die. From a medical point of view, this situation often or psychological factors at play. Since the occurrence of premature ejaculation, feel satisfied, unworthy of his wife, was very guilty. Some wives outpouring of discontent, laugh, complain, virtually a tremendous pressure on her husband. Sexual function would really intricate Under this state of mind, as well as mental stress is washed away. If effective treatment in the event of premature ejaculation stage, unconcerned attitude strong-willed person, or his wife did not mind, they would not impotence. Today, modern medicine has not found a definite link between premature ejaculation and impotence.

7. Frequent nocturnal emission is bound to cause impotence. This is another common fallacy youth perspective. They believe that frequent nocturnal emission big hurt, “vitality”, do not they will follow sexual function lost it? In fact, this concern is entirely superfluous, health unmarried men emission 1-2 times a month is normal, is become more than 4-5 times, which may or genitourinary organ inflammation induced by certain lifestyle factors related to, for example, wear tights, partial sleep at night too hot during the day overwork and so on. But modern medicine has made it clear, there is no necessary link between emission and impotence.

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Always Obsessed With Erotic Content Or Cause Impotence

Cause Impotence q“The United States AVN Adult Entertainment Expo” hailed as the world’s largest erotic show, the three-day exhibition, the porn industry’s major showcase pornography (including film and television work, sex toys, etc.). In this three-day pornography propaganda, many porn stars will be present to interact with the fans, a lot of fun producers will showcase the latest research and development of sex toys, and these will attract many men went to watch these men are called experts “to take the risk of suffering from impotence man “, experts say men addicted to pornography likely to suffer from impotence, so I do not advocate male friends to see” global sex show. ”

According to the latest overseas TV station reported that Italy, a new survey found that: addicted to porn sex will seriously affect men played hard, which is commonly known as impotence.

Long-term mood to indulge in erotic and sexual uninterrupted, will make people in the psychological and physiological will have “sex fatigue.” Erotic male hormone secretion will lead to a marked increase in libido enhancement, more men see the beautiful female erotic erotic performances or some information, there will be sexual impulses. This makes some single men masturbation frequency increases, some sexual partners of men too many sex life. We know that excessive masturbation frequency of premature ejaculation is one of the reasons, because of fear of premature ejaculation masturbation was found to produce anxiety, leading to rapid ejaculation, over time it caused impotence. The excessive sex and sexual confusion are important cause of impotence in men.

Impotence for men’s health has a great risk, premature ejaculation, prostatitis, impotence and infertility are complications. Therefore, prevention of impotence for men is essential thing, then how to prevent impotence it?

1. Healthy life. Focus should be the law of life, increasing physical activity, such as tai chi, walking, etc. qigong beneficial physical and mental health and mental self-regulation.

2. Avoid excessive sex, masturbation is prohibited. Male friends should avoid sexual intercourse with a repeat second way to extend the time of sexual intercourse, so detrimental to health, and undesirable.

3. Between husband and wife with. Be considerate woman, comfort, not censure, threats, but otherwise did not, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease.

4. In the diet should be careful not to eat spicy food, you should quit drinking less alcohol.

Men do not run the risk of suffering from impotence see “Global pornography Exhibition”, unless you have a strong self-control can allow himself to indulge in erotic without them, you know, erotica is the main factor causing impotence. Through the above understanding, we also know that impotence for men’s health, there are many risks, so how to prevent impotence is every man should go learn and implement things.

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What Really Cause The Impotence ?

Impotence – most are functional impotence, a few are organic. The common causes are the following:

1. Neuropsychiatric Factors: Such as childhood psychological trauma, or lack of wedding knowledge, psychological stress and anxiety, or marital discord, family relationships are not harmonious; or bad habits, such as masturbation excessive force, and therefore it reduce the sensitivity of the penis, nervousness, thinking overburdened, etc. can cause impotence; mental or physical excessive or poor mental stimulation, such as excessive depression, sadness, fear, etc., or hither and lust, sex, etc. can cause excessive cerebral cortex dysfunction and impotence.

2. Nervous System Disease: The hypothalamic – pituitary tumor or other parts of the tumor, localized brain damage, such as the limitations of epilepsy, encephalitis, cerebral hemorrhage oppression, spinal cord injury, spinal cord tumors, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, pelvic peripheral autonomic nervous system, such as impotence surgical injury can occur.

3. Endocrine Diseases: Such as diabetes, pituitary insufficiency, testicular injury or dysfunction, or hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, etc. can lead to impotence.

4. Urinary Genital Lesions: Such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, epididymitis, varicocele, etc. can often lead to impotence. Because elderly patients are part of prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia and cause impotence;

5. The Influence Of Drugs: Many drugs in clinical inhibition of sexual function, such as reserpine, guanethidine, digoxin, stability, furosemide, metoclopramide can cause impotence.

6. Chronic Fatigue: Fatigue is able to cause impotence, because the heart muscle due to fatigue or excessive use of the brain, depression, anxiety, stress and other disturbances caused by fatigue because of sexual arousal, reduced brain function, including inhibition of sexual interest, cortical excitability emotional limbic system is reduced, and the pituitary gonadotropins and testicular androgen secretion decreased reduced sexual excitement.

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