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How to Prevent Low Libido in Daily Life

Low libido refers to a continuous or repeated desire for sex, or total absence, in fact, some small everyday changes can prevent the occurrence of low libido.

1. Feel pleasure. Stress, anxiety, depression, stress and fear and other psychological factors can interfere with the function of the brain cortex, leading to low libido, this phenomenon is more common in young people. So, once found himself appeared psychological problems should be promptly resolved, consult a psychotherapist when necessary.

2. Emotional communication between husband and wife should be strengthened. Libido and marital relations have some contact, if they usually lack of communication may make another from the heart to the body have become estranged. Therefore, it is recommended in patients with low libido often assess the relationship between husband and wife, and regular deep emotional communication.

3. Ensure adequate sleep. Fatigue will make people uninterested in sex life, so pay attention to rest. Moreover, a good sleep, the body’s reaction function will become sensitive to sexual stimulation when the brain is able to make a positive feedback.

4. Balanced diet. Eat less unfavorable for libido foods, such as fried foods, soy, refined flour, fat, fat milk.

5. Careful use of drugs. Certain drugs make people reduced libido, such as antidepressants, diuretics, lipid-lowering drugs, etc., when regularly taking certain drugs, decreased sexual desire, should be timely feedback to the doctor, the replacement of drug use.

6. Moderate exercise. Moderate exercise can keep the body in good condition, to ensure the normal sexual life. But to grasp the principle of proportionality, to not feel tired appropriate.

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Anger Will Hurt The Prostate And Reduce Libido

Anger will hurt the prostate and reduce libidoPeople have emotions, everyone may be angry. But Chinese medicine believes that “all diseases are born gas”, often angry, angry, not only affect people’s heart health, reduce the immune system, but also affect sexual function. Taiwan Wan Fang Hospital Family Medicine Physicians Chenbai Chen pointed out that “angry survivability,” mainly in the following aspects.

Angry easily lead to male erectile dysfunction. Chinese medicine believes that the people’s “impassioned”, the anger corresponds to the liver, too angry emotions, directly hurt the liver, such as “anger on the air”, “bristle” and so on, are the angry this classic unhealthy emotional interpretation. Liver reinforcement, a man’s penis can be extended to shrink also considered the body’s “big muscle”, so the ancients used “were reinforced erection” to describe the penile erection. When people often sulking or anger, the liver damage would involve “big muscle”, prone to erectile problems, leading to insufficient hardness. A study director Dr. Duke University Center for Integrative Medicine led by Trey Xi Dete also found 40-year-old male population, compared with difficult angry person, often a stomach anger male erectile dysfunction chance twice.

Anger will affect the endocrine, cause female libido. Angry female endocrine system disorders can cause the body to produce more cortisol, a substance in the body if the accumulation of too much, there will be irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, or come early menopause and other issues, but also lead to liver is not comfortable , qi stagnation, the occurrence of mammary gland hyperplasia and other diseases, leading to premature aging women, then there vaginal dryness, sex and other issues.

Angry affect prostate health. Clinically, most patients with prostate pain, mental stimulation, such as sulking, sad, angry, etc. This is because the mood will affect prostate health, and many factors lead to prostatitis. In general, middle-aged men sulk if love, melancholy mood appeared, accompanied by urine, weakness, urine bifurcation, urinary endless problems, we must guard against prostate disease, timely medical treatment.

Angry reduce sperm quality. A Swedish study found that regular angry cause spermatogenesis disorder, semen secretion of fluid, such as prostatic fluid, seminal vesicle fluid, liquid and other ingredients urethral glands are also affected, is extremely unfavorable to sperm survival, thus greatly reduce the chance of pregnancy success. Chinese medicine also believes that when angry not intercourse to conceive, will affect the embryo quality.

Angry destroy the couple intimacy. United States, “Journal of Family Psychology,” a study recently published in the view, between husband and wife sulking, do not say, will seriously affect the marital relationship, and even lead to the Cold War and divorce. “Even the way to solve the problem by quarrel, stronger than sulk,” professor of psychology at the University of Denver, family and marriage research center co-chair of Howard Mark said.

Finally, experts advise, get angry sometimes unavoidable, if for angry affects the sexual life, must be timely adjustments, you can tell the family, can also be transferred through interest-loving sports.

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Kangaroo Will Help Man Away From Sexual Dysfunction

Core Tip: Male sexual dysfunction treatment to achieve three no: no stay up late, no smoke, no drink, keep the regular life is to maintain fitness and prevent arteriosclerosis caused impotence basic principles.

Men sexual disorder is now a high incidence of common diseases of the society. Male sexual disorder caused many reasons, so, how can men away from sex disorder? Which prevention work to do in our daily life?

How can a man away from sexual dysfunction:

1. To protect their own health, if there is a chronic disease, should treat as early as possible. Due to illness (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) caused by sexual dysfunction, there’s no cure method, so the most important prevention methods, and to control the disease.Obese people suffer from the chronic disease probability is higher than others, so it’s best to still need to lose weight.

2. Do drugs treatment. Although until now has not a drug specifically to extend the time of male sexual intercourse, but doctors use antidepressants to extend more male sexual intercourse. Besides, now have found Kangaroo pills have very good effection to treat sexual dysfunction.

3. Do “three no”. the male sex therapy to do sometimes, no stay up late, no smoke, no drink, and keep the law of life, is to maintain physical fitness and will not take up the basic principles of hardening of the arteries can be avoided.

Experts Remind: men want to stay away from sexual intercourse obstacle, for the above three aspects need to pay special attention to, only do a good job in the daily life of food to keep healthy state of mind in the future work and study, to improve own level and ability to work better.At the same time, for patients with sexual dysfunction, should also be timely to normal hospital treatment, lest delay the disease!

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