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What’s The High Quality Sex Life With About

Sex life on men’s mental state does sometimes produce regulation and enhanced role, but with the proviso that, at this moment man must be mental relaxation, there is no accumulation of mental fatigue, nor the kind of sex used to drown my sorrows high expectations. Otherwise it would be counterproductive.

Relax before sex can improve the sexual experience

After most of the men engaged in any kind of non-sexual, extremely nervous activity, libido will have different degrees of decline. This is very natural, no big deal. This is because a man’s libido directly arise from some of their cerebral cortex excitability hub, rather than produced in the genitals.

In any kind of mental stress and mental fatigue caused by the activities, including long playing cards, mahjong, etc., the brain center of the excitement will be severely suppressed, as usual is unlikely to produce libido.

The key to overcoming this is that, should quickly relax, for example, do some sport activities, relaxing entertainment, hot baths, and so on. It continued for some time, until your mind and body truly relax, and then put into sex.

Therefore, the relationship here is: relax in front, sex in the post, rather than through sex to relax. Daily life can often be found: the more after the high tension, there is no self-relaxation to seek sex, the lower the quality of life, and even adverse reactions and feelings affect future libido.

How has the high quality of sex life

First, make sure you choose the sex sites will not be disturbed, is secure and private. Secondly, do not put distracting things on the side, as did not finish the job, no further bills, mobile phones. Finally, dim the lights, put some soft music, a glass of red wine, hold your lover, caress him (her) for a wild night played the first-steps.

When sex does not have to keep quiet. Verbal flirting, scattershot topic murmur will help enhance the flesh. Tell your partner what you want him (her) what to do, not bound, to share ideas, allowing two people closer. Do not pretend, learn to let yourself open up a bit.

To really enjoy sex, you have to actively participate as a Hao Sezhe. Do not always wait for a sexual partner initiative, your initiative and self-confidence will bring other surprises.

Do not worry about what the other view of your move boldly do what you want, “free” time to indulge sex once, you will feel happy.

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Four Ways Improve Male Sexual Performance

Heavy drinking will certainly bring male dysfunction. Alcoholism, and 50% of men suffer from male dysfunction, because alcohol reduces testosterone production rate.

In addition, chronic alcoholism nutritional deficiency may also occur, causing gonadal hormone disorders, clinical manifestations of male gonadal dysfunction, including testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, loss of libido, impotence and infertility. Smoke toxins on human spermatogenesis, also inhibited. Long-term smoking can block blood flow to the limbs, blocked blood circulation to the penis, resulting in impotence. Alcohol on the human body more harm than good, high-pitched male function to keep tobacco should quit, especially alcoholism.

Some men like to wear tights, such as narrow jeans. While looking very sexy, but in fact their bodies are not very sexy. Due to the scrotum and testicles tights can be more close to the body, increasing the testis temperature, hinder sperm production.

Meanwhile, wrap pants scrotum, scrotal skin not play good heat dissipation ability, testicular local temperature will also increase; tights limit and hinder the scrotum blood circulation, especially impede venous blood cause testicular bleeding, resulting in unfavorable spermatogenesis. Often wear tight pants is one of the reasons induced male infertility.

Men are more casual, but also generous point, usually should wear loose clothes, let genitalia full stretch to breathe freely. After work, sports, shopping, sleeping, replaced three solution tight pants, you can wear some large boxer briefs or simply do not wear underwear, but be careful out Oh emptied. Think she does not wear panties and go on the road, some irritation, that are not allowed to fire temporary, quickly find a place in a cloud, and yet romantic, you say?

According to a study abroad showed a man long accustomed to sitting job, if you can stick to participate in physical exercise for some time, and their spouses will increase the number of living, quality of life, the couple will be a great improvement. Exercise can enhance the body’s sexual response, increased perineal muscle coordination, on the other hand, although exercise can speed the body’s blood circulation, help to improve the condition of the penis local microcirculation, which Witte its erectile capacity is beneficial.

Adhere to moderate exercise, physical enhancement, and delay the decline of male sexual function, helps to reduce the degradation of male function. In fact, the movement is also very sexy man, so that my body better, more attractive, more powerful intercourse, more durable is not better?

Lust is a human instinct, hearty, good, moderately intercourse is always memorable, married life can eliminate stress, so relaxed and normal endocrine, immune function can be adjusted and normal functioning, metabolism running. To experience sexual intercourse wonderful people always have infinite yearning, so intercourse itself is the best agent for promoting sex, but suggested what.

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Treat Impotence Can’t Ignore These Aspects


Disease suffer in silence without any help, male erectile dysfunction if it is found, it is necessary and timely medical treatment, through proper and appropriate treatment, in order to effectively improve the situation of impotence. However, during the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), to pay attention to several aspects of psychological adjustment, diet, lifestyle, etc., treatment can be more effective.

1. Psychological adjustment is very important. ED is divided into psychological, organic and mixed, tension, stress, depression, anxiety and feelings of marital discord and other psychological factors can cause ED. So, psychology is an important factor affecting the treatment of impotence, especially psychogenic ED, but also to focus on the psychological aspects of adjustment. Blood estrogen although very small amount, can it pituitary gonadotropin secretion and testicular testosterone secretion plays an important regulatory role. Obese increase body fat, so that greater conversion of androgens to estrogen, the blood concentration of about 1-fold increase, or absolute androgen is relatively reduced, the performance of sexual dysfunction, erectile weakening or loss of sexual function, ejaculation disorders also appear.

2. Beat “tobacco, alcohol, obesity.” The impact of smoking on impotence is very large, it is understood that smokers suffer an increased risk of impotence than non-smokers is about five times the risk factor is obesity, impotence, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and so on. In addition, because of the man’s genitals after drinking long-term congestion (unnatural tension) can cause male sexual nerves relaxed, even for future sexual stimulation numb, serious also cause impotence.

3. Avoid over-exertion. Modern work pressure, often stays up late, overtime, not only physically keep up, sexual intercourse is also powerless.

4. Quit high-fat, high-calorie diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and high-fiber foods. Avoid too much oil, too sweet, too salty, avoid intake of saturated fat and trans fatty acids.

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How to Read Body Language of Men and Women Sexually Suggestive

How to read body language of men and women sexually suggestive

Eyes, mouth, arms. Even silent signals sent by the feet, will reflect the real level of intimacy. Partner’s response is often dependent on the exchange of body language. Because the other side will instinctively understand: the body is the truth spoken. Try to interpret the body language of both sides to adjust, this will make the marriage surprises.

Situational 1: kissing and hugging

Love signals: stay slightly on the cheek, gentle kiss and tell each other: I’m glad to see you! If other parts of the body can also join the welcoming ceremony, will be further strengthened this message. For example: a big, tight hug, reflecting a wholehearted feelings.

Danger signals: rigid, closed lips reveal a heart full of pressure and you want to avoid this intimacy. When hugging, if it was intended to retain an appropriate distance between the body and said it was out of an obligation rather than feelings.

Situational 2: Dispute

Love signals: one pair of happy couples dispute when the body language and unhappy couples are very different. They may seem very angry, but also very committed; their bodies facing each other, while constantly looking at each other’s eyes. Such body language said “we must now solve this problem!”

Danger signals: some body language reveal a couple’s problem is far in front of a big dispute. Psychiatric expert, said: ‘When he suddenly turned to her glaring, may subconsciously want to threaten her, let her shut up. If her head and turn his eyes wandering hands Baoxiong, she has made ​​it clear that: “You say I’m not worth listening to!” If he deadpanned, looking at the corner of the room, he has not listen while thinking about how to get out! This is probably the worst of all signals in one.

Situational 3: In a restaurant

Love signals: in a restaurant is easy to distinguish one pair of men and women in Buddhism are married. General love of men and women always ignore the existence of the meals, the girls will Satisfy Xiangsai looked at each other, and men since there are eye candy, already depends on food and wine as dirt, eloquent. The married person is different, the food munching chopsticks held up until just finished watching one another on – hint checkout leave. This is the usual practice, but you will find a happy couple, although with children, has always seemed very close. They will often pay attention to each other: a look at the other side, to the other – a smile, or eyebrows, a silent dialogue.

Warning signal: happy couple will tie each other’s rhythm, but there are problems in the relationship, there is often only eat when her entree half, he has been in the case of tea. Kids meal seating arrangements is also crucial. If your husband sit on your side, and your child sit in the high chair on the other side, then you’re probably all night back to your husband for dinner.

Situational 4: Watching TV or reading a book on the sofa

Love signals: sweet couple sitting on the couch when, not necessarily tightly against each other. But even sitting on both ends of the sofa, they will often swap eyes, and often the body will be facing each other. Psychologists say that interpretation of body language is not absolute, as the case may be. It is important that both sides can reach a tacit understanding, often tell each other: “I know you’re here, I love you..”

Warning signal: in unhappy couples who can not see the one between the two feelings. Their bodies tend to their backs to each other. Broadcast advertising, they will not take this opportunity to talk, but to escape each other. For example: stand up and walk away, began to read a magazine, or stop the turntable.

Situational 5: Mutual have

Love signals: When a pair of happy couple having sex, they will not only focus on physical contact, eye contact is more important than everything. They will, through body language, generous lover told: “This feels good!.” Through body language can be more easily reached on the coordination of sex.

Warning signal: Whether male or female, closed eyes, stiff neck and shoulders, reflecting a sex and anxiety.

Situational 6: Love the way marching

Love signals: when will the pace with the other couple in love walking, which makes them feel very coordinated. Studies have shown that even the love of lovers have the same heart rate!

Warning signals: if one of them is always another person went fairly fast walking, often seem hostile, the lack of at least one concentric feeling. And when one of them suddenly turned to walk across the street, did not notice the other half, revealing the same problem.

Misunderstanding caused by body language

Psychologists mention explained that a message of love, sometimes misunderstood by the other side. For example:

Hello carefully adjusted to help him tie his actions as you put possessive too strong and treat him as a child.

Pulling your upper arm or elbow, cross the road with you, but you think he was going to force you to follow him.

You catch his eye, would like to let him know what you said to him words very interested. He first thought you wanted him to you and you as the center, when you gaze for some time, he began to feel that you attack him.

When you wear clothes, he looked again under your body, want to tell you, “I think you’re way too beautiful!” Do you think he was examining the body, and may feel that you too fat.

While you hold him while patting him on the back soulful. Do you think he thought he was very poor, so to appease him rather than love.

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Remember Five Points Prevent Ejaculation Inability

Ejaculation InabilityEjaculation weakness is that many male patients are often overlooked symptoms of sexual dysfunction. The so-called weak ejaculation is ejaculation during orgasm but found there is not enough power to the phenomenon of semen into the female vagina. It could be argued, the more forceful ejaculation, sexual pleasure is stronger; weak ejaculation, sexual pleasure is decreased, resulting in decreased sexual quality of life. Inability to ejaculate often also secondary to loss of libido, impotence and other sexual dysfunction.

The total number of male patients suspect that their inability to ejaculate, which leads to infertility. In fact, fertility and sperm quality, velocity, quantity concerned, and it does not matter how far can shoot. The real weak ejaculation is rare, some may be weak and powerless about the pubococcygeus. Prevent ejaculation weakness, should pay attention to five aspects of life.

1. Avoid ejaculation, inability to pay attention to sexual lifestyle. Especially in the life of a temporary ejaculation, the penis should speed up the frequency of pumping and friction, plus substantial. Intercourse halfway, the wife can be more stimulating her husband, in order to improve the man’s excitability.

2. Excessive sexual life can also lead to ejaculation weakness. Therefore, a conscious abstinence, one of the important methods to prevent and overcome weak ejaculation.

3. Eliminate all adverse psychological inability to ejaculate prevention activities. When sex life to “traveling light” and can not have unnecessary concerns and worries.

4. Eat spicy, spicy food, have repeatedly let prostate congestion, prostatitis organic disease may lead to weak ejaculation. Therefore, we should try to eat or not eat.

5. Preventing ejaculation and weak, should pay attention to exercise, in order to enhance physical fitness, prevention of other diseases.

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Start from the root cause of the problem to overcome premature ejaculation

From the root cause of the need to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation begins, only figured out what factors lead to premature ejaculation in order to find suitable methods to overcome symptomatic. Here are some common causes of premature ejaculation causes, we can properly look.


1. Premature ejaculation psychological factors: More psychological factors, such as the frequency of sexual activity, lack of skills, marital discord, or nervousness, etc., can lead to the occurrence of premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation causes for this, of course, is to overcome the psychological barriers, relax, and communicate with other sexual partners, if severe, can go to the hospital for psychological treatment.

2. Masturbation habit cause: Since masturbation is more afraid of being discovered and ridiculed , nervousness, and strive to rapid ejaculation, premature ejaculation gradually develop the habit. Some men excessive masturbation will lead to premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation caused by masturbation masturbation first stop, go to the hospital for treatment.

3. Excessive fatigue: Fatigue after physical or mental, is insufficient energy to have sex, but also prone to premature ejaculation. Such premature ejaculation men rest for some time may ease, but if rest is useless, then go to the hospital for regular treatment.

4. The organic causes of premature ejaculation, physical differences: Premature ejaculation of the penis muscle reflex faster than non- premature ejaculation. May be due to high levels of ketones in the blood G, so that ejaculation increased excitability threshold decreased ejaculation premature ejaculation easily excited.

Organic damage caused by the sympathetic nervous diseases: Such as pelvic fractures, prostate enlargement, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and so on. Directly affect the controlling hub for central control of ejaculation decreased ability to produce premature ejaculation.

Genital diseases: Penis frenulum is too short, and impedes the full erection; verumontanum inflammation in chronic congestion and edema, a little sexual stimulation that sexual excitement soon ejaculation. For this causes premature ejaculation, should go to hospital for treatment of this disease, disease cure premature ejaculation are also likely better.

5. The foreskin phimosis cause premature ejaculation: A person who usually phimosis the foreskin glans was wrapped in underwear and other objects can not be subject to the stimulus, premature ejaculation is inevitable, it should first deal with the problem of phimosis. If it is false phimosis, then usually you should pay attention to make the glans exposed.