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Seize The Best Time to Lose Weight After Childbirth

After the birth of baby, your body will more or less out of shape, new mothers want to lose weight but afraid to affect  postpartum recovery of the body. So what the best time to lose weight? Also what should pay more attention? Want to be sexy hot mom would want to seize the best time to lose weight, and quickly take a look at what time for postpartum weight loss fast.

To restore pre-pregnancy slim body, we must begin to control diet, actively lose weight. But experts remind you, do not immediately begin to lose weight postpartum month, otherwise it will not only affect the secretion of breast milk, and even uterine prolapse and other consequences.

Six weeks postpartum
Feel his body out of shape, lose weight in a hurry to pay attention to her mother, six weeks after the soonest to postpartum weight loss can be appropriate, based on physical condition. Only in the body recovered, in good health and do not need breastfeeding when to use some small amount of exercise and dieting to slight weight loss program.

Two months postpartum
After two months of production, the new mother’s body basically recovered more than half the amount of breastfeeding began to slowly decrease the secretion of breast milk slowly decrease. So then you can increase the amount of exercise, reduce appetite, weight loss began to become more apparent.

Four months postpartum
After four months of production, under normal circumstances do not have to continue breastfeeding, so this time you can safely lose weight. Physical activity and food intake can return to the prenatal state. This time the best time to lose weight, physical recovery, breastfeeding stopped, can afford, but to avoid weight-loss drugs to avoid side effects.

Six months postpartum
To six months postpartum, and then the body can not recover or breastfeeding as a pretext for inaction. This time is the deadline for successful weight loss, after this period, the fat will be fixed in the body, will be used to take the shape of their own body, no motivation to lose weight.

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Winter Four Anaerobic Exercise Warm Up & Slimming Body

The onset of winter, many women winter cold hands and feet easily, and many belong to physical weakness, and therefore do not perform high-intensity exercise, you should have a choice to make body heat can fully exercise the muscles of anaerobic exercise, here you recommend four anaerobic exercise at home will be able to exercise, not only fitness but also warm.

1. Dumbbell Exercises

Action Tips: single hand mineral water bottle filled with water, or 1 to 3 kg lightweight dumbbells, elbows bent at right angles, flat on the mineral water and then down to the front of the body and repeat at least 20 times, the faster, the better the effect.

Holding a small dumbbell exercises to lose weight, can improve protein synthesis, increase muscle mass, increase basal metabolism. This movement, like dumbbell exercises, muscle works by applying a load to achieve the effect of exercise.

2. Squat

Action Tips: standing back straight, feet about shoulder width apart, hands behind the neck. Hold your breath, slowly squat to best squat the entire time up to 10 to 30 seconds, the speed of the slower the better. Then slowly stood up in the same way, repeated squat, stand at least 10 to 15 times, breath and rest.

Note: If the leg strength is not enough, try to squat to squat position, then slowly stand up to repeat the action.

3. Tablet Support

Action Tips: prone, bend elbows supported on the ground, shoulder and elbow perpendicular to the ground with both feet, the body off the ground, torso straight, head, shoulder, hip and ankle remains in the same plane, tighten the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles tighten, lengthen the spine, eyes to the ground, keep breathing evenly.

Each group of 60 seconds, each training four groups, the interval between the groups of no more than 20 seconds.

4. Crunches

Action Tips: ground crunches, lying on the floor, knees bent 90 °, feet flat on the ground. Hands across the chest or put two ear, Chen Jian abdomen, chin slightly closed, from the shoulder blades off the ground, fixed waist, down to the shoulder blade flat against the ground, up breath, inhale down, one last look for once a group 20.

Difficult to adhere to the beginning, must not be lazy, to be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the action, even if a little stop halfway. Each stage of the action from the rusty done skillfully, about one and a half down the abdomen will become very compact.

Anaerobic exercise can train our physical, and ordinary people achieve the same amount of exercise in the shortest possible time, so the physical requirements are very high, when the practice should be gradual, slow movement to improve efficiency, so as to avoid injury.

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Breakfast Eating During Weight Loss

1. Starchy staple foods make you spiritual one morning
Starchy staple carbohydrate-rich foods more than that, it can be starchy potato. Such status in the breakfast food is very important. Their main ingredients are carbohydrates, in the body, carbohydrates can be converted to glucose, which is the body’s main energy source. In addition, starchy staples favor secretion of digestive juice, to promote digestion, but also has a protective effect on the stomach. As long as there is this kind of breakfast food, can effectively ensure the efficiency of the morning.

2. High protein foods make breakfast more “anti-hungry”
Quality and quantity of food proteins, the proportion of various amino acids, related to the synthesis of various proteins of human and organizational updates. Therefore, to have the best breakfast in milk, eggs, two kinds of beans, which not only provide adequate protein for the body, make breakfast nutrition is more comprehensive, but also delayed gastric emptying rate, prolonged postprandial satiety, make breakfast more “anti-hungry.”

3. Fruits and vegetables to make your skin supple and good digestion
Without a meal of fruit, vegetables, then the amount of dietary fiber is difficult to meet human needs, and nutrients, potassium, magnesium and other difficult to achieve balance. But to do the busy modern breakfast in fruits and vegetables, is not an easy thing. In fact, a bowl of salad, bread, a few slices of bread in the folder lettuce, cucumber, add some vegetables when cooking, or washing the band on the road to eat the fruit, are simple and easy method.

4. Nuts let you easily enjoy the “thin”
If you want breakfast to reach 100 points, nuts essential. To eat while watching TV at night melon seeds, peanuts and other nuts change to eat in the morning, 1 tablespoon almonds, pine nuts or peanut breakfast can improve quality, but also to prevent obesity. In addition, nuts are rich in vitamin E and many minerals, beneficial to heart health.

5. Breakfast diet appropriate to add a little oil
The study found that breakfast task is to start the body’s metabolism, is the day’s most important meal, if only carbohydrate breakfast food intake, it can only help increase the consumption of carbohydrates a day, and if at the same time add fat food and Medical Education Network | finishing, will be a day of energy usage will be able to find a balance between carbohydrates and fats. Morning while eating fats and oils can be fully digested, so the breakfast adequate intake of fat is good for weight loss.

High-fat foods can help adjust the body’s metabolism mechanism, when ingested lunch, dinner, snacks, body can effectively burn calories and avoid suffering from metabolic syndrome.

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Suit Autumn Season Lose Weight Exercise

Suit Autumn Season Lose Weight Exercise

Cool autumn, the temperature is very appropriate, is the best time to exercise to lose weight, then do what exercise to achieve the best weight-loss purposes? Recommended for everyone following aerobic exercise to lose weight a few for the fall, with several small coup, you want to fat loss!

1. Running

Suit crowd: Almost all people

Slimming effect: Many well known jogging to lose weight is by far the best aerobic exercise, the running process, you can add an excellent blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve the body’s cardiac function, and also for blood and brain cells provide oxygen supply, so that a more normal functioning of the brain, while effectively stimulate the body’s energy consumption, to help create the perfect body. But in the course of the campaign, each exercise time can not be less than half an hour, the best time is one hour, while the speed of running or jogging speed places in the main, this is more conducive to fat burning.

2. Climbing

Suit crowd: Hypertension, coronary heart disease and other patients should pay more attention

Slimming effect: climbing is aerobic exercise, can increase blood proteins, increase immunity and climbing also helps the body of harmful substances, such as carcinogens, toxins excreted in time, and can promote the body’s metabolism allow rapid consumption of fat, with a good weight-loss effect, and the best time for climbing lose weight after 15:00, so you can effectively burn body fat.

3. Badminton

Suit crowd: Almost all people

Slimming effect: Compared to outdoor sports, with badminton to lose weight, exercise can play a better role in the body, playing badminton in the process, to take full activity of the knee, hand joints, hip joints, allowing the body’s muscles and joints are moving up, but also promote fat decomposition and reduce fat synthesis, quickly and effectively increase energy consumption, the best diet is a systemic movement in the movement of time, in order to effect significant, then more than 30 minutes a day to adhere to the low-intensity exercise, in order to create a slim figure.

4. Cycling

Suit crowd: Almost all people

Slimming effect: cycling is the most popular outdoor sports to lose weight, you will have a particular outdoor feel comfortable in the cycling process, you can use a different intensity and rhythm, or exercises on different terrain cycling, in the process, when the perfect time you rode over the obstacles, combining speed, you fat while also fast burnning, it is simply a fun way for slim down.

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