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You are so hard but still can’t slim down, all due to these weight loss errors

Guide Reading: We are angry to the people who no matter how much they eat, but don’t gain fat, while we are also finding the lose weight recipes to our body. From eat less, not to eat, to lug to eat … … perhaps in the “how to eat to can slim” problem varies from person to person, but the mine can not step on, or you didn’t slim down, but the healthy boat had been turned.

For many beautiful girls, summer vest shorts are essential. But the beautiful premise is to have a sexy slim figure, weight loss is inevitable. In fact, weight loss also need to be careful. Want to show your good body this summer, take a look at these big errors are there. Do not let some of the wrong diet weight loss methods hinder your weight loss plan.

Misunderstanding 1: meal products to lose weight

On behalf of the meal, that is, on behalf of the meal powder, on behalf of the meal bar, on behalf of the meal or on behalf of the meal fruit and vegetable juice, etc., instead of 1 to 2 meals a day part of the food, generally for fast weight loss, or busy, too lazy to cook people The

The truth:

For those who do not have the impact of disease or genetic factors, the use of food on behalf of the principle of negative balance of energy, as long as the strict accordance with the provisions of eating, usually in a short time thin down. However, the product claims that the satiety effect varies from person to person, many people can not tolerate hunger can not strictly abide by, resulting in abortion plans abortion.

Moreover, the heat of the meal is much lower than the recommended minimum calorie calorie standard, so that only in a short time will produce results, and it causes a decline in basal metabolism, will make our weight becomes very easy to rebound.

The most important thing is that long-term lack of heat, especially the lack of adequate carbohydrates, but also likely to cause blood sugar instability, nutritional absorption function decline, slow response and other serious consequences, careful!

Misunderstanding 2: every day to eat dark chocolate to lose weight

The truth:

Experiments show that the content of sodium and sugar in dark chocolate is indeed lower than milk chocolate, white chocolate, but the fat content (especially the content of saturated fat) is still very high. According to nutrition data website NutritionData shows that 100 grams of dark chocolate with calories 599kcal, containing fat 43g (including saturated fat 24g), is 66% of daily fat intake, saturated fat content is more than the daily intake.

Although studies have shown that dark chocolate may suppress appetite, it does not mean that it is “slimming food”. Weight is not controlled by a certain kind of food, the overall balance of energy balance is the key factor in determining the weight. For those who want to lose weight, the core problem is not what food to eat, but rather the total intake of energy. After dinner, pieces of dark chocolate? Come on! Your energy is close to the table!

Misunderstanding 3: Do not eat after eight o’clock night

The truth:

Cause you fat is not the time you eat, but what you eat, how much to eat.

Some weight loss recipe is recommended that you eat dinner in advance, after not allowed to eat, because now the office workers because of living habits, at dinner is likely to eat a meal.

As the modern people generally fall asleep, after eight can not eat the result is: late at night ten hungry … … this experience I believe you must not unfamiliar! This hunger is either disturbing your sleep, or it is likely to trigger a nightly snake bomb.

In fact, as long as the dinner, but the amount of small partners who can eat something after dinner, just pay attention to the contents of the food like, low-fat yogurt and the amount of fruit is a good choice.

Misunderstanding 4: the single food weight loss method

The truth:

The Internet on the rumors of apple weight loss, yogurt diet and so on “every day to eat a single food” approach, can really reduce the energy intake, substantial consumption of fat, but so the inevitable result in reduced metabolism.

Low intake of energy leads to low expenditure, until the recovery of diet, energy intake and expenditure balance is broken, weight rebound is yes. Coupled with a single food caused by in vivo nutritional imbalance, the body does not say, into a yellow face woman is afraid to cry too late.

Talk so much, then how to eat can be correct?

1. Diet should be balanced

Control the diet is to properly control the “quantity” rather than “type”. Rich species not only let us intake of a variety of nutrients, but also to make taste buds open, feel comfortable, and enhance the sustainability of thin.

2. Focus on eating

The study found that people who eat distractions will eat more when compared to those who concentrate on eating.

Members of the computer side of the side of the work side of the meal, facing the phone while chasing the side of the small partner eating, beware of the intake of “spiritual food” at the same time, your “food” also followed up.

3. Want to slim fast, eat like this 3 days lose weight recipes

Day 1:

Breakfast: black sesame red bean porridge bowl, tea eggs, a cold radish silk dishes

Lunch: clear stew carrot white radish lamb 1 bowl, parsley mixed with tofu silk 1 small plate, bread half

Dinner: red dates wolfberry black chicken noodles 1 bowl (containing a few pieces of chicken, 50 grams noodles, vegetables, mushrooms a few flowers)

Day 2:

Breakfast: red bean rice porridge bowl, refreshing dishes a dish (cucumber, carrot, celery with boiled spiced peanuts), longan or jujube

Lunch: tomatoes scrambled eggs, edible fungus mixed with celery, fried oil and wheat, rice bowl

Dinner: spinach pig blood tofu soup, fried potatoes silk, cold cabbage heart

Day 3:

Breakfast: a cup yogurt, whole wheat bread one to two, one egg or one apple

Lunch: fried spinach, a small bowl of rice, shrimp fried bitter gourd

Dinner: an apple, a cup of yogurt

Source: Women Health

4 Must know the weight loss common sense

Sports weight loss is a science, but many people are not too much understanding of the skills of sports slimming, will only see others after using the results of weight-loss, only blindly follow, in fact, understand the basic knowledge of sports weight loss, often than you blind Try to help your weight loss business, the following describes the four common sense of weight loss, hurry to learn.

Common sense 1, exercise 30 minutes is more better than exercise 60 minutes to lose weight

According to the Danish scholar’s research, exercise 30 minutes after the reduction of weight in fact more than 60 minutes of exercise, so you want to lose weight friends really as long as the amount of exercise can be, do not let their own crazy after the opportunity to find fun eating.

The study shows that for normal work people who need to sit still, without changing the eating habits, do not change the working environment, the regular 30-minute exercise, but by weight less than 60 minutes of exercise.

Subjects were divided into three groups, the group did not exercise after 13 weeks, the weight did not change.

60 minutes a day to move the group, although the average weight of 2.27 kg less, but this result is we know the heat weight formula is not the same. In theory, each consumption of 7700 kcal can be less than one kilogram, but this group, although the consumption of calories by exercise, but the efficiency of weight loss is only 80%. Worse, because of the daily movement of 1 hour, so these people are exhausted, if you can, they absolutely do not want to exercise.

But the daily movement of 30 minutes of the group, each person consumes 3.18 kg, compared with our well-known formula, the efficiency of weight loss to 180%! very useful. Plus 30 minutes a day exercise is not difficult, but they can continue to exercise. Also prefer to take the stairs, walk, and more engaged in some small sports.

The biggest difference between the two is that the small exercise consumes some calories, but the body does not feel that the heat is removed, so our brains will not order us to fill it back, and the body increases the muscles, but also promote more metabolism. But after a lot of heat consumption, such as running for an hour, swimming for a child, we usually let ourselves eat more calories to catch back, that is, the so-called ‘compensatory effect’.

Common sense 2, weight loss exercise faster than slow, intermittent intensive exercise can reduce the bucket waist

Many people rely on diet to lose weight after the results are not good, will start to want to jog, but jogging weight loss efficiency? The study found that sprints, intensive exercise more than the slow movement can increase the amount of muscle, visceral fat is more helpful, and more time, one hour intermittent high-intensity exercise, the equivalent of seven hours of jogging.

As long as three times a week, every 20 minutes, this high-density sprint can quickly lose weight. This movement, for example, sprint on the flywheel 8 seconds after the normal speed of 12 seconds, as long as 20 minutes, it is equivalent to the flywheel at a normal speed ride 40 minutes.

According to the study, male subjects were 3 times a week, 20 minutes each time, after 3 consecutive months, the trunk and thigh muscles increased by 1.2 kg, and reduced by 17% visceral fat.

The study found that this rapid high-density exercise allows the body to release adrenaline (catecholamines), so that the body can quickly burn offal and abdominal fat for muscle movement.

Common sense 3, fasting exercise can lose weight

According to the British study, fasting exercise to lose weight far more than after the meal.

The study found that before the exercise in the exercise, not only can burn more calories, but also can reduce the blood more fat, the greater the help of the body.

Researchers invite people who are usually not exercised and obese to participate in the study, mainly comparing the breakfast but not the movement of people (that is, you), before breakfast, there are three kinds of exercise after breakfast, calorie consumption comparison.

The movement is very simple, just brisk walking for 60 minutes. The study found that people who move after breakfast, more than no movement of people, will consume 216 kcal, but before the exercise of people, you can consume 298 kcal, the effect is very poor. If you go 100 days a year, just breakfast before breakfast after the different exercise habits, weight can be worse than one kilogram! Do not do more exercise can be less than one kilogram, weight loss notebook readers must know how to better.

Tips: people with low blood sugar history is not suitable for fasting exercise. In addition, the state of extreme hunger is not suitable for exercise, will increase the loss of muscle.

Common sense 4, do not deliberately lose weight movement, take the bus with the MRT is also a way to lose weight

We all know that if you want to maintain a good body, the best exercise 3 days a week, 30 minutes a day exercise. Or, it is not bad to walk every day. Many people also deliberately engaged in weight loss exercise, run the gym every day it

According to the Canadian study, if the public transport system, such as bus and MRT, can achieve a similar effect, or, than the average person closer to such a standard, do not have to go to the gym, do not run marathon.

The study shows that people who travel on the mass transit system commute three times more likely to meet the daily exercise standards recommended by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Association than those who do not.

As the public transport system needs to walk to the station, walk the car, walk to the workplace, so many people from the home to the station, the station went to the company, from the station to the station or in the MRT subway station , Work trip, get off work trip, unwittingly walked 30 minutes a day, and a week to go 5 days.

As for driving people, the average is the least likely to reach the minimum recommended exercise standard. Researchers said that before humans have had many opportunities to move and take the activities of the body, but now the daily life can walk less and less opportunities. In fact, there is no big reason to lose weight, as long as living with the same as the ancient people, basically not fat, do not have to find what diet recipes.

If the metropolis can expand the public transport network more, in the long run can also promote health, better protect our environmental resources, energy saving. If you usually go downstairs in the office can also take the stairs, so the amount of exercise is absolutely enough, do not worry about fatty liver.

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8 Methods No Need Go To GYM Also Have Flat Belly

Lead: Seeing little belly fat piled more but no time to exercise? It does not matter, the popular weight loss programs from around the world “The Biggest Loser” fitness trainer Kim Lyons, as well as well-known MD Judith Reichman, and many experts taught us some simple methods, as long as a lot of attention in their daily lives, even if not the gym It allows you to have a flat belly.

8 Methods No Need Go To GYM Also Have Flat Belly

Always tighten your lower abdomen
Kim Lyons said: “The time to tighten your stomach can not only change visually stature, and in the process, your muscles are tight, help burn more calories,” she further explained: “In particular, at dinner, if you need to sit down to work immediately, and often do, tighten the abdomen because the food can also prevent gravity caused prominent belly. ”

Try to add some more water
Water shortages will lead to metabolic disorders. Kim Lyons coach told us, when dry, the body will have more than four pounds of metabolic garbage retention, so if you want to lose weight, or to maintain a flat abdomen, and that requires at least a day to drink more than 60 ounces of water or other low-calorie liquid Drink.

Extend your chewing time
“If you eat too fast, you eat at the same time in a lot of air into the stomach will also increase the risk of pregnant,” Professor Judith Reichman said: “Eating too fast will increase the burden of gastroenteritis, leading to not digest . ” So he suggested that in order to build and health reasons, at least to chew each bite at least 10-12.

Adequate intake of probiotics
Professor Judith Reichman and nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden believe that many of abdominal obesity-related health problems are related to the gut, so they recommend probiotics to maintain intestinal function and fight the abdominal obesity. Dr. Jonny Bowden recommends: “Every day should drink at least a cup of yogurt, or be ingested through nutrition tablets 50 mg or more of probiotics, such as bifidobacteria.”

Runaway program execution
If you do not have time to go to the gym, then the usual 30 minutes a day out of time to execute runaway program, Kim Lyons coach, said: “Wild also has a good weight loss, it can help you fight the waist and abdominal fat.”

Throw chewing gum
American College of Gastroenterology, a study showed that chewing gum does not suppress hunger, on the contrary, it will stimulate your appetite and make you swallow more air, so that the abdomen to swell. If you want fresh breath, you can choose some spray or mints.

Supplementary metabolic enhancers
CW Randolph, MD, believes, add some metabolic enhancers helps to maintain a flat stomach, he said: “Two of glucose, calcium, vitamin B are very good metabolism-boosting substances, which can inhibit fat accumulation, so that kept flat belly” .

Keep yourself relaxed mood
Professor Judith Reichman tells us: “When you’re tired, depressed, when depressed, your body will produce a lot of cortisol, when the body due to stress response, large accumulation of fat around the abdominal organs to protect the organs.” In short, if a long time in negative emotions, abdominal obesity is also very easy to find the door.

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5 Strokes Keep Slimming Body

Obese people hope to be able to lean into a lightning fast, although dieting to lose weight can make you lose weight fast, but it is easy to rebound, you have to know how to maintain it will not regain weight, below we teach you the easiest ways to keep slimming body after diet lose weight successly.

1. Chew more times when eating
In addition to the activation of the brain to chew effect outside, but also to stimulate the nerve center of satiety. Eating more chewing, even eating can have a sense of satiety. In addition, the multi-chewing can help digestion and prevent constipation.

2. Walk fast
Even if not in a hurry, but also to improve the pace and go faster. Brisk walking can increase body temperature, metabolism, exercise more muscles than when walking. Brisk walking can be a great form of exercise.

3. Occasionally wear tight cloths
Wear clothes a little bit tight, but not too bound body. To do so, a little bit of weight change can detect it, but also to prevent eating more.

4. In front of the mirror every day inspection body
Every morning before work, check your body after bath. This can consciously pay attention to your own body, can subconsciously avoid eating more, and remind yourself to exercise.

5. Not eating two hours before bedtime
Weight loss will definitely pay attention to this point, the same success after weight loss, do not eat something before going to bed two hours. Because the digestive organs are at rest during sleep state. Let rest the digestive organs can help you sleep, not only to maintain the body, as well as beautiful skin effect.

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Three Questions Prone to Weight Loss Process

Article Review: Ladies are in the process of weight loss will occur:  Less significantly reduced with lighter weight, but the body is still significantly less fleshy or less followed the chest become smaller and smaller? So that sort of problems, let’s come to understand in detail under.


Question One: Lighter weight, but the body still feels fleshy

Lighter weight, the body feels loose, so that the girl was called puffs female, the following features are puffs woman, detection about it.
1, easily tired, no matter how sleep but sleeping unsaturated
2, inexplicably sweet tooth
3, often unexplained body aches
4, waist circumference is always difficult to reduce

Question Two: Lighter weight, but the breasts become smaller

1, the first reason is physical problem, due to the impact of the chest structure, resulting in weight loss before breast reduction. We all know that fat and breast is composed of two components of the breast, the proportion of female breasts in each breast and fat is not the same, if the fat content is more, when lose weight it will thin chest.

2, somebody have many flavors, eat relatively salty, and salt intake can cause edema and more, so weight loss is not obvious. Later, cucumber eat every day will lead to extremely reduce the protein, so that will be a lack of blood proteins, water will go inside the organization to run, so thin down naturally.

Question Three: The biggest problem when weight loss, the weight stagnant

1, in weight loss period, weight stagnant for a month or more
2, rarely eat every day, but did not drop weight
3, sustained exercise, weight did not change

The above symptoms, many of which are incorrect method to lose weight when the weight should be decreased in a stepwise manner. The body has its own defense mechanisms, metabolism slows down when a lot of brown fat reduction. At this time is to find a way to speed up the metabolism to spend about stagnation.

Exercise Tips, Lose Weight Big Help

To perform aerobic exercise to burn fat does not rebound quickly, when the campaign of an appropriate increase in tension or watching horror movies, are using sympathetic, sympathetic stimulation will release an adrenaline, epinephrine may accelerate fat burning. Do not go to sports after eat, this will cause indigestion.

Diet before and after exercise, the effect varies greatly. To eat when not completely eliminate fatigue, heat will eat like a muscle transformation. At home and more to stand up, increase the time station. Because the large muscle contraction when standing up, it will speed up the fat burning. Brisk walking is also a good way to select, health warranty.

Beware of five major errors exercise to lose weight

Review: exercise to lose weight by the majority of obese people’s favorite, but this method really work? Many friends firmly believe that sport will be able to lose weight, in fact wrong, and only chose the right way will play effect. Editor today to detail some of the ways to lose weight the errors, you want to lose weight friends up to learn!


Misunderstanding one: the more sweat, the more fat loss

Many people believe that the more sweat, the more fat loss. Experts pointed out that the mere sweat is not an effective weight loss, the amount to increase the number of anaerobic training equipment in order to truly achieve the purpose of weight loss. Experts also suggested that a lot of sweat, the best drink some sports drinks, if you do not replenish proper hydration and nutrition, can easily cause dehydration.

Misunderstanding two: you can practice aerobics body

Many women believe that fitness to practice aerobics can body, but the actual training effect is not satisfactory. In this regard, the experts pointed out that the body should be rational use of equipment do targeted exercises, doing so can change the relative angle of the bone, such as the bust bigger, wider shoulder, hip become warped and so on. If you do not meet training equipment, body shape is difficult to have significantly improved.

Misunderstanding three: enacting strict fitness program

This movement has no effect on weight loss, a strict fitness program is developed to a professional athlete. If you have to plan, you should anticipate that some of the factors that may affect health, such as holidays and working arrangements, and then prepare a set of alternatives. The most important thing is, you can not give up a hampered. You need not miss the one or two fitness classes and feel guilty, we must learn to accept the fact, missed missed, as long as can be even harder tomorrow.

Misunderstanding four: You must adhere to the conventional fitness time

This movement has no effect on weight loss, many people think that we must adhere to regular fitness time, fitness effect will be good. In fact, only a day out of 10-15 minutes to exercise, stick to help strengthen your fitness habits. If you have more fragmented time, such as two or three took 10-15 minutes to exercise, but also help lose excess fat. Study found that, in general, than adhere to a daily fitness routine must attack for 30-45 minutes fitness better.

Misunderstanding five: best time to exercise is early in the morning

This has no effect on weight loss exercise, experts point out that the most beneficial evening workout. Various human activities are governed by the “biological clock ” effect, in general, whether it is the body’s ability to adapt, or physical play, afternoon and late afternoon are the best. And in the morning, exercise, blood pressure and heart rate were significantly higher when compared to the evening, so not the best time to exercise.

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