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Male How to Save The Deteriorating Libido


People still engaged in stone family sex: that men can get anywhere they want. But in fact, as a woman, as a man is being gradually lost their desire for sex. When a man under enormous pressure, such as stress reduction and job income, sex drive will diminish. However, the good news is, we can enhance the desire for sexual activity between men and women by simply changing lifestyle and relationships.

1. Exercise
If you do not develop a regular exercise program, then start now. Regular exercise can make your physical and mental health. When you feel energetic when the show will be full of sexy aspects of interest.

2. Relax
In such a tense materialistic society, many people’s hearts filled with stress and anxiety. This will significantly weaken libido. Take some time to relax and do the things they like, to relieve stress, to restore libido is very critical. With your friends playing basketball or a hearty read a work-related books. Get some mental relaxation may be able to help you recover passion.

3. Sleeping
Everyone needs to sleep, make sure 7-8 hours of sleep per day. If you have problems sleeping, then do love it. Do it to help you fall asleep fast and quiet.

4. Creativity
Boring is a desire to kill. If you feel sex is simply boring, then most likely your partner and you think the same. You can try to do some new things – change a position, a number of toys, another room – gently touching your partner to explore new things and move forward.

5. Sex
Maybe it sounds a bit counterintuitive, but regular sex, even in very challenging times, it has been proved that love can make a more intimate feeling between the sexes.

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How to Get Rid Of Premature Ejaculation Troubles


Distract the attention of sexual stimulation, reduced sexual arousal level to delay the arrival of orgasm. If you want some sex has nothing to do with the number of digits, press firmly with your fingers Guanyuan or perineal urethra, or by gently pulling down the woman’s scrotum and testicles, can reduce sexual excitability to delay ejaculation.

Improve the quality of sexual intercourse before the preparation period, so that the preparation period before sexual intercourse wife reached or nearly reached orgasm. Stimulation during intercourse female sensitive areas can be easy to position, so that his wife earlier to reach orgasm, but also enhance the confidence of their husbands.

Reduce the man-induced stimulation of local ejaculation strength, such as slowing twitch speed, reduced twitch amplitude. You can also use double condoms, or head of the penis and Coronal mucosa coated with 1% tetracaine jelly-like.

With the participation of his wife, so that patients can clearly feel the feeling to be a precursor to ejaculation. Be sure to experience a calm environment down. Stop when you feel there is a precursor to twitch ejaculation, anal sphincter to tighten transfer ideas. When sexual excitement until smooth, then continue to twitch.

Taken to reduce sexual arousal and male fast twitch difficult position, such as the female host, male or lateral stations and so on.

In order to achieve the effect of control ejaculation, you can choose a different time of sexual intercourse, such as nap before the evening or early morning after a moment, after a short break ejaculation sexual intercourse, to be re-erect penis intercourse again the second time, in order to control ejaculation experience and summary experience.

Collaboration couples therapy. There are two methods: one method is intermittent stimulation of the penis, on the theory that “premature ejaculation due to ejaculation desired low stimulation threshold.” Specific approach is to make the woman to stimulate the penis erectile man, when about to ejaculate, immediately stop stimulation until the exciting climax subside. Re-stimulation of the penis to make it erect again, will then stop when you want to stimulate ejaculation. This is repeated three to four times longer to ejaculate. Much practice to make a lot of male sexual stimulation tolerance to control ejaculation.

Squeeze method: To take advantage of men masturbate to ejaculation, the woman put the thumb on the penis frenulum Ministry, index finger, middle finger on the dorsal penile Coronal section squeeze four seconds, then relax, to ease the sense of urgency to ejaculate. This repeated several times, after the man’s self-confidence built up, and then moved to sexual intercourse when using this method. Man supine position, the woman take the position, the woman put the penis into the vagina before ejaculation, the penis to exit the vagina, penis as France squeeze 4 seconds, re-female superior sexual intercourse, when you want to ejaculate, and then withdrawn as France squeeze. Repeated several times before ejaculation. This method can be used to train the ability of man to control ejaculation.

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Symptoms Of Premature Ejaculation Also Have True And False

Symptoms Of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the man most taboo sexual dysfunction, and the disease was widespread in men. Premature ejaculation is a sexual performance in general that is the beginning of ejaculation, sexual intercourse before ejaculation, or even a normal sex life. Statistics show that China has about 25% -35% of men suffer from varying degrees of premature ejaculation. However, premature ejaculation, also took part in the original “true”, the majority of male friends not real ones trying everything.

From time to determine whether the performance of premature ejaculation

Observe whether there is premature ejaculation performance, the key is to maintain the best time to observe sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation clinically generally divided into mild, moderate and severe. If sexual intercourse is not more than 3 minutes, or more than 50% of sexual activity can not allow the woman to achieve orgasm, premature ejaculation belongs mild; when the penis into the female private parts, less than 15 times the continuous twitching or not more than one minute they ejaculate, are moderately premature ejaculation ; penile erection if not already ejaculation into the female private parts, or enter twitch will not ejaculate, it belongs to severe premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation performance is not necessarily “true”

Premature ejaculation performance is very obvious, the patient can generally be judged. But precisely because of this, leading to a lot of male friends too nervous. Premature ejaculation actually took part in “true” is not quick ejaculation, sexual intercourse with a short time to really “premature ejaculation.” Due to psychological, environmental and other factors, premature ejaculation is normal between accidental phenomenon, male friends should not be plunged into negative emotions, so that turned out to be false premature ejaculation premature ejaculation will become true.

False premature ejaculation generally have these types of performance: as fatigue prone to premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse; first sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation often appear when the wedding or reunion; men are basically the first contact of premature ejaculation; spirit too tight or too much excitement appears premature ejaculation. However, if the exclusion of the above factors, over a period of time is still ongoing circumstances beyond our control ejaculation occurs, there may be lesions, this true premature ejaculation should be treated promptly.

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