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7 Male And Female Orgasm Tips


In sexual life, men and women together to achieve orgasm called the most perfect sex, but very few couples have this experience. Want mutual orgasm, you need to learn some sex tips, but also ready for anything at the House of Love, is not affected by foreign objects.

Let his wife natural sexual arousal
Told his wife, “This sex to you as the center!” So she just lie down and enjoy. To caress, kiss, massage and other actions, so that his wife happy while enjoying the natural sexual arousal, can effectively reduce the “high tide difference.” Husband doing these intimate actions, they can block the wife with a towel or goggles eyes, or let his wife close your eyes.

Intermittent sex
During sexual intercourse, relax muscles, slowing Choucha action. Meanwhile, breathe, be breath, breath action, and then slow down expiratory time, so attention from the genitals to the body. If the impulse is still fierce, might change their position or take intermittent love France, near the climax, stop the penis twitch, wait before continuing.

Caressing your wife’s body
Sexual intercourse, the man of action is crucial auxiliary touching, touching not only the female sex organs, but including systemic touching, especially touching or kissing the breasts, nipples, back, inner thighs and other sensitive areas. Do not ignore this step in the process of sex, do not let your hands be idle, appropriate gentle caress give her great pleasure!

Find new method to try sex
If the long-term repeat the same place, the same way sex, then both sides will be on the sex life is not the freshness and passion, and want sex more perfect harmony, you can continue to try new methods bathing in love. For example say tired in bed, you can choose in the bathroom or kitchen House of Love, will bring unusual sexual experience.

Threw himself into sex
When the House of Love, not only to pay attention to skills, psychological feelings of both sides is very important, if at the time of the House of Love, it is difficult to dedicate myself, it will greatly affect the sexual experience, women more difficult to achieve orgasm. Therefore, during sex couples should throw off any burden, breaking any taboos, and enjoy the music of sex.

Help your husband slow down
As far as possible to avoid premature contact with his genitals. Under no circumstances fondle his private parts to try in different ways to make him moan of pleasure. For example, to stimulate his nipples, nibble his neck, giving him a full body massage and so on. This process can simultaneously stimulate both desire.

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Comparable To Viagra 5 Kinds Of Food Improve Sexual Performance


1. Oysters —– spermatogenesis great food
Oysters contain large amounts of glycogen can improve liver function, fatigue, enhance physical strength. In the oysters contained taurine can promote bile secretion, excluding accumulation of neutral fat in the liver and improve liver detoxification. Also contains DHA, EPA also strong brain, brain effect. In addition, the body contains a large number of manufacturing oyster sperm indispensable arginine, and zinc. Arginine is the main component of sperm production, zinc promote the secretion of hormones. In particular, note that man ejaculate will lose 1 ~ 2mg of zinc, if zinc deficiency, will reduce the number of sperm, sexual function will drop. In addition, selenium also manufacture sperm are essential trace elements. Also decreased sexual function, impotence, prostate enlargement, genital hypoplasia and other male diseases, and in many cases are caused due to lack of zinc. Oyster is the best natural supplement these nutrients food.

2. Garlic —– natural viagra
Many modern life is not the law, eat high blood cholesterol levels increase fat food, the other sweet drinks flooding, to some extent also in patients with erectile dysfunction increasing number of reasons; the control erectile dysfunction one way is to increase nitric oxide in the body content. Increase blood flow, reduce blood cholesterol levels can promote health, and Viagra have this role. Garlic just to increase nitric oxide production, can also help regulate blood lipid levels, lower cholesterol, restore health.

Dr. Allen and nutrition expert Dr. Carly Nat University of Sheffield has done for the treatment of erectile dysfunction study on garlic, they increased in seven have erectile dysfunction and men are dieting daily diet garlic. Three weeks after the experiment and found that four men had improvement in erectile function, a man has a morning erection phenomenon, this is his first time in years.

3. Tomatoes —– prostate umbrella
There are a large number of studies have shown that a tomato is to prevent and reduce men suffering from prostate disease the best food, because tomatoes contain lycopene metabolites can remove the cells, so that the body antioxidant capacity enhanced to promote prostate cancer cell volume reduced, and inhibit metastasis of tumor cell proliferation. There are also some studies show that eating tomatoes can often improve sperm concentration and vitality, of course, sperm quality is not the same as “impotence” and thus that eating tomatoes can “impotence.”

But tomatoes on the prevention of prostate disease is indisputable. Men may wish to skip a meal every day, tomatoes, preferably cooked food. Because lycopene is fat-soluble substances, cooked food is more easily absorbed, while at the dinner table is also not ignore the tomato sauce, especially the Xinjiang Production and tomato sauce, which is even higher lycopene content than tomatoes.

4. Leeks —– male enhancement
Chives are rich in vitamin C, carotene and rich in trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, etc., leeks can Warming tonic, qi and blood, loose silt detoxification, to reconcile the internal organs. Leek is not only a common vegetable, but also has medicinal value, for example, can reduce cholesterol, relieve constipation, prevent obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Chinese say chives Warming liver and kidney, yang Gujing role is also very prominent, so the pharmacopoeia of “grass from the sun,” said.

5. Medlar —- cheapest fruit viagra
Increasing the pressures of modern life and the deterioration of the urban environment, so many men getting tired, and eat wolfberry is very suitable for fatigue. Chinese medicine believes that wolfberry sweet peace, can nourish the liver and kidney, smart head and nourishing. Modern medicine has proved that wolfberry can lower cholesterol, excited brain, enhance immune function, anti-aging and beauty to human health play a very useful role.

Moreover, the Chinese wolfberry has quietly entered the foreign supermarket, originally of ignorant Westerners gradually learned wolfberry, wolfberry vitamin C content than oranges, β- carotene content than carrots, iron content than steak also high. More attractive is that wolfberry played impotence feature allows Westerners overjoyed, so shrewd British businessmen will simply wolfberry called “fruit Viagra”, known as the cheapest excellent health care products.

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Male How to Save The Deteriorating Libido


People still engaged in stone family sex: that men can get anywhere they want. But in fact, as a woman, as a man is being gradually lost their desire for sex. When a man under enormous pressure, such as stress reduction and job income, sex drive will diminish. However, the good news is, we can enhance the desire for sexual activity between men and women by simply changing lifestyle and relationships.

1. Exercise
If you do not develop a regular exercise program, then start now. Regular exercise can make your physical and mental health. When you feel energetic when the show will be full of sexy aspects of interest.

2. Relax
In such a tense materialistic society, many people’s hearts filled with stress and anxiety. This will significantly weaken libido. Take some time to relax and do the things they like, to relieve stress, to restore libido is very critical. With your friends playing basketball or a hearty read a work-related books. Get some mental relaxation may be able to help you recover passion.

3. Sleeping
Everyone needs to sleep, make sure 7-8 hours of sleep per day. If you have problems sleeping, then do love it. Do it to help you fall asleep fast and quiet.

4. Creativity
Boring is a desire to kill. If you feel sex is simply boring, then most likely your partner and you think the same. You can try to do some new things – change a position, a number of toys, another room – gently touching your partner to explore new things and move forward.

5. Sex
Maybe it sounds a bit counterintuitive, but regular sex, even in very challenging times, it has been proved that love can make a more intimate feeling between the sexes.

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Sexual Relations With Woman’s Hormones Strength


Women secretion of pituitary gonadotropins, you can adjust the level of constitutive secretion of ovarian estrogen, progesterone and other sex hormones on female sexual activity plays a decisive role. For example, women before and after the menstrual period, due to the decline in sex hormone levels, reduced libido relatively weak. Again, women into old age, because the ovaries gradually atrophy, decreased sex hormone levels, can cause sexual apathy. When these older women sex hormone supplements, can they restore requirements. These can prove: sex hormones closely associated with sexual desire.

Although closely related to sex hormone levels and libido, but also by the strength of libido central regulation and control. Nature center is affected by human consciousness, mental status, social factors, environmental conditions and other aspects.

For example, some of the women on pregnancy, abortion out of fear, usually sexual desire is not strong, especially those using the rhythm. It is strange that these women before and after the menstrual period, although low sex hormone levels, but instead appear libido enhancement. This fully proves that people’s mental state and awareness of the sexual center also has a huge impact.

So, how to get the woman to maintain good sexual desire it? The key point, both spouses should maintain a harmonious sex life. In sexual activity, to eliminate all outside interference, the man to strengthen induction of woman, the woman’s touch sensitive areas, such as the clitoris, breasts, etc., in order to stimulate the woman’s desire for sexual intercourse, and prompted the woman to enter the orgasm. At the same time, the man’s orgasm is best to synchronize with the woman, so that mutual immersed in warm incomparable among sex.

After the end of sexual intercourse, the man continued to caress the woman take longer allow the woman to fully enjoy sexual euphoria. Otherwise, only to meet the physiological sexual desire in men, and the woman never felt sexual pleasure, over time, will inevitably lead to female sexuality recession, resulting in unpredictable results, and even affect family harmony, thereby causing the couple divorced is also not uncommon.

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How to Increase Sexual Desire Between Husband and Wife


1. Understand when to put out sexual fantasies
In sex life, exchanges between husband and wife is very important, you can try to let each other know the needs of their own hearts, to tell each other either directly or with a note written down, you can make your sex life more harmonious and beautiful. Of course, you can also described sexual fantasies in a book, find out what you want to put on the scene, and then tell each other. Or before sex, two people together watching an adult film, they are an effective way to promote sexual communication.

2. Provoking emotional sex
Sex should be a mutual desire of the couple, then how can stir up emotions of sex, so sex is more ripe for it? This requires that you must learn to create an atmosphere of fervent expectation, such as women can wear a sexy silk Dress in the shower, or ask him for you to bust buckle it back before you leave in their hands, so that the hair hanging thereon. To know these small details can evoke each other’s sexuality, make sex are much more enthusiastic.

3. Digging ignored sexual opportunity
Perhaps you are already an old married couple, because of the life and work of making himself a lot of time have been accounted for, communication between husband and wife is also becoming less and less sex only occasionally once before going to bed. So how can we fully appropriate use of time, dig out the neglected sex chance? Even if you only have ten minutes of time you can use, or you can try to bring a rapid sexual stimulation, whether in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, as long as two exclusive secret feeling, presumably must also become abnormal sweet memories.

4. Try new ways of sex
Between husband and wife is afraid of boring walking program type of sex, the sexual life presumably nobody likes, so sex and love should be like the need freshness. Occasionally you can try some new ways to give each other some never had a surprise and feelings. For example, in one night to go to bed with sex encyclopedia, and then read in conjunction with her ​​husband, trying new sexual techniques together, as long as the courage to try, you will find that there will be a windfall.

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How Long For Male Erection Last Time Considered Normal


Male sexual response process, from sexual arousal, penile erection congestion, climax, sexual tension buildup to ejaculation, and then return to a calm state of such a complex, continuous and complete physiological processes. Male sexual function, erectile function is the most important, in a full sexual life, erection time can also be understood as a time of ejaculation, sexual medicine experts through random sampling survey of 650 men ejaculation time within the vagina the results showed that: Most people (70%) within seven minutes, and only about 1/4 of people can more than 10 minutes.

Many artificial erection time is short, quick ejaculation and sorrow, this is indeed a real problem. So, has entered the vagina and began to twitch who, exactly how long should insist on is the “macho” standard? I really like the people said, erection longer on the “more fierce” do?

In fact, this kind of mistake solution, not only because of prolonged erection prostate and perineum prolonged congestion cause local discomfort, but also lead to prostatitis, erectile function even harm; on the other hand, the couple’s sex life is a thing, If the companion suited for long erection time, the passage of time may lead to resentment companion, causing sex and so on. So long erection time is substantially more harm than good! In short, Mo to the length of time of “Heroes”!

So, how long the erection is appropriate it? In fact, due to the different individual difference is very large, ranging from 2 minutes to 1 hour. There are clearly defined, if we can, then ejaculation, erectile even if more than one minute of normal time, of course, erection time is not better, in general, the proper erection time should enable both partners to achieve a satisfactory sex life, this time before erection is the best. Once sustained erection more than four hours, in respect of timely treatment to prevent priapism caused irreversible structural damage.

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