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Please note rebound after weight loss

“I lost 10 pounds, YEAH!”
“I rebounded 12 pounds, the tragedy!”
The dialogue above each of the people who lose weight will encounter classic scenes, In fact, almost every one of the weight loser have experienced the powerful weight rebound. Once doctors statistics obese people to participate in a weight loss camp weight loss results, found that more than 90% of successful weight loss eventually bounce back. In other words, the weight loss is not difficult, the hardest part is how to maintain the weight, prevent rebound. What are rebounded risks?

The dangers of rebound:
1. Disrupt the nervous system is relatively stable, lower body immunity.
2. Increase the risk of heart disease, weight fluctuate too much too often, the heart will be difficult to adapt.
3. Rebound to make people lose weight and lose confidence in themselves, that it can not control the focus of life, mood swings.

What is the reason for the rebound? Usually rebound, there are three reasons:
The first one is the wrong way to lose weight, minus the water rather than fat, as long as a stop adding water, the weight will naturally rise again, this phenomenon is most common in taking weight loss products diarrheal crowd. More seriously, not only to lose weight results in vain, will cause great harm to the body, such as electrolyte imbalance.

The second is not to achieve weight loss cycle. The fat is in memory, it will resist changes in the outside world to its development as much as possible to the original form. Some people lose weight initially a little effect, to achieve the purpose of weight loss, stop weight loss, not knowing that this time it is decided to lose weight the success of the critical period. Usually exercise to lose weight is pay attention to the course of treatment, do not reach the required course of treatment, the fat will take the opportunity to rebound, weight loss efforts come to naught. Metabolic cycle is three months, each month has a different purpose of weight loss, the first month is to allow the body to adapt to the needs of the weight loss (some people may not feel too obvious), the second month sprint to lose weight, the third months is to maintain weight loss three months indispensable, can not just leave when it have a little effective.

The third is the most common bad habits. Thought you was a successful weight loss once and for all, overeating, never exercise, the absorbed energy consumption does not go out, how could no longer gain weight?

Once you know clearly why it easy to be rebound after lose weight ,you know how to do to always keep a good shape in the future. Hope our articles can bring you some benefits in keep in shape.

Insist on doing aerobic exercise can effectively lose weight

sports weight loss

The movement is one of the most effective way to lose weight, how to exercise to lose weight? According to experts, the key is to exercise to lose weight is to grasp the physiological load of exercise ways.exercise to lose weight, the principle is to insist on doing aerobic ,exercise at least three times a week.
Exercise to lose weight, first of all to avoid strenuous exercise, strenuous exercise for weight loss invalid and useless, such as barbell, sports a short time, a large amount of exercise, the body’s consumption surge, account for a large proportion of this consumption of sugar and water, apt hungry will not help increase food intake; such movements are not easy to adhere to, exercise heart rate more than a certain number of times, the fatigue people often give up exercise, this course weight loss invalid .
To adhere to effective weight loss aerobic exercise, chronic exercise is aerobic exercise, with a medium strength, rhythm, difficult to interrupt characteristics ,conducive to the consumption of fat for digestion and circulation, like cycling, swimming and other sports, as long as the reach of the medium The intensity of the involvement of a large group of muscles in duration longer than 30 to 45 minutes three points, can effectively lose weight. The experts have warned that, when you are hungry, eat, sleep should not be done before the time of exercise.
According to reports, many young people like the high-intensity, physical activity, a short time sports are generally anaerobic exercise, such as the 100 meters, 200 meter sprint, high jump, weightlifting, horizontal bar and parallel bars are anaerobic movement. Anaerobic exercise, the main function is to exercise the bones, muscles, joints and ligaments, played the role of gluten bone health, although they can enhance muscle and explosive power of the people, but because they can not effectively stimulate the heart, lung function, the fitness effect not as good as aerobic exercise, can not play a healthy weight loss results.

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Aerobic exercise can help weight loss

Summer is the time we think the best season to lose weight, so a lot of the love beauty friends began some extreme way to lose weight but the final harm the body, so which aerobic exercise can help lost fat but no harm with the body ?
What aerobic exercise suit for us and how we should Scientific lose weight?

First: Jump rope

The rope skipping belonging aerobic exercise to lose weight fast and keep practicing rope for 10 minutes, and basically no difference with the consumption of calories jogging for half an hour. Rope skipping is a aerobic exercise that time consuming less but consume more calories, consume eight hundred fifty calories per hour. And long-term adherence the legs will become compact thin.

Second: Swimming

Swimming is the exercise of a systemic way, the addition can be an effective way to lose weight, but also to enhance the human heart and lung function, physical exercise flexibility and strength. Swimming can also cultivate people’s sentiments, temper the will of the people, and maintain a perfect body. Swim 600 cards per hour can consume calories.

Third: Jogging

Jogging is one of the best ways to lose weight movement , in addition to effective weight loss, the body’s blood circulation and cardiopulmonary very favorable. Jogging one hour to consume the body of six hundred and fifty calories. And select the longer distance jogging burn the body heat is greater.

Fourth: Cycling

The benefits of Cycling weight loss is not limited to the time and speed, cycling can not only lose weight, but also allows the body to maintain symmetry. Cycling requires a lot of oxygen supply, such weight loss exercise can enhance the function of the heart. Cycling calories per hour can consume 600 card.
Experts said that in fact, now the best way to lose weight is exercise, appropriate diet control and not blindly dieting or excessive exercise, these are both harmful to our body, so experts recommend the best way to lose weight is the introduction of above four aerobic exercise.

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