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Winter Weight Loss Psychological Support Indispensable

Weight loss is a long-lasting process that requires not only perseverance, but also endurance, especially in the cold winter, the face of a growing number of factors that make us gain weight change, if you can increase the number of their own psychological support, sensible face food, think clearly during meals, get rid of “ate” bad habits, learn as quickly as possible rational meal to achieve weight loss goals.

Eating with 80% full

Enjoy your food slowly, meditate “meet” the word, immediately wash utensils after eating does not have to think about comfort, rather than the sense of satiety. Scientists have discovered that the human brain takes 20 minutes to fully recognize the existence of the body of food. So, if you’ve been feeling very full to eat, you might actually have to eat more than you need 20%.

Pause 30 seconds

In addition to pay attention to your satisfaction, you have to ask yourself: “Why in the end I hungry?” To know a slight feeling of hunger is a good thing, it shows that you need something. But before grabbing potato chips, candy bars or brownies, spend a little time to ask your body and emotions. Your stomach is hungry, or do other things that make you want to eat what?

Before eating snacks to their 30 seconds of pause. If your body is truly hungry, and ask yourself what the best solution would be hungry to eat. Salty, sweet, crisp? Find that best meets your hunger for food, eat your hunger is satisfied. If you choose to eat sweets, then eat two small dessert or two of sugar. Then ask yourself: “I really want to eat it?”

Write it down

You can start to do a food diary, the food we eat every day recorded. Not only do you want to record what to eat, but also to observe the physical and emotional feeling around to eat, and whether you feel when you meet do not eat. Also, the time you eat every day, there is no interference.

Recorded eat can help you find cause excessive eating snacks or meals to those emotional factors. If you recorded in his diary that he did overeat, objectively and ask yourself what the reason is. What things or emotions cause you to eat?

Your diary will tell you the potential pitfalls. Once you know the cause of eating motivation, as well as what you eat when there is the urge, you’ll be prepared when these impulses to attack again.

Undisturbed snacking

Sit down, do not have any interference, concentrate. Whether you choose to eat an apple or a piece of chocolate, to focus on its shape, color and aroma. Then eat slowly, savor the taste of it. When you go back to eating normally environment, to remember this exercise.

This helps to make you slow down the speed, enjoy food, avoid unconscious state in eating too much food. Even if you have no way to put one hundred percent focus on every bite of food, learn to avoid interference is still very important.

Buy things in the market

Now, you have more clearly how much food will make you feel full, which can satisfy the hunger of food, you are not really hungry, and record what you eat and the importance of feeling at the time.

However, any time you can choose a variety of healthy foods is also important. This requires forethought good: something to eat before going to the supermarket, so you are not too hungry, advance arrangements for every meal and healthy snacks, put them in detail to be included in your shopping list.

Remember, if your meal is not balanced, it is recommended to prepare something to eat fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks. Food is to be enjoyed, but not without consideration for the gorge. Respect your right to feel hunger, the right to eat and be satisfied, but you do not eat right brace.

Learn how to make sensible use of psychological helper methods to lose weight eating decisions, and every day you have a new opportunity to make healthy choices, will feel great, until they become your life a regular habit, then not only do you have a healthy, but also has a charming good body!

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Eat Fruits to Lose Weight Fastest in Four Seasons

Eat Fruits to Lose Weight Fastest in Four Seasons1. Tomato
Tomato made almost entirely of water, eat full stomach, calories and low (with 30 calories per 200 grams), used to lose weight more appropriate. However, in addition to vitamin C tomato on no other nutrients, so the best tomato diet are: breakfast lunch with a normal diet and pay attention to nutrition, the average intake of about 600 calories per meal; for dinner with tomato instead. So easy on the daily calories can be maintained at around 1400.

2. Apple
The more painful than death diet dieting has been hailed as the most effective, but very few people can succeed. The method is three days eating only apples, raw food, barbecue, juice, soup learned it, not the number, the case can be reduced by three days 3-5 kg with respect. Note: pay attention to the food compartment on the 7th before 2 times and can not eat more than three days, or at any time will be malnourished, even anorexia. 3 days should eat porridge or vegetables, and other body adapted to be the beginning of a normal diet!

3. Bananas
Bananas contain dietary fiber, can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, poo only softened when it smooth excretion. Dietitians point out that if you eat nothing, only bananas honey dip, low-calorie meals than, naturally slim down. But such rapid weight loss, often because the body has not adapted well. If the long-term lack of nutrients the body needs all kinds of proteins, minerals and other points, and slowly you will notice, mental deterioration, the resistance becomes weak, the body issued a hazard alert police deserve careful prudent.

4. Grapefruit
Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C content, but not too high in sugar, if eating a grapefruit instead of a meal, lower the heat, of course. Lower if other meals also control the heat properly, some time down the naturally thin, just because fasting could not stand acidity, causing stomach pain. Grapefruit due to larger, with some oranges, strawberries class of small volumes of fruit comparison, the heat may not necessarily lower, if you eat a lot of health is not very good.

5. Lemon vinegar
One kind of lemon vinegar, you can lose weight beauty beauty, but also the most nutritious juice with skin better. Lemon durable easy to preserve, rich in vitamin C, can prevent bleeding and swollen gums, and can reduce the chance of dark spots, freckles occur, and some of the whitening effect, lemon peel is also rich in calcium. Lemon and vinegar also has a slimming effect, it would appear, lemon vinegar is indeed able to beautify the skin, but also the kinds of health food, make yourself a drink after dinner little more strength, more beautiful Yo Tiao. However, the acidity of lemon and vinegar have a high fasting would be Shang Wei drink too much, try not careful.

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Right Weight Loss Methods Let You Fast Slim

Right Weight Loss Methods Let You Fast Slim

The slogan shouting after weight loss has been non-stop, but still a lot of people have tried many ways still not thin down. How can a healthy weight in the end it? Then you have to come to know the correct way to lose weight, allowing you to quickly restore slim.

What to eat food so that we do not likely to be obese

Many people think that eating high-fat foods most likely to be obese. In fact, weight loss is not the main control fatty foods. Eat fat on the body is not long fat. Really let the body grow fat carbohydrates, that is sugar. While the fat in the unsaturated fatty acid is an essential nutrient required for everyday body. So, want to lose weight really should lose the sugar products rather than completely fat intake.

Research shows that the human intake of fruits in addition to just outside the natural sugars, not just other sugar intake, then three months later people can lose 3 to 6 kg of body weight.

Will be able to lose weight successfully resist hunger

Weight loss is to make the body feel a sense of satiety, thereby greasy food produced naturally resist the desire, rather than relying on willpower to stay away from the food. When you use willpower to control their desire for food when the body will reflect the desire for food intake stronger. When the desire to reach the limits of superposition, people will break through willpower becomes overeating.

You can lose weight without eating after exercise

After the end of the exercise, the body is the best time to absorb nutrients. Various functional organs of the body after a long period of calories consumed urgent need to replenish adequate nutrition. Only at this time, replenish the nutrients the body needs, it will not cause harm to the body. In addition, more importantly, after exercise the body’s metabolic rate is very high. At this time, calories can be quickly converted to heat the body needs, thereby greatly reducing the probability into fat. On the contrary, after the end of the exercise period of time, greatly reducing metabolic rate, eat into the food is very easily converted into fat.

Movement will be able to lose weight

Motion may not be able to lose weight. Body weight can come down is that the human intake of calories less calories spending, causing the body needs to burn extra fat to provide energy to take, this is the weight loss in the true sense. Here the problem is related to a calorie intake and expenditure. Calorie intake from food intake, and caloric expenditure, in addition to the basic functions of the body’s organs to maintain energy needs, but also involves the body heat and activities required to perform manual labor, including our talk, walk and exercise .

Soup before eating to lose weight

Select soup diet can play a supporting role in the fasting. Many people like to use the soup to the meal, but it ignores the importance of fasting soup. In a pre-dinner drink a bowl of soup, not only to dilute the acidity of the stomach, can also serve to reduce appetite and increase satiety obesity. In addition, the soup before a meal so that stomach to maximize the absorption of nutrients soup. Those who want to lose weight we must cultivate the habit of soup before meals.

Acid foods can help break down fat

Sour foods to eat when the stomach will give the body a sense of fiery burning. Therefore, many people think that things can sour appetizer digestion, promote greasy food decomposition and increase the body’s metabolism to help lose weight. So, desperately drink vinegar, lemonade, eat grapefruit, oranges and so on. Indeed, sour foods if they do not break down fat enzyme is unable to play a role in the decomposition of fat. In contrast, a high intake of sour food will hurt the intestinal mucosa, causing intestinal dysfunction, but not conducive to weight loss.

Lose weight only to food intake and physical activity related

Weight loss is a comprehensive project, only if all sides to get done properly qualified acceptance. Any one part of a problem can lead to weight loss mission ended in failure. So, how much and the amount of exercise to lose weight problem is not just the size of the food intake, but also about some habits. For example, after a meal because they feel brain fatigue, fell down asleep, sitting and watching television when the total diet including chest bend, etc., these are the bad habits of the accumulation of fat. As long as a correct diet habits, with diet and exercise to achieve weight loss in the true sense.

Frequent meals to lose weight

Frequent meals is a healthy way to lose weight. However, frequent meals does not mean you can just eat. Shaochiduocan true sense refers to limit the intake of meals and between meals to add a small amount of protein containing cellulose or small food to promote the body’s metabolism. Therefore, frequent meals can not be excessive. Shaochiduocan only those provisions in order to lose weight control.

The most important thing is what weight loss

Execution of perseverance. Many people cried almost every day is to lose weight, but the action is in fits and starts network. So even if one week counted down, the total amount of exercise three to four hours it, did not able to achieve weight loss goals. Instead, the body because you “three tender two days of drying fishing nets” behavior caused confusion instruction. The day before, you imply that it is to lose weight, the day after, you also hinted that it wants to rest. Therefore, it becomes disordered, I do not know in the end not to lose weight, thus exacerbating the chaos within the body environment. As a result, nature is even less conducive to weight loss. Therefore, any interruption to lose weight need to restart the calculation from that day onwards. Just stick more than 21 days in order to ensure the formation of an orderly body weight loss process.

The main purpose of weight loss is more beautiful

Proper weight loss diet ideas contribute to the smooth conduct of the task. A lot of people will change the United States as the primary weight loss goals to guide their own successful weight loss. In fact, the main purpose of weight loss the most pressing for their own physical health. Only truly recognize the dangers of obesity on health, in order to desperately want to lose his body fat.

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2 Methods Elimination Of Stubborn Thighs Fat

2 Methods Elimination Of Stubborn Thighs Fat

For more than eight hours a day sitting in front of a computer white-collar workers, the most painful is not just working pressure, but because my legs caused by changes in sedentary – thigh slowly getting thick. In fact, some simple stovepipe movement and even change the posture, can be reached to prevent thicker thighs and disease prevention effects.

First, lack of exercise cause fat accumulation

Lack of exercise, coupled with frequent eating, eating high calorie and salt, making more and more accumulation of fat in the thighs. Its distinctive feature is the entire leg looks baggy, with a two-finger pinch skinfold, you will see the rugged fat particles.

1. In order to maintain good hip line, targeted exercise every day. Stretching is one of the most effective ways to fit thigh.

Arms drooping, a Tuixi squat (or straightened), keep the back straight, the other leg stretched back until parallel with the ground; or in the same location, the other leg straight to the side, until the body 90 degrees angle, every one lap to do 3 sets of 10 times.

2. Lying in bed at night before going to bed, do aerial lift Tuntui riding a bicycle action, 200 the next. Then lay the legs lifted up, hard to open and then close the sides, 3 sets, 10 under each group.

Stovepipe effect: Exercise inner and outer thigh muscles, reduce fat accumulation, maintaining balance and symmetry thigh.

Second, poor blood lead “edema”

Because sedentary or long standing, leading to poor leg circulation, tissue fluid retention and cause edema. Its distinctive feature is the legs look fat deficiency, poor skin elasticity, severe After finger pressed, will leave a temporary depression in the surface of the leg. Many people have this feeling, to get up in the morning when the leg was significantly finer than during the day, but also the truth.

Stovepipe movement: If this is the case you usually would light diet, eat less oil, salt and sugar, sedentary process will elevate the foot and often stand in motion, the symptoms will soon ease. Sitting in the office twelve hours to up and move around, not only conducive to shaping the legs, you can also maintain a slim figure. Have time to remember random pat on the leg and massage, basic formulas is “a pressing, rubbing two, three pinch, four beats.” If the lower extremity edema persistent fever, and should see a doctor.

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