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How to do for premature ejaculation leads to unsatisfactory sexual life?

Impotence and premature ejaculation in the male body is a very common one of the diseases, couples living if there is no good sex life, then this time it is easy to produce some differences, resulting in the relationship between husband and wife have a certain gap, so Said that our men and friends if the impotence of premature ejaculation when the disease must find out the cause of the disease, and then targeted treatment, only the treatment of this disease, we can make our sexual life is normal , This way will maintain the relationship between our husband and wife and the United States, if there is no good sexual relationship, then the husband and wife sex will have some differences.

First of all, we men to find the cause of impotence and premature ejaculation of the etiology of the disease, and then targeted treatment, so as to be able to treat the disease, if we are too high because of mental stress is very likely to cause impotence and premature ejaculation The emergence of the symptoms so that we must change the usual work pressure, the way to effectively alleviate this situation.

General impotence and premature ejaculation This disease is because we men stay up late for a long time, long-term work caused by the accident, we fully aware of the seriousness of the situation, and then targeted changes, this habit will be very good Of the therapeutic effect, so that we should pay attention to this cause.

If we have other diseases when the body, but also cause impotence and premature ejaculation of the disease, such as men often personality, suffering from some of the diseases of prostatitis is also very likely to cause impotence and premature ejaculation of the disease, so that We should put prostatitis, after adequate treatment, may be able to change the quality of our sex life.

No matter what time, we must put the symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation to pay attention to, do not for the work and lose some happy life, if long down, it is easy to cause love for the cold performance of sex, furniture will cause our husband and wife relationship Nervous, so we have to early detection of this symptom early treatment, completely change the symptoms.

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Prevention of premature ejaculation, prolonged sexual intercourse time is also a method, but the extension of sexual intercourse time should also have a degree, too long but will cause the woman excited recession, orgasm damage, attention lax, vaginal dryness, physical fatigue, A long war “will lead to prostate, testicular and spermatic cord over-congestion, so that these parts the next day a sense of bulging, and even induced prostatitis or spermaticitis, orchitis embolism.

Premature ejaculation is inserted into the vagina after the penis, the female has not yet reached orgasm, and men’s sexual intercourse shorter than 5 minutes, early ejaculation and sexual intercourse disorder, premature ejaculation with a general, 30% of men generally have this situation, The problem is small, but the quality of life is not high, can cause impotence and other sexual dysfunction, the consequences are serious, should pay attention to early treatment.

The following are 16 ways to prevent premature ejaculation, for reference only:

1, To strengthen the exchange of ideas and feelings of husband and wife, to eliminate barriers and misunderstanding, to her husband’s premature ejaculation to be understood and actively cooperate with the treatment, will help overcome the bad psychology.

2, Do the same room before the caress, suck kiss, so that the woman first into the excitement and even the platform period, it is easier to meet the requirements of the woman.

3, Change the same room time. People generally arrange sex in the evening, but if you change it to wake up, physical fatigue has been lifted, energetic, chewy cheeky cheeky tone, I believe that the quality of the same room will be improved.

4, Wearing a double condom, can reduce the sensitivity of the penis to extend ejaculation time.

5, Reduce the rate and speed of penis twitch to reduce the sexual stimulation of the penis, while the woman take the initiative to meet the action, as soon as possible to orgasm, in order to both sides satisfied.

6, Man scattered attention to sexual intercourse, such as eyes away from the woman, the penis will be transferred to think about other issues, and even the number, will help delay ejaculation.

7, After receiving behavioral treatment to take female sexual intercourse for some time to relieve her husband’s tension, and increase the adaptability of vaginal stimulation.

8, Ejaculation in an hour after the second sexual intercourse, can significantly delay the ejaculation time, but the man’s penis will have a sense of pain.

9, Husband and wife cooperation, sexual intercourse before the normal mood or not, have a great impact on ejaculation. Emotional and intense, often lead to premature ejaculation. Sexual intercourse action is too large, enhance the intensity of stimulation, often accelerated ejaculation, so the two sides to cooperate. Once there is no ejaculation can not blame each other, complain, but should find out the reasons, together with the treatment.

10, Avoid masturbation, exercise control, is conducive to prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation. It has been advocated in the intercourse after a few hours of premature ejaculation sexual intercourse, the use of the previous sexual intercourse after the suppression of the state to delay ejaculation, treatment of premature ejaculation, but after all, hinder health, not commonly used this method. To carry out appropriate cultural and sports activities, such as listening to music, exercise, adjust the mood, enhance physical fitness, help prevent premature ejaculation.

11, Avoid alcohol and spicy stimulation. Eat more seafood, soy products, fish and shrimp to help Yang fill fine food, enhance physical fitness.

12, Active treatment may cause premature ejaculation of various diseases, to avoid the occurrence of premature ejaculation.

13, Pay attention to premarital sex education and sexual guidance. Master some sexual anatomy and sexual life knowledge, to understand and master the normal method of sexual intercourse and sexual reaction process, should not over-control sexual life, because sexual life is too small, is not conducive to the release of androgen.

14, The couple should correctly learn to master the knowledge of sex, to understand the physiological differences between men and women, to eliminate misunderstanding, the appropriate grasp of the necessary skills in sexual life.

15, Avoid erotic indulgence, over feeling, to overcome the excessive habits of masturbation, so that sexual intercourse, living often.

16, Emotional support, occasional premature ejaculation, the woman should be comfort, understanding, care for the man, gentle and considerate to help the man overcome the fear, tension, guilt psychology, avoid complaining, blame the man.

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Avoid 7 Reasons Make Men Stay Away From Premature Ejaculation


No man of hope and his wife making love, every minute get away with embarrassment. Sex, to the fiery passion, this will take some time to complete, but premature ejaculation, let it all became empty. Men long lasting sex and women can not understand the feeling of harmony will add endless trouble. Why men will suffer from premature ejaculation? What actions will lead to premature ejaculation it?

1. Premarital sex
Some young people have sex before marriage, because of tension, excitement comes and hasty ejaculation, ejaculation is difficult to change the way marriage has been established.

2. The sudden interruption of sexual intercourse
Some people do not want to take the marriage application of condoms and other contraceptives and IUD placement, but with coitus interruptus method of contraception, because both sides are very nervous to concentrate on the withdrawal of the penis coitus, the man likely to cause too tight early ejaculation .

3. Less frequency of sexual intercourse
Some people learn life is stressful because of work, or the couple separated, or spouse a long business trip, did not occur due to prolonged sexual intercourse, sexual require too strong and easy to premature ejaculation. Some people also worry about premature ejaculation, intends to reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse, sexual tension caused by the continuous savings, but increased premature ejaculation.

4. Lack of sex  knowledge
In social interaction and female contacts less, and women together squeamish and shy, some people lack of knowledge of the sexual organs have mystery, easy to tension caused panic premature ejaculation.

5. Marital disharmony
In the women-headed households, due to his wife too much fear, idolize, strong inferiority complex, or harbor latent hostility to his wife, which will occur premature ejaculation. When the husband to his wife unhappy, as much vent libido hastily rapid ejaculation. In addition, sometimes the woman suffering from genital tract inflammation, can cause pain due to sexual intercourse, so the woman demanded an end to sexual intercourse as soon as possible and cause premature ejaculation.

6. Psychological reasons
Some people ejaculate during intercourse see especially heavy, worried sex will harm the body. Excessive worry they cause premature ejaculation, but over-indulgence in the sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation can occur.

7. The cause of organ
Organic causes of premature ejaculation is often accompanied by varying degrees of impotence, such as prostatitis, Seminal, diabetic neuropathy, Fu Jing Yan, urethritis, penile frenulum is too short, premature ejaculation may occur.

And that could lead to some behavior of male premature ejaculation, I hope you are able to get some help, in fact, if we can identify the causes of premature ejaculation, together with medical treatment, attention to gender care. Can effectively improve the problem, so no male friends do not give yourself too much pressure.

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How to Get Rid Of Premature Ejaculation Troubles


Distract the attention of sexual stimulation, reduced sexual arousal level to delay the arrival of orgasm. If you want some sex has nothing to do with the number of digits, press firmly with your fingers Guanyuan or perineal urethra, or by gently pulling down the woman’s scrotum and testicles, can reduce sexual excitability to delay ejaculation.

Improve the quality of sexual intercourse before the preparation period, so that the preparation period before sexual intercourse wife reached or nearly reached orgasm. Stimulation during intercourse female sensitive areas can be easy to position, so that his wife earlier to reach orgasm, but also enhance the confidence of their husbands.

Reduce the man-induced stimulation of local ejaculation strength, such as slowing twitch speed, reduced twitch amplitude. You can also use double condoms, or head of the penis and Coronal mucosa coated with 1% tetracaine jelly-like.

With the participation of his wife, so that patients can clearly feel the feeling to be a precursor to ejaculation. Be sure to experience a calm environment down. Stop when you feel there is a precursor to twitch ejaculation, anal sphincter to tighten transfer ideas. When sexual excitement until smooth, then continue to twitch.

Taken to reduce sexual arousal and male fast twitch difficult position, such as the female host, male or lateral stations and so on.

In order to achieve the effect of control ejaculation, you can choose a different time of sexual intercourse, such as nap before the evening or early morning after a moment, after a short break ejaculation sexual intercourse, to be re-erect penis intercourse again the second time, in order to control ejaculation experience and summary experience.

Collaboration couples therapy. There are two methods: one method is intermittent stimulation of the penis, on the theory that “premature ejaculation due to ejaculation desired low stimulation threshold.” Specific approach is to make the woman to stimulate the penis erectile man, when about to ejaculate, immediately stop stimulation until the exciting climax subside. Re-stimulation of the penis to make it erect again, will then stop when you want to stimulate ejaculation. This is repeated three to four times longer to ejaculate. Much practice to make a lot of male sexual stimulation tolerance to control ejaculation.

Squeeze method: To take advantage of men masturbate to ejaculation, the woman put the thumb on the penis frenulum Ministry, index finger, middle finger on the dorsal penile Coronal section squeeze four seconds, then relax, to ease the sense of urgency to ejaculate. This repeated several times, after the man’s self-confidence built up, and then moved to sexual intercourse when using this method. Man supine position, the woman take the position, the woman put the penis into the vagina before ejaculation, the penis to exit the vagina, penis as France squeeze 4 seconds, re-female superior sexual intercourse, when you want to ejaculate, and then withdrawn as France squeeze. Repeated several times before ejaculation. This method can be used to train the ability of man to control ejaculation.

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Can’t Rely On The Time To Judge Premature Ejaculation

Judge Premature Ejaculation

The proportion of premature ejaculation in men accounted disease is great, mostly due to psychological factors, premature ejaculation is one of the most common male sexual dysfunction symptoms, is also a misunderstanding of the most normal sexual function problems, then how to judge whether it had premature ejaculation? Ejaculation is not a short time can be considered premature ejaculation? It is not.

Ejaculation time is affected by many factors, physical, psychological and environmental. There are more than one year on the stability of life of men, their ejaculation time if less than two minutes, it may be diagnosed as premature ejaculation. However, there are many substantive differences between life and masturbation, which is not a substitute for the former, but also not fully reflect the true male sexuality.

First, sex is the penis and vagina friction stimulation softer lubrication. Masturbation penis stimulation intensity is relatively high, more intense sexual feelings, ejaculation time will naturally be faster than a normal sex life. Foreign experts had normal sexual function for a group of men conducted a survey and found that the group of men during a normal sex life, ejaculation time average of 8.25 minutes; while in the same environment, its masturbation ejaculation time average of only 4.89 minutes. Men do not care to deal with excessive ejaculation time, let it be better.

Second, the impact of male masturbation and sexual psychology different. Sex is sex the normal way both men and women, and masturbation is the personal approach taken for sexual gratification. When a normal sex life, both men and women tend to be more relaxed, natural male ejaculation time longer.

While when masturbating, men just to enjoy the thrill of insufficient attention to the process, and may even deliberately omitted. Plus a lot of people secretly conducted during masturbation and is eager to end, over time will develop the habit of quick ejaculation.

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What’s The Diagnostic Criteria For Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation SDiagnostic criteria for premature ejaculation? We should all know that premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction friends of a disease, the disease second only to impotence, then for what this disease better diagnostic methods in the early days yet, let’s take a look at the relevant presentation bar.

It is understood that more stringent diagnostic criteria for premature ejaculation is whether to get sexual pleasure judged according to a sexual partner, but this sexual life satisfaction or ability to achieve orgasm to judge whether male premature ejaculation is clearly too stringent standards spouse.

This is because the woman’s sexual pleasure but also with access to a variety of other factors, such as the woman’s mood, the man caress, tenderness afterwards, sexual intercourse position and so on. As for the duration of sexual intercourse is also related to age, physical strength, sexual life experiences, sexual position, the penis twitch amplitude, frequency, and is closely related to women’s sexual response.

Even the same person every time intercourse ejaculation speed is not the same, the difference is too big, it will make a lot of men facing a “premature ejaculation” disease embarrassment, there was a study abroad fee sexologist Joseph showed that only 27% of women in less than one minute of intercourse are often able to achieve orgasm.

Now most people are talking about premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation is actually refers to, is not up to such a long time.

Diagnostic criteria for premature ejaculation? After the above description, I believe you on this issue has a certain understanding of it, oh, I hope the above content can give you some help, if you suffer from premature ejaculation, must be timely to go to a regular hospital treatment, I would like to remember not to abuse the use of drugs.

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