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Prostate Disease is Not Terrible, Can Prevent, Treat, Stay Away

The prostate is a man’s unique organ, it has very close relationship with the health of a man’s life, but from time to time, it gave man “little trouble.” Prostate diseases including prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer, a common disease of older men in particular.

Prostate disease diagnosis, do not fall into cognitive errors

Awareness about the prevalence of prostate disease some errors. Some people would think, “enlarged prostate and prostatitis are age-related diseases.”

In most people the impression that only middle-aged men will suffer from prostatitis, in the past many years, true, but with the development of society, changing people’s habits, the incidence of prostatitis are dropping.

Prostatic hypertrophy is more common in middle-aged, and prostatitis is more common in young adults. These two concepts we must distinguish. Often encounter some seniors to doctor said he was suffering from prostatitis, in fact, he had a benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Prostatic hyperplasia, also called benign prostatic hypertrophy. We must first define a concept: First, it is a common disease in older men; secondly, through the intervention can eliminate symptoms, prevent prostate continues to increase, and even partially reversed, shrink the prostate, it has a good effect , we do not think like not suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia; third, if there are symptoms, people not treated in time, it will cause serious consequences.

In addition, it is worth attention is that prostatitis become a disease to be grossly exaggerated. Avalanche of false advertising allowed incarnation “the most formidable male disease,” so a lot of male friends daunting. In fact, prostatitis is not so terrible, proper treatment can cure, not a lifelong refractory lethal disease, so to relieve unnecessary psychological burden.

Drink plenty of water to prevent prostate disease

Do not let the odds of prostate obediently, drink plenty of water is very important. Under Droughts climate, people are insufficient water intake, body moisture reduction, less urination, urinary tract are not normal washing, easy retrograde urinary tract infections, but also make the chances greatly increase the incidence of prostate.

In order so that we can learn more about the disease of prostatitis, Here we introduce prevention of prostate disease, “Trilogy.”

1. Don’t hold back the urine:

In voiding the bladder wall when the urethral sphincter muscle and will be coordinated contraction and relaxation, such activities and maintain normal physiological functions of the bladder and the prostate is very beneficial, experts say, holding back urine can cause excessive tension of the prostate capsule increase in the long run will lead to prostate disease.

2. Regularity sex life:

Too frequent sex can cause prostate congestion state in the long-term, but long-term abstinence will appear red reflex glands congestion state, which is also very unfavorable prostate.

3. Drink more water:

An amount sufficient to achieve effective water dilution of urine metabolites, to reduce the harmful substances in the urine to reduce stimulation of the prostate tissue. In general, the normal daily water intake is about 2000 ml or more.

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How to protect the prostate for male in winter?

Core Tip: Since the beginning of winter, many patients with prostate disease began to appear frequent urination, urgency or dysuria and other symptoms, and treatment of prostate disease patients are also increasing. Recently learned from the hospital, with such symptoms in patients with prostate prostate clinic recently increased significantly, accounting for 40% of outpatient urology.

Experts pointed out: prostate disease a serious threat to the health of male friends, and the elderly suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia, winter can easily worsen the condition, severe cases can lead to acute urinary retention, hydronephrosis, uremia-induced life-threatening.

Four percent surge in outpatient prostate in winter

With the advent of winter, showing a high incidence of prostate and its complications trend. Many prostate disease patients returning to urinary frequency, urgency and came to the door, prostate disease clinic patients also soar.

Experts say that winter is the high season of prostate disease, prostate disease outpatient recently increased by 40%, while the ED patients also showed a growing trend. This winter low temperature environment of living, pay attention to the relevant local warmth. According to statistics, 60% of patients with prostate disease in the winter or recurrent exacerbations.

Is likely to urinate frequently prostate “Blame”

Many people think “cold urinate more” is a normal phenomenon, but if urinary frequency, urgency symptoms and may be prostate disease.

Experts explained that the cold weather can irritate the bladder, combined with decreased sweating, urinating more in winter is naturally. The prostate disease in elderly patients recently, especially patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia increases, in addition to being stimulated by the cold outside, and people drinking more than usual, improper diet, there is a certain relationship. For example, in the summer of urology outpatient majority of patients with kidney stones, and in the winter, the prostate is likely to account for half of the patients, which have a certain relationship with the seasonal changes.

Experts also pointed out that cold weather makes the sympathetic nervous excitability increased, so that the occurrence of sensitive prostate gland shrinkage, increased siltation of prostatic fluid.

Therefore, the colder the weather the more men to pay attention to protect the prostate.

How to protect the prostate

Sexual restraint

Frequent sex makes prostate prolonged congestion state that cause or worsen prostate enlargement.

Therefore, especially in relatively strong youth sexual attention sexual restraint, to avoid repeated prostate congestion, to the prostate and the rest of the time to fully recover.

Cleaning the perineum

Male scrotum stretches, secrete sweat more, coupled with poor ventilation genitals, easy to filth, local bacteria often take advantage of. This will lead to prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, male sexual dysfunction. Therefore, adherence is an important part of the prevention of prostatitis.

Note weatherization

While it has entered a warm winter, but sooner or later, the temperature is low, and should therefore attention to warm cold, because the cold can make the enhanced sympathetic activity, leading to increased pressure within the urethra and cause reflux, also due to the contraction of the prostate duct excretion disorders, resulting congestion, repeated or aggravate the symptoms.


Male friends can do self-massage before bedtime, in order to achieve the purpose of health care. Proceed as follows: supine position, left leg straight, left hand on Shenque (navel), the rotation with the middle finger, index finger, ring finger three fingers, three fingers on his right hand and then simultaneously Yin Xue Department will rotate massage, a total of 100 times massage makes the perineum blood circulation, play anti-inflammatory, analgesic and swelling.

Experts advise andrology male friends than preventive maintenance approach should start from the youth began. Also, develop regular, scientific habits in their daily lives. Proper physical exercise in order to transfer the psychological burden of chronic prostatitis, eliminate anxiety, prevent psychotic symptoms. Life to the law, work and rest. Sitting time not too long, to avoid affecting the genital blood circulation; cycling time can not be too long; married life should be the law.

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What measures to prevent prostatitis ?

Prostate disease is a great harm to men, prostatitis is one of them, in order to avoid the occurrence of prostatitis, the best preventive measures need men in their lives, we must first pay attention prostate education, followed by aggressive treatment of prostate disease, and finally, to maintain prostate function.

What measures to prevent prostatitis ?

Primary prevention – Emphasis on prostate education

That is, in the absence of disease population, should vigorously carry out health education, health promotion, to mobilize all sectors of society concerned about men’s health. The attention to male prostate health should begin to raise the majority of men, women awareness of the importance of prostate health. This is a prevention, attention prostate -related knowledge and education. ” Refractory prostate disease, but it can be cured, it is not terrible, terrible is the whole community indifference and ignorance of the potential threat.”

Secondary prevention – Early treatment of prostate disease

After that had prostate disease, should be as early treatment, accurate, thorough treatment, leaving no sequelae, complications. This is secondary prevention, early treatment of prostate disease. Clinical data show that Nankejibing rate of 3 % per year increase, the situation is very grim. Nankejibing to the patients themselves and their families, the pain and the damage is heavy, the consequent negative impact on society is enormous. Nankejibing has become one of today’s society, ” pollution “, the urgent need for concern of the whole society. The male prostate disease has also been recognized as the number one killer of men’s health.

Tertiary prevention – Maintaining prostate function

That disease has occurred in the organic changes, and how to maintain its function, such as the degree of hypertrophy of the prostate has Ⅱ, said medication can make it disappear, and as big as normal, that is unrealistic. But it should help to restore the function of urination, do not hold back no resistance, smooth and natural, this is tertiary prevention, maintenance of prostate function.

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How to prevent prostatitis in life ?

Life should be how to prevent prostatitis? Life has been known as the prostate gland is an important male reproductive organs and secretion, impact on people’s lives is huge, so men with prostatitis symptoms, you should pay attention to this disease has been, and as soon as possible to go for treatment, then in life how to prevent prostatitis?

Life should be how to prevent prostatitis ?

1, to avoid alcohol and eating a lot of spicy food

Prostate can cause dilation of blood vessels, edema, or cause prostate lowered immunity, there are a lot of beneficial flora stranger prostate growth and reproduction, and thus induce acute or worsening symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

2, to develop good habits

Master the relevant knowledge of prostate disease. Avoid alcohol and over eating spicy foods. Avoid prolonged sedentary or cycling. Note that local warmth. Enhance the body ‘s immunity and disease resistance.

3, regular sex life

Regular sex life, periodic discharge of prostatic fluid can ease prostate swell sense to promote prostate update helps prostate function normally, excessive sex life easy prostate excessive congestion, thus induced.

4, suffering from phimosis or redundant prepuce patients

Suffering from phimosis foreskin to active treatment, because phimosis or redundant prepuce is very easy to breed bacteria in the foreskin cavity, if hygiene do not, can easily lead to urethritis, and thus also may cause prostatitis. So there is phimosis or redundant prepuce should be noted that daily cleaning Coronal, if necessary, as soon as possible to do circumcision.