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Four Daily Weight Loss Movement in Office

Four Daily Weight Loss Movement in Office

Constantly thicker waist, stiff spine, which is often sedentary office ladies most prone to health problems, you want to be a healthy office ladies, in the office can be doing the following four actions.

1. Practice good phone etiquette

Do not just talk on the phone when it stood remind yourself that you can put the phone on the desk side mounted overhead, force yourself to call stood. If conditions permit to use their phones to call, so you can go back and forth talking on the phone.

For those terrible conference call, learn to use the extra time: call colleagues, pressed the hands-free, listen to when you can try to do a few squats secretly holding free weights or exercise equipment.

2. Take more time to eat lunch

Went to the snack bar downstairs, which means that you can quickly return to your desk, but you can understand, the extra few minutes walk will play a significant role.

You can go to enjoy a few blocks away newly opened Thai, or bring your lunch to the park within walking distance outside in the sun rather than dine in dull fluorescent lamps.

3. Through the cube boundary

Try not to call or send an e-mail to anyone less than 150 meters away from you people.

There may be around four in the afternoon, they feel a little lonely desk in front to stay, this loneliness suddenly appeared in person to look up, there may be very popular in this company, so you’ll have to leave your office table excuse.

4. Follow the rules of 40 minutes

Some people say you should every one hour in front of your desk stand for a while, but the fact is that every 40 minutes.

We do not recommend that you regularly buy coffee, unless you want your colleagues to you and energetic bunny confused, but fortunately, your office to provide you with a lot of other excuses: the most from your desk far printer prints there, is there a better look at the upstairs toilet, as early as the pre quick salute to pay tribute to the sun …… you can imagine these pictures.

If you so focused, so a few hours later, you still stuck on his chair, then your computer is set an alarm clock. If this does not work, I can not do anything.

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Eat Fruits to Lose Weight Fastest in Four Seasons

Eat Fruits to Lose Weight Fastest in Four Seasons1. Tomato
Tomato made almost entirely of water, eat full stomach, calories and low (with 30 calories per 200 grams), used to lose weight more appropriate. However, in addition to vitamin C tomato on no other nutrients, so the best tomato diet are: breakfast lunch with a normal diet and pay attention to nutrition, the average intake of about 600 calories per meal; for dinner with tomato instead. So easy on the daily calories can be maintained at around 1400.

2. Apple
The more painful than death diet dieting has been hailed as the most effective, but very few people can succeed. The method is three days eating only apples, raw food, barbecue, juice, soup learned it, not the number, the case can be reduced by three days 3-5 kg with respect. Note: pay attention to the food compartment on the 7th before 2 times and can not eat more than three days, or at any time will be malnourished, even anorexia. 3 days should eat porridge or vegetables, and other body adapted to be the beginning of a normal diet!

3. Bananas
Bananas contain dietary fiber, can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, poo only softened when it smooth excretion. Dietitians point out that if you eat nothing, only bananas honey dip, low-calorie meals than, naturally slim down. But such rapid weight loss, often because the body has not adapted well. If the long-term lack of nutrients the body needs all kinds of proteins, minerals and other points, and slowly you will notice, mental deterioration, the resistance becomes weak, the body issued a hazard alert police deserve careful prudent.

4. Grapefruit
Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C content, but not too high in sugar, if eating a grapefruit instead of a meal, lower the heat, of course. Lower if other meals also control the heat properly, some time down the naturally thin, just because fasting could not stand acidity, causing stomach pain. Grapefruit due to larger, with some oranges, strawberries class of small volumes of fruit comparison, the heat may not necessarily lower, if you eat a lot of health is not very good.

5. Lemon vinegar
One kind of lemon vinegar, you can lose weight beauty beauty, but also the most nutritious juice with skin better. Lemon durable easy to preserve, rich in vitamin C, can prevent bleeding and swollen gums, and can reduce the chance of dark spots, freckles occur, and some of the whitening effect, lemon peel is also rich in calcium. Lemon and vinegar also has a slimming effect, it would appear, lemon vinegar is indeed able to beautify the skin, but also the kinds of health food, make yourself a drink after dinner little more strength, more beautiful Yo Tiao. However, the acidity of lemon and vinegar have a high fasting would be Shang Wei drink too much, try not careful.

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Success Weight Loss People Have This Five Features

Success Weight Loss People Have This Five Features

What are the characteristics of successful people who have it to lose weight? Let us with a look!

First, they will find “looking organization”

Lonely boring and difficult to effective weight loss. Successful people lose weight often have to give their cheer and share experiences coterie. According to a thin App statistics, those with 10 or more “minus” Friends, less weight higher than four times to lose weight alone. “American Journal of Medicine” in a research also proved that adding interactive community of people lose weight is much greater success rate than those who lose weight alone.

Second, they have control of food calories

According to lose weight MyFitnessPal application data, records of people three meals a day meals, 88% of successful weight loss. One of the reasons is that we often lose weight easily eat unconsciously. To develop the habit of recording meals, you will be more attention to their diet and calories, easier to recognize their situation, so as to achieve weight loss goals.

Third, they are faithful to the data, and are happy to let others supervise themselves

Weight is the data, so let’s data transparency, in order to control the weight loss program. Determined to lose weight, it will not mean to others to share their true weight and calories daily traffic record. When you put these data on the internet, or with some friends to share, you know you are in the case of being supervised, will be more to restrain himself from dieting perspective.

Fourth, they are diligent fitness

Successful people lose weight, can not be just sitting immobile people. Similarly associations with diet, weight loss success is often a man will join the online fitness community (registered Fitness App), by recording the fitness data and share experiences with others to supervise themselves.

Fifth, they often cook their own food

According to statistics App lose weight, uploaded recipes member, less weight than people who did not share the recipe had 40% more. At home cooking, dishes will be more nutritious, heat will be much lower than outside of fast food. Fast food and packaged foods often contain a large number of industrial sugar and sodium, which are both diet killer. Cooking at home is the best choice for high-protein or high-fiber foods, nutrition I will make you feel fuller.

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7 Weight Loss Methods Fast Reduce Waist Fat One Month

7 Weight Loss Methods Fast Reduce Waist Fat One Month

Many girls obviously slender limbs, but there is an ugly belly, do not dare to wear personal clothing each time, afraid of their own belly exposed in front of everybody. Today to tell you seven thin waist way to let your waist in a month speed reduction 10cm, henceforth no belly bulge troubles.

Enough to drink 8 glasses of water a day, the body must replenish moisture, so that more active gastrointestinal motility, increase basal metabolic rate, the daily defecation work easier. As long as emptying the body of accumulated toxins, your belly will naturally also disappeared.

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and fiber, can speed up the digestion and absorption, promote metabolism, accelerate fat burning abdomen, as well as make it easier to soften poo excreted. Insist on eating fruits and vegetables every day can not only lose weight but also to maintain good health tips.

Do not come home from work every day on the nest on the sofa inside snacking while watching TV, the room tidy, mopping mopping pouring water the flowers. Do not put clothes thrown into the washing machine, try to hand wash, this will increase the amount of exercise, burn more fat, so your fat disappear soon.

Do not slouch when sitting, in order to avoid the accumulation of fat in your abdomen. Keep upright posture, upright, so keep the spine in a straight line, so make abdominal muscles tense.

Sit-ups, but very effective abdomen exercise Oh, not only can lean belly, but also allow more compact Oh Waist fat while also promote gastrointestinal motility, so that the body of waste excreted helps detoxification clear body, so you increasingly thin.

Sitting, legs straight and placed in front of the body, and close to the floor, the foot pointed, toes pointing to the sky. Upper body bent down, arms straight, hands fist and feet close to the foot, head down on the list. Lift the body, arms straight, hands placed on the knees. Straight back, hold tight neck, tighten the abdomen. Insist on doing this yoga every day, the problem is not thin.

Hula hoop can move to the entire waist muscles, let loose fat is more compact and effective exercise can burn some fat.

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Three Weight Loss Mistakes Make You Never Slim Down

Three Weight Loss Mistakes Make You Never Slim Down

Some people lose weight, you eat low-fat foods, eat lots of dietary fiber, completely do not eat sweets. In fact, these are not correct. What things are the same, extremes meet, want to lose weight, lose weight below 3 Mistakes must be avoided.

1. Only eat low-fat foods

Eat low-fat foods sound will slim down, right. Some people even do not eat meat, considered a high calorie meat, do not eat meat will be thin. In fact, oil is the fat eating bad reasons, like a buffet and hot pot, some if not fried bean bag looks not so nice, eat not so fragrant, so stores will be repeated in the bombing. If people eat these after repeated fried foods, the body will produce inflammation, inflammation of fat cells will gain weight, so try not to eat fried things. If you picked the right oil, in fact, not so easy to gain weight.

Fried food if the taste is very crisp on behalf of the less its oil content. Because after the oil forced out, eat up until crisp, if you eat it is because of deep-fried soft skills well, which a lot of oil content. Some sold in convenience stores known as low-calorie foods, is really low in calories, fat and will not eat it?

We should note that this calorie foods may be low, but it may be high in sugar, sodium content may also be high. Buy food should not look at its total number of calories, because the food which might contain something you do not know the material, may affect the metabolism of fat, so fat metabolism is incomplete. In fact, the more natural the more healthy foods, so that if you look to buy food calorie figures are not very accurate.

In addition there is the habit of some people cook their own, to go outside to eat vegetables when’ll get used to the oil, in fact, not so deliberately. As long as we choose the right cooking oil, like those of monounsaturated fatty acid content of more oil may help to better weight loss, such as olive oil deliberately better weight control. If you are over the water each vegetable, it is to say get rid of the oil, then some of the vegetables may contain β-carotene which you will not be able to absorb, and β-carotene can better control our blood sugar, so we are not so easy to accumulate fat. Once the vegetables over the water, the oil can not be absorbed, absorbed β-carotene may also be reduced, in fact, is not necessarily a good thing.

2. Eat plenty of fiber

Some people eat three meals a lot of vegetables and fruits, but still did not lose weight, because many people think that eating lots of vegetables and fruits themselves have eaten a lot of things, but in fact only eat vegetables and fruits, then, satiety is not enough, so will unconsciously eat more things, so inadvertently eating something else to lose weight is the enemy. When weight loss, nutritional balance is a very important point, although dieting can make you lose weight quickly, but you will find that your metabolism power drops, the body will deteriorate. Studies have shown that if calories a day less than 800 cards, particularly prone to heart disease, so the girls have to use the right way to lose weight, try not to use diet approach.

Eat plenty of high fiber foods but it will constipation? How it was! This is because while eating high-fiber foods must match the water. Like apples, eating apples instead of drinking water if the light will lead to constipation problems, if coupled with an apple 500cc of water, it will make your bowel movements relatively smooth. Because the fibers will absorb moisture gut, and this time if the water supplement, fiber also continue to absorb moisture inside the intestine, the results will become very dry hard stool. So, eat fiber foods with a lot of water must be healthy. Weekday breakfast very often we would be brewing cereal with milk, some people eat more oats can cause stomach bloating uncomfortable because there oat β-glucan, it makes some intestinal bacterial fermentation, so eating after flatulence. Market to sell some oat milk, which may have other added substances, drink those words, of course, not your weight go down.

Office workers at noon for lunch and then back to work, to say the use of this short ten minutes to lunch, to add strength, so after eating it stood no chance to let the food digest, so the general fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen will , and in addition to some simple movements such as sit-ups can help us reduce waist fat outside of the waist and abdominal massage is a good way.

On the belly button an inch of water where there is a cave called points; 3 inches under the navel, about 4 refers to the location, there is a Guanyuan; both sides of the navel about 2-3 refers to the location, there are two Tianshu Point . These points you can gently press 3-5 seconds each, clockwise to pressing, rotation, massage. Position in the line has been up by the vest, it will make the lower abdomen with a piece of meat is easier to move forward on the list. Both sides of the waist fat can also try to move aside and let the meat a little tight.

3. Completely do not eat sweets

For weight loss, girls, sweets probably the most can not resist the temptation, when endure to the end, many people will choose to buy some so-called zero-calorie jelly, but eat but still gain weight. And these so-called zero-calorie sugar substitute is actually a snack, but in fact there is not enough sugar substitute satiety. If you really want to eat, you can eat a little bit, to satisfy my own desires. But remember, it is easy to eat too many sweets wrinkle.

Many people like to eat when afternoon tea or breakfast bun, bun is actually mine to lose weight food. Because starch is very delicate bun starch, are high glycemic foods is also very easy to gain weight. Moderate intake of sugar on the skin as well as a source of energy is good, but it must be appropriate.

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Abdominal Breathing Ways: Sedentary Easily Thin Waist

Abdominal breathing sedentary to easily thin waistSedentary office, unwittingly becoming more round the waist fat, how thin waist? Consider the following four thin waist quickly approach it.

Abdominal breathing thin waist

Many Office Lady of normal weight, but was able to tangible lot of abdominal fat, abdominal fat filling for the type of OL, the most reliable method is to lean belly “abdominal breathing.”

As you inhale, the belly bulging, exhale, the belly tightening. Do not underestimate this breathing method, it can help to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promoting the body excrete waste, smooth airflow. Usually remember walking and standing with abdominal breathing, as long as a few weeks, not only will tend to lower abdomen flat, even walking posture will become enchanting up.

Housework thin waist

Suitable Office Lady Type: eat less dynamic type

For only like to eat OL who do not want to move, you want to build good going “hard.” Bulk-called hard is to eat less food, do some heavy housework. Because the already small campaign, we can only work hard on the must do housework. Belong to this type of OL, only need to remember one principle – to avoid light to heavy. For example, do not clean the room when the vacuum cleaner, but clean with a broom and rag; office can also do some “housekeeping”, for example, to go down into the garbage after lunch pack up your desktop. In fact, the movement does not mean going to the gym, kind of OL “readily” sport best suited friends.

Coarse salt thin waist

Suitable for thin waist type

Have to say, some Office Lady belongs to the kind of very unlucky born large waist type. So for muscle hypertrophy OL speaking, abdominal long-term “snacks” is the best way to lean belly. You can go to the supermarket to buy several bags of coarse salt on standby at home, every shower before removing a cup of hot water with a little coarse salt, stir into a paste and then painted in the abdomen. About 10 minutes after the massage with warm water to wash away. Before each use coarse salt massage bath insisted that even hard to get abs, there will be punch and change. Need to be reminded that, if relatively sensitive skin, choose a dedicated “allergy bath salts.”

Thin waist chair exercise

Suitable Office Lady Type: sedentary hoard meat type

Specific rules: Office Lady little movement in their daily lives to the abdominal muscles, plus the long-term sitting in the office, abdominal fat is not unsolicited up. Faced with this situation, every day before going to bed to do some downsizing exercise chair is very necessary. First of all, lying on the floor, feet resting on a chair, thighs at a right angle with the ground. Right behind us, left sideways straight. The upper body and then gradually rose, reaching a 30 degree angle with the floor, while the upper body leaning forward when the right elbow to left knee twisted. This action each 15 times, three groups insist on doing every day, you can see the effect within two weeks.

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