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8 Tips Make Sex Life More Passion

When talking about sex life, every couple is not strange, but it comes to the quality of sex, presumably most people fall into thinking, how their quality sex like? Or simply do not consider the quality of sexual problems during sex, just very bland complete this wonderful moment. In this case certainly I did not realize what is sexual ecstasy, improve the quality of sex, what’s the method?

Man undoing woman's bra

Man undoing woman’s bra

1, Couple bathing together

Couples activities help draw closer together, to enhance the feelings, but also increase sexual interest. We have more vacation time, you can bet play games together, sharing food, but also a common bath, body wash for each other, appreciate each other, play, increase sexual passion.

2, The temptation sexy lingerie

Do not think those expensive lingerie flashy, they really make the man for this madness. Especially underwear with lace and tulle, can increase the sense of mystery and anticipation. And all ripe, skin contact with the two sides, power and excitement will be more intense. Sex Tips is said joint efforts of both spouses, but sex is not sex toys with less, not more sex less satisfying, so proper use some Durex Huan Jue M dual-drive dual shock appeal massage, containing the dual-motor drive, a unique dual quake, streamline symmetrical shape, rhythm sexy beat.

3, Timely attentive more passion

If you are already familiar with each other, for sex has nothing secret, try a sudden change about style. I think back to how you are blushing accept his affectionate request, that you will make him shy sex drive Daihatsu. Men can tap asked if she could watch pornographic movies together embracing.

4, Self preheat more passion

And winter cars, women in the sex also need to warm up. If, before the candlelight, music and wine dinner, a woman had been excited, then the easier the process of sex multiple orgasm. Skin contact with her husband before, “savings” of sexual energy, the more likely a woman to achieve orgasm. Women self-caressing is the best way to warm-up, in addition, read erotic fiction can cause sexual associations.

5, Urge desire foreplay

When my wife asked her husband, “Would it be possible rub your face bare chest? Can I kiss your little nipples? Can you take off your pants?” And other problems, is in fact playing “urge foreplay.” This allows the husband before the show in the “orders” was gradually aroused, thus enhancing its combat effectiveness.

6, Lighted more feeling

“Archives of Sexual Behavior” magazine published a study found that men not only concerned about the visual stimulation during sex, women will also suffer visual stimulation. Before and after sex can lights on, open your eyes, which helps exchanges is observed each other’s reactions. Sex in front of a mirror, or look to the passion of sex films, all help to strengthen bilateral passion.

7, Master power of one sex

Traditionally, couples in love to be equal to each other, but the new concept was proposed, sex power control can be handed over to a spouse, as long as the couple can get satisfaction and pleasure from sex, does not matter who is in power.

8, Erotic kiss the hand

Accept the kiss on the hand is not a privilege of women, men also liked the feeling of being kissed hands. Tongue kiss finger root network region, and then slide up slowly. Like the region as the inner ear, high sensitivity, it can make a man “goose bumps.”

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Sex Love Tips Make Men Long Lasting Erection

Sex Love Tips Make Men Long Lasting Erection

Men of their own sexuality is very valued, but often counterproductive, premature ejaculation has become their most inferior thing, in front of his wife suppressed. In fact, there are many ways to make men more lasting in bed!

Maintain a good attitude of mind
Mood before sexual intercourse is normal or not, have a significant impact on the speed of ejaculation. Emotional and nervous, often leads to premature ejaculation. Hardcore action too much, enhanced stimulation intensity, often accelerated ejaculation, so to bilateral cooperation. Once ejaculation are not mutually blame, blame, and should find out the reasons, together with the treatment.

Appropriate abstinence
Sexual restraint, avoid masturbation, have contributed to the prevention of premature ejaculation. It has been argued that in a few hours after sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation sexual intercourse again, the inhibitory state after first sexual intercourse before use to delay ejaculation, treat premature ejaculation, but actually hinder healthy, not often use this method. Proper sports activities, such as listening to music, exercise, adjusted sentiment, enhance physical fitness, helps to control premature ejaculation.

Prolong sexual intercourse
Prevent premature ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse it is a way to extend the time for sexual intercourse but should also have a degree, but will result in prolonged recession woman excited climax destruction, pay attention to lax, vaginal dryness, physical exhaustion, etc. For men, too much ” War Torn “causes excessive congestion of prostate, testes and spermatic cord, so that these parts appear heavy feeling the next day, and even induce prostatitis or spermatic cord inflammation, orchitis embolism.

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Apply testicles with cold water
Testicular washing with cold water, or with a wet towel wrapped around the entire penis and scrotum, so you can testicular temperature decreases, slowing blood flow, eliminate tension. The man can comfortably do caress of responsibility, until the time when the woman excited, and then move slowly into the reactive state, inhibits premature ejaculation.

It was also with a large glass of ice water sinks, to make organs cool, reduce tensions. An ordinary bath, cold water and warm water can be used repeatedly to stimulate the testicles, can play a role in training the men sexuality. By choosing sexual intercourse can also exercise the ability to control ejaculation. As the early morning wake up after sex change, energetic; the first sleep and then sexual intercourse, to avoid tension; after ejaculation, intercourse that night again, time must be extended; first masturbation ejaculation, sexual intercourse again after the refractory period, to achieve the extension of time effect.

Change the sex life time
It is generally the sex in the evening, but if you change it when you wake up, the body has been lifted tired, energetic, then chewing gum tablets flirting, I believe the same room quality will improve.

Wearing double condoms
May reduce the sensitivity of the penis and prolong ejaculation time. 5, to reduce the magnitude and speed of the penis twitch reduce sexual stimulation of the penis, while the woman’s initiative to meet the action, reaching orgasm as soon as possible, in order to satisfy both sides.

Which Sex Tips Can Make Women Like Sex Life ?

2Sex life is a normal physiological needs of men and women both parties, harmonious sexual life is not only beneficial to human health, but also to strengthen the feelings of both men and women. In sexual life, in general, men tend to be more active, and most women are more passive, in fact, women should actively treat sex life a little, then the women in the life of what you can learn tricks? Here I have a female friend are some tips now.

1. Telephone implied. In most men think, give him a call, you can issue on the phone sexy Jiaochen, saying: “I miss you” and hang up the phone and let him finish.

2. Wearing a pair of stockings. Stockings woman to lure men beyond imagination. Try to wear underwear on the outside stockings, let him crazy when from surprise to sex.

3. Stroked. In front of him touching himself, but do not let him touch you. This allows women to quickly enter the state, it will stimulate his sexual desire.

4. Try the female superior. If you are new to sex, why not choose the female superior, not only to avoid sexual intercourse discomfort, but also allows him to free his hands to touch, give you more stimulus.

5. With the music slowly undressing. Put the first rhythmic music, dancing slowly in front of him, a piece undress, without worrying about your dancing, your performance alone will make him heartbeat.

6. Prepare few pillows. Prepare several thickness, shape and width of different pillows to cushion during sex in the body, so that different sexual positions can get the best pleasure.

These tips are very useful in your sex life, we hope women friends in the life of the proper use of these tips, do not worry too much, we should take a proactive approach to face the “sex challenge”, so life will be harmonious happy, feelings of both men and women will be growth. And also try our Vegetal Vigra and MME Maxman 40% can enhance your sex life.

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7 Male And Female Orgasm Tips

In sexual life, men and women together to achieve orgasm called the most perfect sex, but very few couples have this experience. Want mutual orgasm, you need to learn some sex tips, but also ready for anything at the House of Love, is not affected by foreign objects.

Let his wife natural sexual arousal
Told his wife, “This sex to you as the center!” So she just lie down and enjoy. To caress, kiss, massage and other actions, so that his wife happy while enjoying the natural sexual arousal, can effectively reduce the “high tide difference.” Husband doing these intimate actions, they can block the wife with a towel or goggles eyes, or let his wife close your eyes.

Intermittent sex
During sexual intercourse, relax muscles, slowing Choucha action. Meanwhile, breathe, be breath, breath action, and then slow down expiratory time, so attention from the genitals to the body. If the impulse is still fierce, might change their position or take intermittent love France, near the climax, stop the penis twitch, wait before continuing.

Caressing your wife’s body
Sexual intercourse, the man of action is crucial auxiliary touching, touching not only the female sex organs, but including systemic touching, especially touching or kissing the breasts, nipples, back, inner thighs and other sensitive areas. Do not ignore this step in the process of sex, do not let your hands be idle, appropriate gentle caress give her great pleasure!

Find new method to try sex
If the long-term repeat the same place, the same way sex, then both sides will be on the sex life is not the freshness and passion, and want sex more perfect harmony, you can continue to try new methods bathing in love. For example say tired in bed, you can choose in the bathroom or kitchen House of Love, will bring unusual sexual experience.

Threw himself into sex
When the House of Love, not only to pay attention to skills, psychological feelings of both sides is very important, if at the time of the House of Love, it is difficult to dedicate myself, it will greatly affect the sexual experience, women more difficult to achieve orgasm. Therefore, during sex couples should throw off any burden, breaking any taboos, and enjoy the music of sex.

Help your husband slow down
As far as possible to avoid premature contact with his genitals. Under no circumstances fondle his private parts to try in different ways to make him moan of pleasure. For example, to stimulate his nipples, nibble his neck, giving him a full body massage and so on. This process can simultaneously stimulate both desire.

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