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Strategies For Male Deal With Impotence

1. Eliminate the psychological factors: To have a full understanding of the knowledge to fully understand the impact of factors on sexual function fine. To correctly deal with sexuality, can not be seen as something shameful and disgust and fear; not because of the failure of one or two sexual frustration concerns the lack of confidence; to increase the feelings of both husband and wife exchange, eliminating factors of disharmony, tacit understanding, the woman should care , caressing, encouraged her husband to avoid discontent revealed, to avoid causing stress to her husband; intercourse idea to concentrate, especially when reaching orgasm, but to focus thoughts.

2. Control intercourse: Long-term excessive sexual intercourse, immersed in pornography, is one of the causes of impotence. Practice has proved that sex between husband and wife temporarily stopped for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nervous system and genitals get enough rest, are effective measures to combat impotence.

3. To improve physical fitness: Physical weakness, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress lasting mental, are risk factors, should be actively engaged in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest, to prevent fatigue, adjust the function of the central nervous system imbalance.

4. Diet conditioning. Eat more conducive to sexual health foods such as eels, oysters, scallops, etc. Soy, soy milk contains large amounts of arginine, can improve sexual function. Celery, tomatoes are rich in carotene, peanuts, sesame seeds contain vitamin E, vitamin A to enhance sexual performance, avoid sexual dysfunction, has a positive effect.

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Comparable To Viagra 5 Kinds Of Food Improve Sexual Performance


1. Oysters —– spermatogenesis great food
Oysters contain large amounts of glycogen can improve liver function, fatigue, enhance physical strength. In the oysters contained taurine can promote bile secretion, excluding accumulation of neutral fat in the liver and improve liver detoxification. Also contains DHA, EPA also strong brain, brain effect. In addition, the body contains a large number of manufacturing oyster sperm indispensable arginine, and zinc. Arginine is the main component of sperm production, zinc promote the secretion of hormones. In particular, note that man ejaculate will lose 1 ~ 2mg of zinc, if zinc deficiency, will reduce the number of sperm, sexual function will drop. In addition, selenium also manufacture sperm are essential trace elements. Also decreased sexual function, impotence, prostate enlargement, genital hypoplasia and other male diseases, and in many cases are caused due to lack of zinc. Oyster is the best natural supplement these nutrients food.

2. Garlic —– natural viagra
Many modern life is not the law, eat high blood cholesterol levels increase fat food, the other sweet drinks flooding, to some extent also in patients with erectile dysfunction increasing number of reasons; the control erectile dysfunction one way is to increase nitric oxide in the body content. Increase blood flow, reduce blood cholesterol levels can promote health, and Viagra have this role. Garlic just to increase nitric oxide production, can also help regulate blood lipid levels, lower cholesterol, restore health.

Dr. Allen and nutrition expert Dr. Carly Nat University of Sheffield has done for the treatment of erectile dysfunction study on garlic, they increased in seven have erectile dysfunction and men are dieting daily diet garlic. Three weeks after the experiment and found that four men had improvement in erectile function, a man has a morning erection phenomenon, this is his first time in years.

3. Tomatoes —– prostate umbrella
There are a large number of studies have shown that a tomato is to prevent and reduce men suffering from prostate disease the best food, because tomatoes contain lycopene metabolites can remove the cells, so that the body antioxidant capacity enhanced to promote prostate cancer cell volume reduced, and inhibit metastasis of tumor cell proliferation. There are also some studies show that eating tomatoes can often improve sperm concentration and vitality, of course, sperm quality is not the same as “impotence” and thus that eating tomatoes can “impotence.”

But tomatoes on the prevention of prostate disease is indisputable. Men may wish to skip a meal every day, tomatoes, preferably cooked food. Because lycopene is fat-soluble substances, cooked food is more easily absorbed, while at the dinner table is also not ignore the tomato sauce, especially the Xinjiang Production and tomato sauce, which is even higher lycopene content than tomatoes.

4. Leeks —– male enhancement
Chives are rich in vitamin C, carotene and rich in trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, etc., leeks can Warming tonic, qi and blood, loose silt detoxification, to reconcile the internal organs. Leek is not only a common vegetable, but also has medicinal value, for example, can reduce cholesterol, relieve constipation, prevent obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Chinese say chives Warming liver and kidney, yang Gujing role is also very prominent, so the pharmacopoeia of “grass from the sun,” said.

5. Medlar —- cheapest fruit viagra
Increasing the pressures of modern life and the deterioration of the urban environment, so many men getting tired, and eat wolfberry is very suitable for fatigue. Chinese medicine believes that wolfberry sweet peace, can nourish the liver and kidney, smart head and nourishing. Modern medicine has proved that wolfberry can lower cholesterol, excited brain, enhance immune function, anti-aging and beauty to human health play a very useful role.

Moreover, the Chinese wolfberry has quietly entered the foreign supermarket, originally of ignorant Westerners gradually learned wolfberry, wolfberry vitamin C content than oranges, β- carotene content than carrots, iron content than steak also high. More attractive is that wolfberry played impotence feature allows Westerners overjoyed, so shrewd British businessmen will simply wolfberry called “fruit Viagra”, known as the cheapest excellent health care products.

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How to Increase Sexual Desire Between Husband and Wife


1. Understand when to put out sexual fantasies
In sex life, exchanges between husband and wife is very important, you can try to let each other know the needs of their own hearts, to tell each other either directly or with a note written down, you can make your sex life more harmonious and beautiful. Of course, you can also described sexual fantasies in a book, find out what you want to put on the scene, and then tell each other. Or before sex, two people together watching an adult film, they are an effective way to promote sexual communication.

2. Provoking emotional sex
Sex should be a mutual desire of the couple, then how can stir up emotions of sex, so sex is more ripe for it? This requires that you must learn to create an atmosphere of fervent expectation, such as women can wear a sexy silk Dress in the shower, or ask him for you to bust buckle it back before you leave in their hands, so that the hair hanging thereon. To know these small details can evoke each other’s sexuality, make sex are much more enthusiastic.

3. Digging ignored sexual opportunity
Perhaps you are already an old married couple, because of the life and work of making himself a lot of time have been accounted for, communication between husband and wife is also becoming less and less sex only occasionally once before going to bed. So how can we fully appropriate use of time, dig out the neglected sex chance? Even if you only have ten minutes of time you can use, or you can try to bring a rapid sexual stimulation, whether in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, as long as two exclusive secret feeling, presumably must also become abnormal sweet memories.

4. Try new ways of sex
Between husband and wife is afraid of boring walking program type of sex, the sexual life presumably nobody likes, so sex and love should be like the need freshness. Occasionally you can try some new ways to give each other some never had a surprise and feelings. For example, in one night to go to bed with sex encyclopedia, and then read in conjunction with her ​​husband, trying new sexual techniques together, as long as the courage to try, you will find that there will be a windfall.

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Kangaroo Will Help Man Away From Sexual Dysfunction

Core Tip: Male sexual dysfunction treatment to achieve three no: no stay up late, no smoke, no drink, keep the regular life is to maintain fitness and prevent arteriosclerosis caused impotence basic principles.

Men sexual disorder is now a high incidence of common diseases of the society. Male sexual disorder caused many reasons, so, how can men away from sex disorder? Which prevention work to do in our daily life?

How can a man away from sexual dysfunction:

1. To protect their own health, if there is a chronic disease, should treat as early as possible. Due to illness (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) caused by sexual dysfunction, there’s no cure method, so the most important prevention methods, and to control the disease.Obese people suffer from the chronic disease probability is higher than others, so it’s best to still need to lose weight.

2. Do drugs treatment. Although until now has not a drug specifically to extend the time of male sexual intercourse, but doctors use antidepressants to extend more male sexual intercourse. Besides, now have found Kangaroo pills have very good effection to treat sexual dysfunction.

3. Do “three no”. the male sex therapy to do sometimes, no stay up late, no smoke, no drink, and keep the law of life, is to maintain physical fitness and will not take up the basic principles of hardening of the arteries can be avoided.

Experts Remind: men want to stay away from sexual intercourse obstacle, for the above three aspects need to pay special attention to, only do a good job in the daily life of food to keep healthy state of mind in the future work and study, to improve own level and ability to work better.At the same time, for patients with sexual dysfunction, should also be timely to normal hospital treatment, lest delay the disease!

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Male Five Sexual Dysfunction Reasons

Male sexual dysfunction is a common male sexual dysfunction, refers to a lack of interest in sexual activity without the initiative requirements. Patients with lower levels of sexual expression and decreased sexual desire, sexual activity is not high and some patients even without sexual desire at all. Experts sexual dysfunction is a serious threat to men’s health and family reasons for the complexity of sexual dysfunction which is also a great potential hazards need to be timely symptomatic treatment.

What cause of male sexual dysfunction ?

1. Reproductive System Diseases. Phimosis, Peyronie’s disease Penis hypoplasia often due to mechanical, psychological or physiological factors make sexual intercourse difficult or impossible long time can lead to sexual dysfunction or no sexual desire.

2. Systemic Diseases. Almost all serious systemic impatient, chronic diseases can cause male sexual dysfunction, liver cirrhosis, chronic renal failure, chronic active hepatitis and other systemic diseases can disrupt normal hormonal status in patients with metabolic processes leading to physical and psychological exhaustion and associated with sexual dysfunction, missing. Genetic and nutritional diseases can also cause sexual dysfunction.

3. Endocrine Diseases. Gonadal dysfunction, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, adrenal disease, pituitary disease, endocrine disorders can lead to sexual dysfunction. Gonadal dysfunction caused by many diseases. Klinefelteri syndrome, testis syndrome (Anorchism), male Turner syndrome, hypopituitarism, the sella tumors. They can act directly on the testis level; may also act on the hypothalamus, pituitary levels indirectly affect testicular function to reduce the synthesis of testosterone caused sexual dysfunction.

4. Age Factors. With age, sexuality also has a normal downturn in the reaction process performance should not be extended to physiologically weakened prolonged erection sperm injection. Also showed a decreasing trend in the frequency of sexual intercourse; However, these changes do not necessarily mean diminished libido or sexual needs.

5. Mental Factors. Depression, feelings of fear, nervousness, sexual dysfunction disorders can make non-intercourse sexual habits often cause loss of libido exists which is the driving force of the pressure and the driving force of the twisted results are generally negative correlation of daily life more stressful life the lower the large driving force of long-term stressful pace of life and the lives of frustration and continue the fight against loss of libido can be induced by the traditional concepts of social and non-recognition of premarital sex that some people get from sex life but not the psychological satisfaction depression and guilt causing sexual dysfunction.

These are the reasons for the experts to tell you about the introduction of male sexual dysfunction, more detailed analysis by experts, hoping to help bring more patients.

How to prevent male sexual dysfunction in daily life ?

1, Balanced Diet. Healthy eating habits will improve the condition of the blood vessels, thereby enhancing the ability of the blood supply to the reproductive organs. In addition, balanced nutrition can lower cholesterol levels men, slowing atherosclerosis, improve libido problems.

2, Maintain Adequate Sleep. A number of studies have confirmed that good, adequate sleep is a major approach to improve sexual performance. In addition, sleep well, the reaction function of the human body system will be more sensitive. When the brain receives stimuli, will actively provide feedback.

3, Prudent Use of Drugs. Many drugs, such as various antidepressants, diuretics, cholesterol-lowering drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs, can affect people’s libido and sexual performance. Patients, when used, should pay close attention to whether their sex life laws, satisfactory, if there is a problem, you should promptly consult with a doctor, choose other drug treatment, for the effects of drugs on sexual minimum.

4, Adhere To Exercise. Good physical condition is an important guarantee of life, but also in the choice of quite particular sports, such as cycling is not recommended. Both men and women are severely oppressed prolonged cycling perineum. For men, erectile dysfunction may be induced (ED); For women, it may appear perineal numbness, feelings of sex will be substantially reduced. And like jogging, walking, etc., are a good choice for most people.

5, Control of Blood Pressure. Men with high blood pressure, prone to hypertension and atherosclerosis, erectile function and sexual response has a significant impact.

6, No Smoking and Drinking. Smoked alcohol could numb the brain central nervous system response to various external stimuli will be significantly slowed. Performance in the sexual life, is unresponsive to sexual stimulation, or have other sexual dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation, male, female orgasm to delay.

7, Constantly Assess Relations Between the Sexes. Libido and marital relations have great relevance, such as the lack of communication the two, but also make each other from the body to the soul have become estranged. Therefore, we recommend the couple regularly sit down and talk to each other’s feelings, relive sweet love.

8, Mental Health. Mental trauma can also cause low libido, this phenomenon is more common in young people. Stress, anxiety, depression, stress, fear and bad sexual experiences in the past, will reduce people’s expectations better sex, and even libido, sexual rejection. Once they have these psychological problems should be promptly sexual therapist for help.