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Bad Habits Affect Your Weight Loss

There are a lot of bad habits will affect your weight loss progress, do not know if you realize these habits in their daily lives, and quickly take a look below.

1. Excessive drinking coffee

Drink coffee for weight loss: caffeine in coffee is absorbed by the body, in the body so that the body secretes adrenaline activities, and this substance can promote the decomposition of the blood sport of fat cells, and then as the fatty acids are excreted.

Excessive drinking coffee: coffee in theobromine have a diuretic effect, addicted to drink coffee, it will reduce moisture intestine digest, easy to form a constipation affect weight loss. In addition, coffee contains high concentrations of caffeine, can change in heart function and blood vessels of cholesterol, people are likely to suffer from heart disease.

The right approach: within 30-1 minutes after lunch, drink a cup of strong coffee without sugar, helps digestion after meals, and promote fat burning.

2. Water shortage

Drink more water for lose weight: water promote metabolism, help smooth bowel movements, avoid eating too much, purify the blood multiple benefits. To lose weight and stay healthy is very good.

Water shortage: the body of water to supplement, not only affects the function of the kidney metabolism, thin down. Moreover, lack of drinking water also causes the blood concentration and viscosity increase, easily lead to thrombosis, induced cerebral vascular and cardiovascular diseases.

The right approach: drink enough water per day, about 2000 to 3000 ml. Once 200c.c., after getting up in the morning, before exercise, fasting, drinking is a good time to lose weight.

3. Dinner is too rich

Eat less at dinner for lose weight: in the evening, the body’s various functions naturally into a state of rest. Synthesis of fat alone insulin secretion more in the evening. This means: eating the same thing, in the evening more likely to become fat settle down. So, to lose weight, need to eat dinner.

Dinner is too rich: the evening blood insulin levels for the peak day, insulin allows glucose into fat is condensed in the vessel wall, too rich to eat dinner, over time, people will be obese themselves. Meanwhile, the longer the duration of a hearty dinner, but also damage the body’s normal biological clock, people are likely to insomnia.

The right approach: dinner want to be partial elements, foods rich in carbohydrates, and protein, fat eating better.

4. Eating too fast

Relationship between eating speed and weight loss: food into the body, blood glucose should increase; when a certain level of blood sugar, the brain’s appetite center will send out a signal. If you eat long enough food from the stomach discharged intestine, small intestine to absorb blood sugar to rise, give the brain a satiety signal.

Eating too fast: food is not adequately chew food is not conducive to the mouth and saliva amylase preliminary digestion, increase the burden of gastroenteritis. Chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still over-excitement among vulnerable bulimia and obesity.

The right approach: eat slowly.

5. Do not eat breakfast

Eat breakfast: breakfast can effectively reduce hunger later in the day, is conducive to sustained weight loss, while providing major nutritional substances that help to improve metabolism.

Skipping breakfast: skipping breakfast will make people strung out, easy way to eat more to cheer, unknowingly fat. And do not eat breakfast also makes the sharp rise in midday meal oh. In addition, omitting breakfast will severely harm the stomach, people can not work full of energy, but also easy to accelerated aging.

The right approach: breakfast should be based on cereals, such as black rice, soy, oat bread, yogurt-based, with eggs or something, eat 70% full on the line.

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Obesity Prevention Should Pay More Attention

Obesity Prevention Should Pay More Attention

According to clinical trial observations, atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity occurs mostly on the basis of. Therefore, obesity has more than just fitness problems impede, more importantly, it will seriously affect the health of the body, and even shorten life expectancy. Prevention of obesity is therefore very important. In general, the prevention of obesity needs to start from the causes of obesity, including the following questions:

1. Increase awareness of health knowledge: fully aware of the health hazards of obesity, completely change the “fat is a blessing, fat can live longer,” the misconception understand infant, adolescent, before and after pregnancy, menopause, age of all ages fattening knowledge and methods of prevention.

2. Reasonably balanced diet: the use of reasonable diet, follow the Chinese people “food pagoda Guide” scientific organization of daily diet, try to make regular meals, Eat Feiganhouwei, more vegetarian, less snacks.

3. Strengthening exercise: regular participation in jogging, hiking, playing and other outdoor activities, both to enhance physical fitness, so that physical fitness, but also the prevention of obesity.

4. The law of life: in order to prevent obesity, to develop good habits is necessary. Reasonable diet, daily meals can ensure the body work, needs, but also to avoid excessive energy storage. If the daily sleep too much, too lazy to exercise, less calories, can also cause obesity. Therefore, people of different ages should arrange and adjust their sleep time, it is necessary to meet the physical needs, they can not sleep too much.

5. Feel comfortable: a good mood to make physiological functions in vivo to maintain the normal operation of each system, the prevention of obesity can play a role. On the contrary, always a man of few Huan, depression, disorder causes physiology, metabolism slows down, coupled with exercise less, it could easily lead to fat accumulation, and obesity.

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Winter Sports Four Groups Make You Have Slim Belly

Winter Sports Four Groups Make You Have Slim Belly

Winter is the best time to lose belly fat, like in the next year before the arrival of a slim belly? Want lean abdomen but no time to go to the gym? By strengthening exercise abdominal muscles, the fat is converted into meat, is an effective way to eliminate belly. The following four actions can be performed anywhere, easily make you lean belly.

1. Tablet support

Feet shoulder width apart, elbows bent, forearm close to the ground, back straight, the body forms a straight line from start to finish. You will feel intense abdominal muscles contraction, the body in fighting gravity. Even if you insist on only twelve minutes a day, will be getting a flat belly and back will be more solid.

2. Prone tablet support

Stays hands, arms and shoulders into a vertical angle, kicking his legs straight, back straight. Elbows bent 90 degrees, upper arm close to the body sides, shoulders pressed down, keeping the back straight. For 1 minute.

3. Half boat action

Sitting on the mat, upper body lean back, arms extending parallel legs off the ground, was the boat-shaped. So keep breathing after three back back slightly reduced, while his legs stretched forward, do not touch the floor, was a half boat-shaped, 3 breaths, then return to the initial state, repeat 10 times.

4. Side support

Stays hands, arms and shoulders into a vertical angle, kicking his legs straight, back straight. Moved to the middle of his left pad, foot support, the body naturally turned to the left. Leaning on his left foot, right arm extended upward. Maintain the action eight deep breaths, and then back to the initial action, for the right side and repeat the exercise.

Easy and simple set of actions for more than 4, in the thin lower abdomen, but also be able to exercise, enhance the body resistance.

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Ten Best And Most Effective Ways To Lose Weight


To the graceful curve of the girls often take his body as a testing ground to try different kinds of “Legend of effective” way to lose weight, it is inevitable beverages or bounce more fat. In fact, not only to choose a healthy weight loss method but also effective, so as to slim down and will not damage the health. Today, I will introduce the 10 recognized as the most effective weight loss method, let you control the calories healthy thin.

1. Reducing calorie intake

If a person is less intake of 800 calories to lose weight, you can reduce within six weeks 4.5 kg of body weight, but this reduced-calorie, low calorie intake to lose weight, although weight down quickly, but the body is easy to malnutrition, and very easy to gain weight. So intake of at least 1,200 kilocalories per person per day, little heat if the body’s supply; lose body burns calories for promoting key muscle metabolism, weight loss is not easy to be successful.

2. Eat less one mouth fat – 2 months reduce 4.5 kg

Per 1 gram of fat 9 kcal, compared with fats, carbohydrates and protein calories per gram, much lower, about 4 kcal. Therefore, do not have to eat less to lose weight, you can order fresh vegetables, fruits, grains consumed each day instead of fat-containing foods (such as butter and other foods), experts believe that if done eating 20-40 grams of fat per day , can reduce weight 4.5 kg within two months.

3. The control appetite and reduce food intake

To lose weight, do not deliberately go on a diet, it’s important to be controlled appetite. If you prefer a certain food and food vehicle is too large, it should pay attention to reduce the weight of each.

4. The flow of food meals per day – 5 weeks reduce 4.5 kg

The flow of food to lose weight, that is a period of time instead of using the flow of food staple, the flow of food generally include: fruit juice, porridge, soup, water and other liquid or semi-liquid foods. Such foods are beneficial to digestion, will not hurt the stomach, and can be done nutritionally complete, when you carry out a period of time the flow of food to lose weight, the stomach will gradually become smaller, you’ll eat less, lose weight also be able to succeed. But the flow of food should be diversified to avoid the lack of nutrients and protein nutrition.

5. Walking 45 minutes a day – 6 months reduce 4.5 kg

Insist on walking 45 minutes a day, you can do so may be less than minus 4.5 kg of body weight in six months. After the walk, may be because of hunger and eating something, which has been in motion before or after the walk, you can eat low-fat food or fresh fruit, drink plenty of water to replenish the moisture for sweat reduction.

6. Fixed time sports

3-5 times a week a fixed time for exercise, can reduce body fat, lose weight, gain muscle, a good way to energetic. If you have not been fixed in the exercise, at the beginning To do less, in order to cause injury. Excessive exercise, will increase the appetite, so weight loss objectives can not be achieved, the movement should be gradual not done quickly or seek more.

7. Strength training

Strength training can build muscle. The more muscle, the faster metabolism. 45 minutes three times a week weightlifting workout. In order to avoid damage caused by the movement, should be invited to help select the appropriate weight coach and develop appropriate exercise program. Do stretching exercises before and after exercise to keep the body’s flexibility, weight lifting weight and frequency can be gradually increased.

8. Suppress appetite

To successfully suppress appetite, in addition to eating foods containing fiber can also select those low-calorie foods. Lettuce, cabbage, celery, these low-calorie vegetables are a good appetite suppressant and vegetables before eating.

When selecting fruit, pay attention to pick the low-fructose, such as cherries, pears, grapefruit, apples, etc., and raisins, figs contain high fructose, try not to drink fruit juice, preferably with fresh fruit instead.

9. Reduce fat intake

This method can consume excess body fat, maintain a good body, increase muscle, speed up metabolism, promote cardiovascular health. Eat 20 grams of fat a day, lifting weights 20 minutes, 3 times a week can reduce 4.5 kg of body weight within three months.

10. The best weight loss plan

According to the nine methods to develop a gradual weight loss and to ensure implementation of the scheme, the best combination regimen is to control the fat intake, exercise and strength training. Just have faith and perseverance to do it, we will be able to achieve weight loss, strengthen muscles, promote cardiovascular health and body metabolism purposes. Weight loss requires patience, not anxious, after all, health is a lifetime of hard work.

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