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Essential skills arouse your partner’s sexual excitement

Love men and women are so eager to share everything, imagine the two people feel the same thing. In fact, men and women have the same sense of the system, but their touch, as, sniffing, taste, listening and other sensory function is quite different. In the husband and wife sex life, the feeling of the difference is particularly evident, the experience of sexy also vary. How can arouse spouse’s sexual excitement, which requires considerable time to prove.

One, touch the power

Nerves and blood vessels and more places, the stronger the feeling of sexual stimulation. The body’s most skin does not feel the skin, feeling produced in the second layer of skin. For most people, genitals, earlobes, lips, breasts, buttocks, thighs are the most obvious sexy area. But many people’s sexy area also includes the neck, palm, soles and abdomen and so on.

In sex, the order of touch has an important role. In general, should start from the most sensitive parts, and gradually to the most sensitive parts of the transition. The beginning to touch the most sensitive parts, will only be counterproductive.

Men and women like to touch the different ways. Women seem to be more sensitive to touching. Usually they like to gently touch, and then gradually increase the intensity. Many people in their favorite way to touch the spouse, but this is not necessarily the other side of the favorite. You should first find out the other side of the real needs (such as touching parts and strength, etc.) in order to get good results.

Second, love eyes

Than the wife, her husband’s sexual excitement need more visual stimulation. This is just to explain why men love to like to open the lights, while women prefer to light dim, or completely in the absence of light love.

But women can also be due to visual stimulation of sexual excitement. Moreover, handsome men for them, with the beautiful woman for men, can cause the same visual pleasure. But they are used to avoid this.

Although visual stimulation is so important in sex, many people still mistakenly avoid using the eyes. They are worried that their appearance is not satisfactory and worry. Women may worry that their breasts are too small and the thighs are too thick; men may worry that their penis is too small and the body is too thick. Our self-lack of consciousness is so strong, often hard to believe that others will be due to their germination and excitement.

Third, sexy smell

Everyone has a body odor, formed by the skin surface of the bacteria, it is the same as the fingerprints vary. We feel that someone is attractive to ourselves and, to a considerable extent, about his taste. According to the survey, 71% of men and women think that body odor is an important “stimulant”. About 1/3 of the women think that the body of thick men than the sweet taste of sexy men. More than half of people think that musk-type body odor the most sexy. About 1/4 of people prefer spicy flavor.

The woman’s sense of smell seems more sensitive than men. They can smell the slight sweat of 3 feet away. In the ovulation period, their sense of smell is particularly sensitive.

The body is similar to the smell of musk produced in the genitals around the meridian and glands under the glands. In the animal kingdom, a fragrant complex, an exogenous hormone, plays a key role in courtship, which attracts male animals to chase prolific female animals. But the human condition is different. Smell the spice of a spice, usually not enough to make you lust. But the spouse of the body really do not have underestimated the role of sex. Modern people love to clean, always wash the whole body clean, no smell, make people’s natural body incomprehensible, of course, the smell of bad nature is also very upset. Therefore, the best way is to keep clean and keep the body fragrant.

Four, taste and sex

Our taste buds are about 10,000, according to different sensory functions distributed in different parts of the tongue: tongue taste buds feel sweet, tongue side taste buds feel sour, tongue back taste buds feel bitter taste. Only salty taste can be felt in various parts of the tongue. This can be considered a good thing, because the body is very clean when the salty taste.

The taste of men and women seems to be slightly different. Men prefer salty, women prefer sweet. But in sex, the most important thing is to remove any uncomfortable taste. Most of us like to have sex with our spouse after bathing. Although the film and advertising often sweat to promote as “sexy media”, but in fact few people willing to just finished tennis or golf after kissing the spouse and make love.

A good look at this sexy guide will help you understand the physical characteristics of you and your spouse, your sense of excitement, so that the sex life more pleasant. Super hard pills, black ant king and black king kong are popular products for improve male sexual performance.

Low Libido Common Mistakes

Most of the low libido is caused by psychological factors, patients can correct the errors of the method through counseling and counseling, to achieve the purpose of treatment. Patients with low libido common errors are the following three aspects.

1. Some patients under the influence of some objective reasons, temporary lack of interest in sex life, after they think they can not afford to participate in sex. This idea of accepting and confused state of sexual arousal, in fact, meet and have fun with the initial sexual libido are not necessarily linked. Clinical practice shows that patients with no interest in sex life through normal sexual life experience, desire positive change can occur.

2. Some patients believe accustomed to life can not be changed once breaking the old habits, we feel sexual dissatisfaction, or even libido. Society’s sexual prejudice that men should be active initiator of sex and sexual excitement quickly to performance. If the man libido, the woman should get rid of this bias, offered sex, and encourage patients to actively participate, often makes the man surprised, and get better results.

3. Some patients believe that sexual intercourse and orgasm must have felt when the couple began to kiss, touch or hug after, if sexual intercourse means sexual failure, leading to no interest in sex. This view denied the sexual autonomy. In fact, patients with low sexual desire is not necessary to put excessive demands on their own, patients can try a “special” nature of life, promote feelings between husband and wife, in order to improve their libido.

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Health Treatment Of Impotence

Health Treatment Of Impotence

How can restore impotence? Are there have good way to cure impotence? By the following method can reduce the incidence of male friends impotence, erectile dysfunction if the patient is using the following method can recover faster.

Learning sex knowledge
Some unmarried man claiming impotence (erectile no desire or not), often just do not have enough sexual stimulation, can not be considered pathological. When married couples sex life, the man nervous, excited, the woman fears, attentive, with the bad, resulting in the failure is the lack of sexual experience, not sick, to understand each other, comfort, over time can be satisfied mostly harmonious.

Understand the physiological fluctuations
When the man appeared in a fever, fatigue, bad mood, etc., or a transient phase of impotence, mostly a normal suppression, physiological fluctuations, the man not to create more ideological burden, the woman should not consequent blame, accusations in order to avoid self-fulfilling prophecy, leading to impotence.

Improve physical fitness
Weakness, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress lasting mental, are risk factors, should be actively engaged in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest, to prevent fatigue, adjust the function of the central nervous system imbalances.

Impotence patients to ensure early detection and early treatment, but also proactive with medical treatment, if impotence do not know how to restore it, should be timely to the hospital for treatment.

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How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Healthy and reasonable is the spice of life between husband and wife, but also to protect fertility, but now more and more men are experiencing erectile dysfunction problems, unable to meet the needs of his wife at the time of the sexual life, could not even be sexual intercourse. Many friends of patients are eager to know in the end is why?

Experts said: etiology of erectile dysfunction caused by complex, which in addition to sexual diseases and organs, the usual bad habits are also risk factors. So, how do we prevent active and effective erectile dysfunction it?

The following main points:

1. No alcohol. Tobacco can affect men’s penile blood supply, so that the occurrence of erectile dysfunction men and erection time. Long-term heavy smoking causes changes in blood components, blood viscosity. Long-term drinking can lead to male function decline, extend male sexual maturity. Therefore, patients with the best in everyday life away from alcohol and tobacco.

2. Learn self-relief. Mental factors are the main cause of ED, the pressure to work every day and work hard to work under pressure, and depressed demand as a human instinct. So in the spirit of impotence treatment, psychological treatment is particularly important.

3. Actively participate in physical exercise. Prevention of sexual dysfunction to be sustained, adequate physical exercise and outdoor activities will be beneficial to the body, adhere to daily exercise, you can adjust the tension of mental and neurological disorders of body fluids, such as jogging or walking 30 minutes a day. Fight for a regular life, to ensure adequate sleep, and actively lose weight.

4. Family harmony. Home care, family harmony, helping to eliminate work and life tension. For the husband appeared libido and sexual appetite, his wife should be treated calm, caring and considerate, eliminating concerns, actively cooperate with treatment.

5. Aggressive treatment of other diseases. Exclude urinary system diseases, such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, or others such as endocrine disorders, a variety of chronic diseases, such as systemic professionals should go to hospital for a comprehensive examination and treatment.

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What Factors Lead To Loss Of Libido

Loss Of LibidoLong-term loss of libido not only affect their emotions, often the specific physical and mental condition of the reaction, it should be taken seriously enough, to timely health check, identify problems and timely solutions. Libido determined to rational factors, there are organic abnormalities, often accompanied by impotence, premature ejaculation, semen and other sexual dysfunction. Libido by regulating hormone levels, as well as by the impact of social, family and other ambient factors.

Factors leading to loss of libido:

First, the emotional factors: sex should be carried out under the psychological state of pleasure and joy. If the psychological barriers and many other adverse factors affecting the long-standing, can lead to loss of libido. Secondly, as long engaged in heavy labor, especially mental also cause loss of libido.

Second, disease factors: suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system, the emergence of discomfort during sex, thus inhibiting sexual desire, such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis. Others, such as endocrine disorders, a variety of systemic chronic diseases, is also due to the male hormone too little or metabolic disorders affect libido.

Third, drug factors: long-term use of certain drugs can also cause low libido.

Loss of libido symptoms: loss of libido in marriage or sexual relations patients, often suffer from psychological, mental burden of both sides, the wife of the normal sexual life because of the requirements have been repeatedly rejected and abandoned sense and lovelorn, lonely mood, the husband can not meet due to his wife’s sexual demands and feel guilty, these problems make the marital discord, sexual problems increased.

Libido by regulating hormone levels, as well as by the impact of social, family and other ambient factors. Relatively large individual differences in sexuality, different even if the same person, the level of sexual desire with age, mental state, physical health, living conditions, nature of work, marital relations, such as different manifestations.

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How to Hand Erection Not Firm Enough

erection not firm enough

Eliminate the psychological factor is an important means to treat male erectile hardness enough. To have a full understanding of knowledge to fully understand the impact of psychological factors on sexual function. To correctly deal with “sex” and can not be seen as something shameful and disgust and fear; not because of a failure of the two sexual frustration concerns, lack of confidence; both spouses to increase emotional exchange, eliminating factors of disharmony, with the tacit understanding.

Inadequate erection hardness how to do? Experts said: erection hardness is obviously inadequate performance of male sexual dysfunction, not only a severe blow to the confidence of this man, for a family, seriously affecting the feelings between husband and wife, then lack of erection hardness how to do it?

According to foreign statistics, erectile dysfunction accounts for about 37 percent of patients to 42% of all male sexual dysfunction. Domestic investigation showed that about 11.4 percent of the people in the adult male impotence occurs. The incidence of impotence increased with age. Men 50 years of age, many people will impotence, to the age of 65 to 70 the peak incidence of impotence.

Many patients with erectile hardness is not enough to stimulate an erection drug Viagra and other impotence medicine regarded as such things for patients who have erectile dysfunction, does make the normal penis erection, but it does not cure impotence, effective after the restitution, as well as a lot of side effects and physical dependence.

Actually eliminate the psychological factor is an important means to treat male erectile hardness enough. To have a full understanding of knowledge to fully understand the impact of psychological factors on sexual function. To correctly deal with “sex” and can not be seen as something shameful and disgust and fear; not because of a failure of the two sexual frustration concerns, lack of confidence; both spouses to increase emotional exchange, eliminating factors of disharmony, with the tacit understanding.

Exercise can relieve erectile hardness is not enough to prevent cardiovascular disease and impotence, this and whether there is enough blood flow to the organ needed, whereas the movement to keep blood vessels open. In fact, impotence can be seen as cardiovascular disease early warning, because when the blood can not flow, erectile response status on the more obvious.

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