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100% Natural Herbal Vegetal Vigra Mens Sex Enhancement


100% Natural Herbal Vegetal Vigra Mens Sex Enhancement.

Vegetal Vigra 120mg is a natural product without any hormones, has no side effects and doesn’t cause harm to human body.


Natural sex pill for treatment of Erectional Dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, low potency, lack of sex drive or sex desire. Also useful as a recreational sex enhancement.


1. Gains quick ejection and strong sexual desire.

2. Helps sexual arousal last longer.

3. Adjusts the sexual functions of the human body.

4. Natural herbal medicine that is safe and effective with no stimulants or toxin.

More Info:

[Active Ingredients]  Mulberry, Rhizome polygomati, Cinnamomun cassia, Fennel.

[Specification]  120mg * 6pills/box

[Dosage]  Take one pill 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, one capsule can last for 120 hours in action, no toxic side-effect.

[Side Effects]  All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects.

[Precaution]  For those patients with heart disease, myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney, pregnant women as well as children.

[Storage]  Store at room temperature between 15-30 degrees C, away from moisture, heat and light. Store out of the reach of children.

[Shelf Life]  24 months.

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Make Sexual Life More Better Quality

In the emotional world, as long as the woman little thought, it will make a man deeply tender trap. The man? As long as we create a surprise, a woman can always uniform. Interest in life, too, as long as men and women complement each other, it would gain a different surprise.

The most exciting sexual life:

1. Body painting draw
Men are like fresh and exciting animals. One day when you see the pictures on a beautiful body painting image, you may wish to try to apply it to himself. Imagine such a large scale when you suddenly find your man, he will not and you have an impulse to surprise?

2. Improve the quality of sexual life
If life is repeated every day, “three one” type, over time, gradually faded sweet wedding, this time the two had no previous passion, gradually lose their freshness between each other. Coupled with some female friends birth of a child, following relaxation, will directly lead to male friends in married life can not be met, which would seriously undermine the harmony of the family. At this time wish to tighten online special for a long time the store to buy a few boxes of condoms long tight, married life can effectively extend the time, it can also compact the following woman, it is important that no side effects. Also you can choose the way the weekend or holidays to experience a taste of the hotel, which is a variety of romantic facilities will bring you a different kind of feeling.

3. Leaving little lip prints
In addition to depicting sexy pictures on the body, you can occasionally painted their lips touch of color, this will eventually lead to the desires from the hearts of men. For example, you can apply with the “royal sister” big red van, make a man look at you one unique; also smear or relatively pure pink, let a man see that you will have a desire to care. Even when you are finished painting their lips, leave your paper in a variety of lipstick, it makes a man has a very warm feeling.

How to make the sex life with better quality?

1. Create a new bedroom environment

The idea of a new theme, based on the theme of the bedroom redecoration, a new, unprecedented new experience sexual life. For example, the replacement of a new material, new colors, new style of curtains, to create a warm and romantic fantasy atmosphere. Muddy fluorescent effect on the roof of the stars particles, then turn off the lights shining in the dark, like being quiet and tranquil under the stars. Into bed around then everything required, such as condoms, lip oil, towels, a big bottle of lemon honey water to quench their thirst. Thus, in addition to considering how to enjoy passion joyous addition, they do not worry, but do not have to find some trivial things and forced in Hing head press the “pause” button.

2. Play some warm welcome trick

Intimate when men often seem eager, then no need to immediately cater to him, the key moment to play some “For yet rejected,” the trick will greatly enhance the sexual life atmosphere.

Do not think that this refusal will then pour cold water on a warm interest, just right for him to dodge undoubtedly more suggestive. The pace of the game just the right rhythm properly, when the party to make a hearty climax ending; experts suggest you tell him your married life rhythm, he can be a good fit for you, you will have more harmonious sexual life perfect.

3. Close to considerate during sex

Intimate activities you and his hands tightly interlocking, or lightly across his back, and fiddle with his eye, and so intimate gestures such as this, not only can fully express your inner feminine and delicate warmth full of emotions, can help increase the “current” interactive parties, the intimate atmosphere to a climax.

As of the experts said: Intimate does not mean just stroked his private organ, you can create many unique intimate way, for example, some couples will use the eyelashes rub each other’s cheeks, cute and sweet.

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Abandon 5 Error Sex Love Concepts

Sexual life not only make men met, more let women get extraordinary satisfaction. For men and women at the same time to get the orgasm will certainly through some sex tips to complete. So for sexual life, we have to abandon the six misconceptions.

Misconception 1: The more you pay attention to intimate sexual performance, the better the performance.

If you simply think about how you yourself would not be what it feels like. Everything comes naturally, not to analyze the specific performance, but the best.

Misconception 2: Only one sexual partner will cause boredom.

Life partner can have timeless sexual relations, often boring because there is no good understanding of each other or not deep soul. To maintain freshness, the two sides can be more daring when affectionate, lively and some of ingenuity.

Misconception 3: Young male sexuality reached a peak, then decline to date.

Male sexuality is not simply dependent on physiological factors, he felt himself, and of sexual partners, will affect the body’s response. Therefore, if the older men in good health, and to understand their sexuality, have a favorite object, it may be more than younger men express love.

Misconception 4: Sex should always be the spirit of passionate desire between men and women communicate.

Sex is not always so, in real life, it may be warm, but also may be mild, bland. For the complete spirit of exchange as the goal itself will be distracting.

Misconception 5: Independent, enterprising women make men impotent.

In the opinion of many men, the best female sexual partners are active. If we say that women may lead men impotent, completely passive affectionate woman would be more likely to make the other case.

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6 Quick Tips Prevent Impotence

The so-called “pathogenic better than cure” sexual function problems, not only affect mood, but also affect a range of family issues. Male friends should always pay attention, to take preventive measures impotence.

First, eliminate the psychological factors

To have a full understanding of impotence, fully understand the impact of psychological factors on sexual function. To properly treat impotence, it can not be seen as a shameful thing and disgust and fear; not because of a failure of depressed worried about twice sexual intercourse, lack of confidence; to increase the feelings of both husband and wife exchange, eliminating the factors of disharmony, tacit understanding, the woman should care , caressing, encouraged her husband to avoid discontent revealed, avoid mental stress caused by her husband; intercourse thinking to focus; in particular, reached a peak of sexual pleasure, when about to ejaculate, but also to focus your mind.

Second, section intercourse quit masturbation

Long-term excessive sexual intercourse, immersed in pornography, frequent masturbation lead to mental fatigue, is an important cause of impotence, undoubtedly the taboo list. Practice has proved that the couple separate beds, stop sex life for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nervous system and sexual organs get enough rest, is indeed effective measures to combat impotence.

Third, pay attention to food conditioning

Eat dog meat, mutton, Yang Shen, etc; animal offal because it contains a lot of sex hormone and adrenocorticotropic hormone, can enhance sperm motility, increase libido; moreover zinc foods, foods containing arginine can help improve sexual function, prevent impotence problem. Prevent impotence do not have to diet, avoid a defensive and increase the psychological burden, but also to avoid nutritional deficiencies, physical weakness.

Fourth, improve physical fitness

Physical weakness, fatigue, lack of sleep, mental stress lasting are impotence risk factors, should be actively engaged in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest, to prevent fatigue, adjusting the functions of central nervous system imbalance.

Fifth, careful medication

TCM impotence prevention, emphasizing syndrome differentiation according to the various types of physical check against prescription, not simply the use of impotence drugs. Blind abuse aphrodisiac, may not be able to improve sexual function, but lead to other diseases. So far, Western medicine has no cure impotence, on the contrary there are a lot of drugs can lead to impotence.

Sixth, quit alcohol for the prevention and treatment of impotence also have a positive effect

Long-term smoking can impede blood flow to the outer periphery of the body, affecting the penis blood circulation, impact response, causing impotence. Foreign researchers noted, resulting in poor blood circulation caused by male factors spasm of smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and smoking cigarettes as the most important. Wine is a gonadal toxin, or drinking too much alcohol poisoning can gonads, the men showed reduced serum testosterone, 70% -80% of people impotence or infertility.

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How to Prevent Male Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction refers to the man in the course of life, from the initial to the final libido ejaculation process, a part of a problem, which led to sexual intercourse can not be normal, leading to sexual dysfunction for many reasons, sexual dysfunction seriously affect the couple’s life.

First, the universal knowledge. The correct treatment of the natural physiological function, reduce intercourse anxiety, eliminate unnecessary ideological concerns, to avoid the occurrence of mental impotence.

Second, psychological counseling. Sad encounter trouble, you should calmly, not long-term mental burden back, relax and promptly adjust the tension of mind, relaxation and eliminate anxiety and mood. Be cheerful mood, ascetic, do some favorite things, such as listening to music, participate in group activities and reading useful books, or looking for family and friends to talk, but will feel comfortable, sexual repression will gradually disappear. If sexual dysfunction, both spouses are responsible, must not accuse or despise the man, and enhance the confidence of the man on the basis of understanding, in order to benefit nursed back to health.

Third, to avoid irritation. Stop sex life for some time to ensure that sex and sexual organs to the central regulation and rest, recovery will favor the regulation and disease. At the same time get rid of bad habits such as masturbation, not excessive indulgence.

Fourth, establish a good lifestyle. Note that the law of life, to ensure adequate sleep, and actively lose weight, quit smoking, eating light, nutritious, avoid alcohol, avoid bad habits and eating habits. While strengthening exercise, continued proper physical exercise is good for the body, improve resistance to disease.

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Prostatitis Should Avoid Excessive Sexual Intercourse

Chronic prostatitis, prostatitis for all of us not familiar with, and now there are a lot of people are suffering from prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis great harm to patients, the patient must be treated in time, or over time, it will delay the disease impact of treatment, but for chronic prostatitis, most people do not understand, so today we’ll introduce the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

In fact, chronic prostatitis in life is very common, but the disease is also a high number of sick and confusing disease, including chronic bacterial prostatitis and nonbacterial prostatitis two parts. Today, there are close to 50 percent of men in their lives will encounter interference prostatitis symptoms. Because its causes, pathology, clinical symptoms of complex and diverse, and the man’s sexual function and reproductive function has a great disturbance, seriously interfere with the patient’s quality of life, so that they suffered great mental and physical distress.

Chronic prostatitis symptom complex and diverse, from the clinical manifestations of patients may have urinary tract irritation, urinary frequency, urgency, urinary burning, early morning urethra mucus, sticky silk or purulent secretions, cloudy urine or stool urethra white liquid flow, the posterior urethra, perineum and anus discomfort, sometimes the penis, testicles and groin pain, accompanied by ejaculation pain, symptoms blood, sperm, premature ejaculation, impotence and fatigue, dizziness, poor sleep and depression and other autonomic dysfunction.

Patients with chronic prostatitis before in their lives to develop good habits in their daily lives, to develop a regular schedule to keep, to ensure adequate sleep, to prevent irregular life, but also need to pay attention to avoid alcohol, eating spicy food. Note to prevent excessive sex or masturbation. Because of frequent ejaculation tends to shrink the prostate appear functional, causing prostate congestion, it may cause damage to the prostate, is not conducive to the recovery of patients with chronic prostatitis. In addition, excessive sex life are likely to cause physical and mental exhaustion, is not conducive to maintaining normal immune function.

We described above for the relevant chronic prostatitis, and I believe that through the above, we have to have a certain understanding of the disease, prostatitis and chronic prostatitis is a serious one, but to treat the disease is relatively long, so we hope that the discovery of the patient is necessary and timely treatment of prostatitis time, so as not to deteriorate, increasing the difficulty of treatment.

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