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Three Weight Loss Mistakes Make You Never Slim Down

Three Weight Loss Mistakes Make You Never Slim Down

Some people lose weight, you eat low-fat foods, eat lots of dietary fiber, completely do not eat sweets. In fact, these are not correct. What things are the same, extremes meet, want to lose weight, lose weight below 3 Mistakes must be avoided.

1. Only eat low-fat foods

Eat low-fat foods sound will slim down, right. Some people even do not eat meat, considered a high calorie meat, do not eat meat will be thin. In fact, oil is the fat eating bad reasons, like a buffet and hot pot, some if not fried bean bag looks not so nice, eat not so fragrant, so stores will be repeated in the bombing. If people eat these after repeated fried foods, the body will produce inflammation, inflammation of fat cells will gain weight, so try not to eat fried things. If you picked the right oil, in fact, not so easy to gain weight.

Fried food if the taste is very crisp on behalf of the less its oil content. Because after the oil forced out, eat up until crisp, if you eat it is because of deep-fried soft skills well, which a lot of oil content. Some sold in convenience stores known as low-calorie foods, is really low in calories, fat and will not eat it?

We should note that this calorie foods may be low, but it may be high in sugar, sodium content may also be high. Buy food should not look at its total number of calories, because the food which might contain something you do not know the material, may affect the metabolism of fat, so fat metabolism is incomplete. In fact, the more natural the more healthy foods, so that if you look to buy food calorie figures are not very accurate.

In addition there is the habit of some people cook their own, to go outside to eat vegetables when’ll get used to the oil, in fact, not so deliberately. As long as we choose the right cooking oil, like those of monounsaturated fatty acid content of more oil may help to better weight loss, such as olive oil deliberately better weight control. If you are over the water each vegetable, it is to say get rid of the oil, then some of the vegetables may contain β-carotene which you will not be able to absorb, and β-carotene can better control our blood sugar, so we are not so easy to accumulate fat. Once the vegetables over the water, the oil can not be absorbed, absorbed β-carotene may also be reduced, in fact, is not necessarily a good thing.

2. Eat plenty of fiber

Some people eat three meals a lot of vegetables and fruits, but still did not lose weight, because many people think that eating lots of vegetables and fruits themselves have eaten a lot of things, but in fact only eat vegetables and fruits, then, satiety is not enough, so will unconsciously eat more things, so inadvertently eating something else to lose weight is the enemy. When weight loss, nutritional balance is a very important point, although dieting can make you lose weight quickly, but you will find that your metabolism power drops, the body will deteriorate. Studies have shown that if calories a day less than 800 cards, particularly prone to heart disease, so the girls have to use the right way to lose weight, try not to use diet approach.

Eat plenty of high fiber foods but it will constipation? How it was! This is because while eating high-fiber foods must match the water. Like apples, eating apples instead of drinking water if the light will lead to constipation problems, if coupled with an apple 500cc of water, it will make your bowel movements relatively smooth. Because the fibers will absorb moisture gut, and this time if the water supplement, fiber also continue to absorb moisture inside the intestine, the results will become very dry hard stool. So, eat fiber foods with a lot of water must be healthy. Weekday breakfast very often we would be brewing cereal with milk, some people eat more oats can cause stomach bloating uncomfortable because there oat β-glucan, it makes some intestinal bacterial fermentation, so eating after flatulence. Market to sell some oat milk, which may have other added substances, drink those words, of course, not your weight go down.

Office workers at noon for lunch and then back to work, to say the use of this short ten minutes to lunch, to add strength, so after eating it stood no chance to let the food digest, so the general fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen will , and in addition to some simple movements such as sit-ups can help us reduce waist fat outside of the waist and abdominal massage is a good way.

On the belly button an inch of water where there is a cave called points; 3 inches under the navel, about 4 refers to the location, there is a Guanyuan; both sides of the navel about 2-3 refers to the location, there are two Tianshu Point . These points you can gently press 3-5 seconds each, clockwise to pressing, rotation, massage. Position in the line has been up by the vest, it will make the lower abdomen with a piece of meat is easier to move forward on the list. Both sides of the waist fat can also try to move aside and let the meat a little tight.

3. Completely do not eat sweets

For weight loss, girls, sweets probably the most can not resist the temptation, when endure to the end, many people will choose to buy some so-called zero-calorie jelly, but eat but still gain weight. And these so-called zero-calorie sugar substitute is actually a snack, but in fact there is not enough sugar substitute satiety. If you really want to eat, you can eat a little bit, to satisfy my own desires. But remember, it is easy to eat too many sweets wrinkle.

Many people like to eat when afternoon tea or breakfast bun, bun is actually mine to lose weight food. Because starch is very delicate bun starch, are high glycemic foods is also very easy to gain weight. Moderate intake of sugar on the skin as well as a source of energy is good, but it must be appropriate.

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Body’s Scam, “Hunger Signal” May Make You Fat

Leading Reading: How do you determine you’ve eat enough? Is eating a big a dish or stuffed stomach has no less than? Perhaps you have been misunderstood, this is not you eat enough of a signal, but you eat stays performance. Our body will send a clear signal that tells us when to eat and stop eating and do you hear it?


Who ignore hunger signals ?
Deputy director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, University of California, a member of Herbalife Nutrition Institute and Nutrition Advisory Committee Susan Dr. Bowerman once for the “hunger signal” conducted a survey result, she was very surprised. One of my new customer who can represent the status quo, and her office drawer filled with sweets, biscuits and puffed food, when she went to the meal simply because . Meal points to the” so people still plenty of money, time schedule depends on the mechanical degree of hunger rather than to choose whether to eat, how much to eat the amount of this result is that more and more people do not know whether they really need to eat, and was followed by a variety of obesity and gastrointestinal problems.

Hungry eat, full stop. This is a moment in the human genome instinct is being forgotten in modern society, you come across such a situation it? Obviously hungry, but to possible “a little while will be hungry,” The reason for this unwarranted and stuffed under the extra food; obviously full, but holds “no waste” or “does not live up to people’s good intentions” and continue to stretch yourself stomach. In these processes, the most painful is that our digestive system, they bear the extra food to these pressures.

Of course, Dr. Susan also stressed that the most healthy diet mode or regular meals three meals a day, which will help gastrointestinal motility and rest regularly, thereby increasing the rate of digestion and absorption of food, so that the function of the gastrointestinal tract kept in good condition, reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases. But now ready to hand snacks snacks, busy work so that we gradually away from the good lifestyle, this time, was informed in a timely manner and follow the body’s signal is particularly important.


Distinction between the level of hunger
After learned the importance of human hunger signals, the problem has cropped up, how to confirm their hunger ? ” Try to give their hunger levels to separation.” Dr. Susan is so advised. But the distinction between the level of hunger is not a simple matter, and now many people the only way to distinguish only ” hungry, almost, good bread,” such an extreme state.

“In all fairness, not everyone is feeling hungry all the same. Most people feel hungry, the stomach will feel some gurgling sounds, while others feel lightheadedness or blurred thinking, these reflected signals are because the reasons for the decrease of blood glucose between meals. ” Dr. Susan explained, these are inside the body very clear signal from telling us the need to replenish their energy. When finished eating when the stomach began to be filled, nerve impulse signals sent to the brain, fullness spontaneously.

Dr. Susan process to distinguish hunger requires a cumulative way, try to adhere to the diet diary written a few days and try to follow at every meal from standard 1-10 record your level of hunger, where a representative can tolerate hungriest state, and 10 representatives to eat a very full and almost nauseated. Ideally, we start when 3 or 4 meals in hunger, when our stomach gurgling sound and feel a bit like to eat, and then stop hunger meal in 5 or 6 times, when representatives we have filled a bed of roses, and eat.


Coup resist hunger
But for people who want to reduce weight, want to reach satiety meal until ninety eight hundred and even more clearly for them harm. In the face of obesity, loss of appetite and a large degree of fullness makes them far more than the average person. Do not want to starve want nutritionally balanced, want to slim, it has such a good thing?

Dr. Susan recommended way to lose weight healthy meal replacement, meal replacement diet is high in fiber, low calorie and sustained satiety foods instead of foods in general, can effectively control food intake and calories. Can be used to have a lot of meal replacement foods, nutritional shakes, meal replacement cookies, nutrition bars, etc., balanced nutrition low calorie foods can try. Use meal replacement weight loss can ensure adequate intake of protein, carbohydrates and other daily.

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Winter weight loss easily lead slimming mistakes

Abstract: Weight loss is every girl’s dream of beauty, but the proper way to take health and safety of weight loss, in order to have a good healthy body. So, in the weight loss process must pay attention to avoid slimming misunderstanding, how to avoid reduction are not cut down. Here, we take a look at the winter to lose weight what are often cause of misunderstanding.


Winter weather is cold, eat will increase, and the amount of exercise will be reduced, which is the main reason leading to the winter fattening, below we will tell you a few errors in winter weight loss to help you in the cold season also allows weight continued to decline.

Winter diet, no exercise can lose weight

One idea is that the human body needs to break down the process of cold fat to generate heat to ward off the cold. Just reduce the intake of calories without exercise can lose weight. But in fact, the body breaks down fat to produce heat storage capacity of the premise that the food has been consumed over, but this time the body will issue a hunger message.

By this time, most of the crush generally thought that the body has consumed fat to keep warm, it will immediately replenish food. And even if reduced intake, lack of exercise, but also to the human body does not consume enough calories, failed to reach weight loss goals.

Although the weight may fall, but this method is the body to lose water and sugar, fat reduction was not much. If you starve the body against the cold but not conducive to, and may cause malnutrition, poor physical and even metabolic disorders, basal metabolic rate and other consequences. In fact, the high efficiency of aerobic exercise has always been the best way to lose weight, regular aerobic exercise carried out, so that muscles consume excess fat.

Strenuous exercise, weight loss is more effective

As we all know, exercise is the best way to lose weight. But the movement is not the more intense the more effective, especially in the winter. Strenuous exercise because of its high strength, insist on a long time. And in the winter, weakening the body’s microcirculation, metabolism slows down too easily lead to intense exercise-induced respiratory disease or other diseases, the impact on health.

Studies have shown that aerobic exercise, the heart rate to achieve “effective heart rate,” and maintained more than 20 minutes, is the most suitable way to burn fat exercise. Effective means that the heart rate during exercise of the heart rate ( 220 – age ) range of 60% to 85%. If the heart rate is less than the minimum heart rate, indicating that small amount of exercise, the exercise intensity is not enough, you reach weight loss goals; However, if more than the maximum heart rate, indicating that exercise intensity is too large, and no further effect on weight loss. Therefore, people usually think that the more vigorous exercise, weight loss, the better view is wrong.

It should be noted that the weight loss exercise should be individualized, step by step. For different objects, different obesity, discrimination, targeted use of means of exercise. At the same time avoid a sudden increase physical activity or exercise suddenly interrupted. Recommended weekly moderate, regular aerobic exercise, such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, climbing stairs, aerobics and other endurance sports.

Some people say that local motion in their weight loss process indeed played a role, as do sit-ups can make the pot smaller. In fact, long-term adherence to a certain amount of exercise and the local motion of the muscle position can play a role in tight, it does not mean the position of fat plays a “slimming” effect consumption purposes. Precise to say that the local movement is to play the role of body sculpting, not weight loss.

Weight loss summary: Be sure to avoid the winter weight loss over these three errors, and reduce dietary intake in the weight loss process, proper exercise, so that your weight loss to be effective, weight have declined.

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Eight Weight Loss Lies, Cheat Too Many People

For weight loss, the number of women has thought of everything to lose weight, but because they believe some of the rumors which led countless people fail to lose weight, these weight loss lies beneath your attention yet?

1. “Sex is the best weight loss sport.”
A passionate of “bed movement” once consumed roughly equal to short walking, because you take that sitting posture is not lying, almost nothing will be moved to the muscles. If you want to “health effects” maximize, the best way is to use standing, a lot of use of your legs and buttocks muscles to support the body, however, after all, not specifically fitness time, is not it a bit cart before the horse?

2. “In the winter workout will burn more calories.”
Indeed, in the first few minutes you will be cold shiver, the body will consume some of the heat can be conducted with the movement, the body will gradually adapt after a few minutes the temperature becomes warm up, then you would not enjoy the low temperatures to give the “benefit” of the.

3. ” After the body is used in a sport, it will not consume so many calories any more “
Unless you reduce the exercise intensity or shorten the exercise time, otherwise the calories you consume today and yesterday and last month, and as much as last year, you will do a new action after five or six rounds, the action is really smooth, and also a lot less unnecessary actions, but these actions are consuming more calories probably also account for about 2%.

4. ” After stopping exercise, muscles will become fat ! “
This is definitely a mistake ! Fat and muscle are two completely different physical structure, who would not ” become” who. Just when you stop strength training, the original strong muscles will become tense relaxation, atrophy, whole body workout and have lost the original beat, this time once you do not control diet, will be very easy to gain weight, but can not that your muscles “into” fat oh.

5. ” Overweight people, slow metabolism, weight loss, of course, will slow”
Let the digital convince you it: overweight, only less than 10 % of people have metabolic disorders problems. And even more pleased that the strength and movement in the same time, the ” weight Superman ” who it will burn more calories. Put on weight ? Do not blame your metabolism system, a good check your nearest is not greedy or lazy it !

6. ” Heat on the heat consumption of the display device of the precise”
Do you trust it. Someone had given the latest heat is conducted tests, 70% are not allowed. The new calorie counter did not undergo the test of time, scientific and technical personnel need to constantly improve its quality, on the contrary, the old little calories calculator, such as cycling and Stepper has now developed more mature, especially if you put the age and weight and other factors that go into the future.

7. ” Lose weight before breast reduction.”
Because this sentence, many girls are worried about what the rest of the body did not change when the chest was the first smaller. Said an elated let you good news of it: do not worry about the size of the chest, in the reduced-fat movement was first change your belly bulge !

Abdominal fat hormones and enzymes to changes in the most sensitive in the movement, the body will automatically first abdominal fat as a source of energy. Why lower body is always the last to see the effect? That is because the accumulation of fat in the hips and thighs, there is purpose is to give the body energy deficiency when emergency use, it functions like a camel ‘s hump, like him, from the physical structure so it is difficult to lose lower body fat, Oh, a little patience !

8. ” Want to lose fat, exercise heart rate must be maintained at 60 times/sec.”
If you want to consume 100 calories today, when the heart beats 60 times per second movement ( the so-called fat-burning zone ), or 85 times what is the relationship ? Just today, consumed 100 calories, is victory. If the heart rate is 85 times or faster, or your exercise intensity is low, then the consumption of fat on your body is not, but the circulation of fatty acids and fat. Attention should be focused on how to consume calories, but do not worry about these calories come from.

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Beware of five major errors exercise to lose weight

Review: exercise to lose weight by the majority of obese people’s favorite, but this method really work? Many friends firmly believe that sport will be able to lose weight, in fact wrong, and only chose the right way will play effect. Editor today to detail some of the ways to lose weight the errors, you want to lose weight friends up to learn!


Misunderstanding one: the more sweat, the more fat loss

Many people believe that the more sweat, the more fat loss. Experts pointed out that the mere sweat is not an effective weight loss, the amount to increase the number of anaerobic training equipment in order to truly achieve the purpose of weight loss. Experts also suggested that a lot of sweat, the best drink some sports drinks, if you do not replenish proper hydration and nutrition, can easily cause dehydration.

Misunderstanding two: you can practice aerobics body

Many women believe that fitness to practice aerobics can body, but the actual training effect is not satisfactory. In this regard, the experts pointed out that the body should be rational use of equipment do targeted exercises, doing so can change the relative angle of the bone, such as the bust bigger, wider shoulder, hip become warped and so on. If you do not meet training equipment, body shape is difficult to have significantly improved.

Misunderstanding three: enacting strict fitness program

This movement has no effect on weight loss, a strict fitness program is developed to a professional athlete. If you have to plan, you should anticipate that some of the factors that may affect health, such as holidays and working arrangements, and then prepare a set of alternatives. The most important thing is, you can not give up a hampered. You need not miss the one or two fitness classes and feel guilty, we must learn to accept the fact, missed missed, as long as can be even harder tomorrow.

Misunderstanding four: You must adhere to the conventional fitness time

This movement has no effect on weight loss, many people think that we must adhere to regular fitness time, fitness effect will be good. In fact, only a day out of 10-15 minutes to exercise, stick to help strengthen your fitness habits. If you have more fragmented time, such as two or three took 10-15 minutes to exercise, but also help lose excess fat. Study found that, in general, than adhere to a daily fitness routine must attack for 30-45 minutes fitness better.

Misunderstanding five: best time to exercise is early in the morning

This has no effect on weight loss exercise, experts point out that the most beneficial evening workout. Various human activities are governed by the “biological clock ” effect, in general, whether it is the body’s ability to adapt, or physical play, afternoon and late afternoon are the best. And in the morning, exercise, blood pressure and heart rate were significantly higher when compared to the evening, so not the best time to exercise.

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Avoid these 5 mistakes to make you slim

Many girls will wonder why they thin down it? Watching other people fat rejection too fast, but also how their lean not go? Today we share 5 mistakes to lose weight, avoid these 5 mistakes to be able to make you thin !

weight loss mistakes

1. more sleep the more fat on the hoarding ?

It is not. Conversely, lack of sleep will cause fat accumulation. When you enter deep sleep, your brain will release a lot of growth hormone, the hormone will instruct your body break down fat to release energy. But if you absorb the extra calories, while a lack of deep sleep, then you lack sufficient growth hormone to break down the fat. So, your body will take such a shortcut, the excess fat piled on your hips, thighs and abdomen.

Comments: In fact, sleep diet is by medical evidence that an effective way to lose weight, mainly through sleep time and sleep quality to influence the secretion of hormones to break down fat, so burning, metabolism eliminate swelling and stimulate growth hormone to guide the body converts fat into energy. One day about eight hours to maintain the high quality of sleep, sleep is not a diet for those who love to keep you slim and thin MM one of the secrets.

2. dieting to lose weight ?

For the desire to slim long-term health of the people, of course not. Eat a diet including meat, mostly vegetarian and so on. In fact, vegetarian ( eg. vegetables ) also contains fat, protein and carbohydrates, but low content only. These foods into the gastrointestinal residence time is very short , he incurs the digestion and absorption, the body soon hunger, it will then be supplemented, so it is difficult to achieve weight loss goals.

A small amount of dieting and have a long perseverance, indomitable willpower, may meet with some results. However, excessive dieting, it will hurt the body, affecting their health, this method is not desirable. Again, after satiation human vomit, it will also affect health. Weight loss, low calorie and low -fat diet with the patient ‘s risk of gallstones.

Hungry is a taste of what it ? Insomnia, dizziness, fatigue, and a series of physiological adverse reactions. If you blindly go hungry, low blood sugar and gastric complications are most likely to occur. The problem is the body does not receive your feelings, you once continuous starving, metabolic rate will drop, then the body will burn fewer calories, leading to weight loss failure.

Comments: The best way is to ensure that meals dietary laws, pay attention to the diversity of food, eat dinner seven points, avoid lunch sweets, eat greasy and fried or something on the line.

3. do not eat breakfast can lean ?

Both from physical health or slim perspective, this approach is extremely absurd. Many women do not eat breakfast to lose weight, in fact, but on the body adversely Oh! Breakfast is a day basis, eat breakfast to lose weight can effectively enhance the metabolism level, while allowing you to have more energy to meet the day’s activities, and better investment weight loss program. Do not eat breakfast, then not only will make the mind lack of concentration, reduced metabolism, the body burns calories speed will be slow, but hinder your body sculpting cause, and do not have time in the morning’s first meal still can not save.

Comments: For busy working people, in fact, you can choose some simple nutrition and slimming, 5-10 minutes can be fixed breakfast. Reasonable breakfast food should be rich in moisture and nutrients, yogurt, soy milk, protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains are good choices.

4. Wear tights to lose weight ?

That is made of plastic “slimming clothes” to lose weight. Some of my friends think that wearing tights doing exercise can slowly lean down, they do not. Only increase wear tights real parts of the body is wrapped sweating level, and sweat water is discharged, not fat. Of course, a lot of sweat weight will probably alleviate some, but twelve hours later, your weight still recover. In addition, the plastic quality and glial clothes, will hinder your movement, including the muscles, making it difficult to make the movement to achieve better results. On the surface, this dress can help you temporarily abdomen hip, but when you one off them, the body will still restore the relaxed state.

Comments: The method is more suitable for sports wear that makes you feel comfortable and natural clothing. In general, wear cotton and lightweight sportswear, can make your skin breathe freely. Safe and effective aerobic exercise and strength training is the best way to lose weight fitness, you want to rely on tight corset body to lose weight, is not a good way. Propose to throw away clothes that are too tight now. Either forwarding friends and family, or donated to poverty stricken areas, or take the scissors to cut them rags, they do not continue saving in the closet, how you can deal with. Throw reason: there would be too tight clothes closet for weight loss without any help, but they imply a failure at any time will stimulate your nerves, make you produce on the body of inferiority and frustration.

5. weight loss goals high enough is enough obvious ?

We believe there is a lot of girls have the power target, target ambitious enough to cut a better figure. This is certainly not a scientific idea friends. The goal is to bring too excessive pressure. Obese middle-aged women to lose weight often determines the total wanted to ” restore youthful slim overnight,” but the idea of this quick success can only lead to counterproductive results. Studies have shown that weight loss is the most successful people in line with the implementation of a progressive attitude towards weight loss program, they lost an average of 6.4 kg, to achieve the desired weight loss goals as high as 90%.

On the contrary, those goals too high, ideal weight and the actual weight is too large gap between women is to lose weight the most unsuccessful one group, they are also among the most people lose weight only 1.9 kg of body weight reduced. The researchers said that when middle-aged women in the diet must be based on an individual ‘s own actual situation, must not blind ” ambitious.”

Comments: either improve endurance, to participate in a triathlon, or do at least 25 push-ups, set a goal can certainly help you better stick with it. Former dean of American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Shah said Brian, if your goal is short-term, concrete and realistic, such as “I walk 20 minutes a day ” instead of “I want to workout harder,” more likely to stick with it. If you are easily reached the target, then the target should be set higher, and each had 4-6 weeks to approve once, to ensure that no deviation from the correct direction.

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