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Lose Weight ≠ Less Weight Compact is King

lose weight not less weight

I found this a problem that almost every woman feel thin enough, and always the “diet” word mention. In fact, you may not need to lose weight, improve the body’s argument seems to be more appropriate.

Do not starve to lose weight

Starvation diet, people’s weight loss fast, but size may not be able to improve. Because this way to lose weight can cause muscle protein breakdown, the proportion of fat in the body but will rise. Hunger, malnutrition, resulting in visceral narrow, functional decline, reducing the body’s basal metabolism, energy will be significantly decreased, also known as “debilitating.” Therefore, the hunger to lose weight can not give you vibrant state.

However, if you do not go hungry, weight can drop it? This is a common question. During weight loss, most people regard as the only outcome indicators of body weight, but in fact, this indicator is often misleading.

Perhaps, many of the beauty of the ladies did not care for the health and vitality, but you can not care about this issue below – starvation diet will make the body become more relaxed.

Skin and subcutaneous fat, depending on the muscle “hold” to live. Substantial muscle, add a thin layer of subcutaneous fat, so that women seem soft lines and smooth, full of beauty. Muscle enrich woman, even more subcutaneous fat, such as belly dancing actor, abdomen slightly raised, but the body is plump and firm, showing beautiful and charming female curves.

If there is no muscle support it? Skin and subcutaneous fat will hang loosely on the bones, a “walking thigh sloshing”, “upper arm comes with butterfly sleeves,” “a spare tire around the waist,” “Le bra out of the deep ditch”, “hip line slack variable slope “and” fat and loose “sad reminder state.

Weight loss is more important than the Compact

Human muscle was significantly higher than the proportion of fat. If a person fat content decreased 3 kg, 3 kg of muscle risen, what kind of things will happen? The result is weight remains constant, but the volume is small, so the person looks thin. This weight loss results can not be called out by a weight scale. Many women after the start of the movement, the proportion of such changes will occur. They find themselves waist smaller, looks thin, but because the weight scale does not reflect the results, will be subject to immediate hit, give up exercise, the results came back “fat and loose” among state.

In fact, digital scales on what is the significance? Who will write the weight sign hanging on his chest it? Lose weight not just to the beauty and vitality of it? Increase the proportion of muscle to lose weight in order to achieve these two points, so this is the real way to lose weight. No matter how many pounds is called out, as long as the firm looks slim, not to achieve the goal of it?

In the bathroom, look at a 25-year-old woman, look at a 45-year-old woman. The latter, if properly maintained, can not wrinkles, normal weight. However, a closer look at the cheek, take a look at the waist, hip look, take a look at the limbs, you will find two people extent compact body a world of difference. After age, “loose” has increasingly become the main theme of all parts of the body.

As we age, the body’s muscles more easily atrophy, muscle atrophy and “skinny” status will make people’s face relaxed, more aging, while also wrinkles Early. So women after the age of 30, in order to stay in shape, but also to redouble our efforts to maintain tight state body through exercise, the specific number of pounds of weight, but not so important things. A plump and rosy cheeks woman, a hip curve, though not skinny but obviously a woman, a little belly fat but no spare tire woman, Is not it beautiful?

Exercise makes you younger

We can not prevent the arrival of aging, but can be greatly delayed by the movement. People over thirty, physical condition like riding a boat behind. Active sports, you can let us try to push too far the state relaxed some, and generally impossible to produce large amount of exercise muscle mass, even if it is a day to do 30 push-ups, but also do not have to fear become “muscular woman.”

Moderate muscle is beautiful, it helps us to maintain a compact state. The most fun thing is, regardless of age, as long as we strive to fitness, and muscle proportion could rise significantly, the body lines can be significantly improved. Body movement also help us become more coordinated, developed, such as the lower body of the woman, the overall aerobic exercise can reduce fat, increase muscle with the upper body muscles to move closer to a perfect hourglass shape.

My experience is: one week does not move, you know. Two weeks without moving his family to know. Four weeks does not move, for all to see. I remember there had been no movement and a half months, the result is the accumulation of fat on the waist, hip line sag, physical decline. So, quickly plan, exercise four times a week, running plus exercise. A week after already seeing results after three weeks has narrowed 2 cm waist, hip line also improved significantly.

It is worth noting that the movement is definitely not short-term behavior, it is necessary to adhere to a lifetime of good habits, as important as a healthy diet. With age, body movement time required to maintain or even longer, in order to achieve the same effect.

If you really love yourself, if you really care about your beautiful body, put the sport as a lifetime to do it! Stick to it, you will be able to create a beautiful miracle!

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3 Primetime Accelerate Fat Burning Exercises

Fat Burning Exercises

Exercise is the best choice to build a good body, enjoying the feeling of sweat. In the exercise, once you have three prime-time, will be able to for weight loss, keep the demand to achieve better weight loss results.

1. 6:00 -10:oo AM

Any exercise can burn more calories, but if you get up early to exercise, not only can consume more calories, but also to maintain a high basal metabolic rate in the next day, weight loss is more effective. This is because exercise can wake up the body’s metabolism mechanism, the early exercise, vigorous exercise metabolism is preserved to a certain extent, so you have a whole day full of vitality points.

Suitable sports: tennis, running, yoga

Select morning aerobic exercise can make weight loss more significant movement of the whole exercise time was maintained at 40-60 minutes plus. Morning exercise intensity should be gradually upgraded to the body of a buffer time. Do first 5-10 minutes of low intensity jogging or stretching exercises, do high intensity exercise, such as tennis, jogging; or higher ductility of exercise, such as yoga, Pilates, etc., to help shaping.

2. 11:00 -12:00 AM

Impression, at noon brain and body are more tired, does not seem suitable for exercise. In fact, most people will not feel at 11-12 points in this one hour fatigue, general mobilization at this time is a time of strong physical demand, 12:00 -14 points is human movement trough. In addition, for busy office workers, this time of day but is most suitable for exercise time. So, take advantage of 11:00 -12 points this time for exercise, can improve the body acuity, avoid fatigue, to keep fit.

Suitable sports: brisk walking, aerobics, yoga

Noon exercise, exercise intensity should be in accordance with their physical strength, great principle is not too much intensity to moderate better, do not feel tired after exercise. Suitable for sport yoga, aerobics brisk walking, aerobics and other low-intensity exercise to slight asthma but the extent of the body more comfortable on it.

3. 16:00 -21:00 PM

This time period is the peak of human athletic ability, the body’s muscle growth and cardiopulmonary functions are at their best, this time by the most obvious effect of exercise muscle.

Increase muscle weight loss benefits:

Many female friends on the “build muscle” this word is very inconsistent, for fear of man into woman. In fact, under the influence of hormones, women who want to practice a significant muscle was performed extremely hard training. General increase muscle training not only to consolidate the existing muscle tissue loss, lose fat make your own muscles to emerge, while allowing more flexibility in the muscles of the girls, shapely, beautiful lines. Greater increase in muscle training can enhance the benefits lies in the basal metabolic rate of the body against aging.

Suitable sports:

Do not increase muscle wasting prime time, this time with strength training exercise type is better, such as the gym, cycling, basketball, etc.; but also with extended high sports, such as: yoga, Pilates, aerobics and alternating anaerobic exercise is more effective. Aerobic exercise to help burn body fat, physical exercise, anaerobic exercise to enhance muscle strength, the combination of easy practice lean body.

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10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

10 Weight Loss Mistakes

Around us always have slimming diet and exercise to lose weight information flying in the sky, even to the extent of more than conflicting. Today, you hear people say that eating apples can be up to lose weight, the next day someone tells you an apple calories equivalent to a bowl of rice. In fact, for those errors to lose weight, how much do you know?

First, the weight loss is equivalent to the elimination of fat cells

I really hope this is true. If weight loss success would mean a complete failure fat cells, we do not have to worry about a rebound. But –

Fat cells, fat cells scientific name, is designed to store fat when you weight loss when stored in the fat cells of fat will be reduced, but the cells themselves still exist. This is an unpleasant fact: After we lose, the original just smaller fat cells, become deflated, but it will not disappear, but always waiting, a servo weight rebound, they will re full. And because each fat cell can only accommodate a certain amount of fat, so the original full capacity of fat cells, the body will produce more fat cells to cope with and accept the fat. Because of this, weight loss experts inculcate us: to have a long-term plan to lose weight, avoid rebound, but can not lose weight standards bounce off before.

You know what? A person of normal weight, the body has 30 billion fat cells. Overweight people, the body may have 100 billion fat cells, and especially obese people, the body can accommodate 270 billion fat cells! – Do not let the fat cells in your body more and more!

Second, the point where you want to lose

With a tricky approach: plastic wrap around the belly up, that you can lose belly bulge, no special effects but also makes the results not only surrounded the site played a heat rash. Method of exercise: sit-ups, how many years you have done, the little stomach really eliminate it? Even in special parts for the exercise can not be fixed to lose weight. To lose belly bulge or any part of a particular fat must pass through body movement, such as jogging, dancing, etc., in body fat obtained on the basis of consumption in order to eliminate localized fat. When you lose weight, when the stomach is the first or the first thin thin face, this is hard to say. But we can through the power of exercise to strengthen certain muscles, avoid muscle relaxation, it looks a little thin. Also in the selection of aerobic exercise, they can take special care of some able to mobilize a lot “in the middle” of the movement, such as Latin dance, hip-hop, taekwondo, skipping and jumping and so on.

Three, run fast necessarily decrease faster

If you quickly will increase their heart rate to the target heart rate of the ceiling, then the exercise is to get your heart and lung function, rather than fat burning. With respect to the fast running, jogging or brisk walking these long duration low intensity aerobic exercise can make us consume more fat. Because in the low-intensity aerobic exercise, muscle fatty acid oxidation mainly use to get energy, thus prompting the fat consumption accelerated. And exercise intensity increases, but the proportion of fat consumption is reduced accordingly. When approaching high-intensity exercise, the proportion of fat for energy is only 15%. Therefore, relaxed gentle low-intensity aerobic exercise (target heart rate is maintained at 100 to 120 beats/min) most conducive to weight loss.

However, the low-intensity exercise for 30 minutes or more must, body fat can be mobilized to provide energy for the body. With the extension of the movement of time, the highest record fat for energy consumption up to 85% of the total, but the sport more than 45 minutes later, they began to reduce the consumption of fat. Jogging or brisk walking your time schedule of 30 to 45 minutes.

Four, the drink can lose weight

Someone said to you, make body heat to promote drinking calorie consumption, achieve weight loss goals. You do not have to be abetting a drunk before, quickly come to a halt! Alcohol is neither fat nor protein or carbohydrates are simply that it is not certain nutrients necessary for our body. It is a source of energy that can burn, light, heat, and even can be used to start the car. And calories per gram of alcohol can produce seven cards between fat (9 cards) and protein and carbohydrate (4 cards) between its thermal efficiency, and by absorption into the liver of fat stored. Drinking not only can not lose weight, but also lead to hunger, leading to eating too much. Think beer belly, you still believe drinking weight loss statement? Special note: In calculating calorie intake, do not forget that you drink a glass of wine.

Five, yo-yo weight loss formula will lead to metabolic disorders

To wear that Dior evening dress, the right person to fall from the sky, for a new job opportunity …… roll up our sleeves again and again we lose weight, then a loose vigor, weight again and again bounced back – yo-yo style way to lose weight, metabolic disorders can lead to really do?

The fact is not so terrible. Medical experts have called yo-yo weight cycle, they think: weight cycling does not produce permanent effects on the body’s metabolism and circulation nor will increase the number of body fat cells. Yo-yo dieting method can only be a temporary type to lose some weight, but not cause permanent changes in eating and exercise habits. Greatest impact yo-yo weight loss formula is generated for you: constantly undermines confidence you lose weight. Therefore, experts advise that we try not to attempt three days, five days a rapid weight loss method, because less quickly rebound quickly. But to gradually establish healthy habits.

Six, if you play tennis one hour can burn 450 calories, then you will be able to play tennis as long as consume so many calories.

This may not necessarily. Heat reference data obtained in a sport usually calorie consumption per hour, based on the average body weight and having a mean hourly motion exercise capacity consumed (such as female, body weight 58 kg, exercise one hour). But specific to each individual engaged in calories consumed is a sport and exercise intensity and individual personal basic data (height, weight, BMI body mass index, age, sex, BMR BMR) related. You can calculate your target heart rate to measure exercise intensity, generally speaking, effective aerobic exercise is the result of 20 to 30 minutes of intense action, making the maximum heartbeat heartbeat (220 – age) of 60% to 80%.

Seven, some food and diet pills can speed up metabolism

This is a pseudo-scientific argument, any safe food and drugs do not have this feature. Some claim to have this effect of weight loss products, usually contain extracted from animal thyroid hormone thyroxine or other similar things. It brings you “accelerated metabolism” is nervousness, tremor, diarrhea, proptosis, rapid heartbeat, sweating, these terrible side effects will be the price you with money and health in return. Speed ​​up the metabolism of the most natural, safe and economical way is to exercise, exercise can promote your BMR (basal metabolic rate), and the continuation of this value to 12 hours after you stop exercising.

Eight, do exercise can eat more

You look at these data may not be easy to eat: the per 0.5 kg of body weight is equivalent to 3500 calories, which means you need to consume 3500 calories to lose 0.5 kg of body weight, assuming you were one hour of aerobic exercise every day , you can burn calories 450 cards, but if you intake of calories 450 cards, you simply do not reduce any calories, weight unlikely to decline. Exercise can help us burn calories, but we still have a plan to control the calorie intake. Reminder: As long as five chocolate biscuits plus a cup of juice calories can reach 500 cards or more.

Nine, twilight reversed to lose weight

It simply is not sleeping at night. You may have seen some become emaciated because people stay up all night, but you probably her most profound impression was haggard. Our muscles often (such as when the movement) will produce bacteria to destroy muscle tissue, only enough sleep can resist these bacteria. This is because sleep will make our muscle fibers to maintain strong and resilient, especially at night 21:00 to 2:00 is the most vigorous growth of muscle fibers time. We know that the same weight of muscle than fat can burn more calories, and our muscles will be lost gradually increased with age. Do not sleep at night may cause your weight becomes lighter, but it will make your muscles lose elasticity becomes slack. So this is a terrible proposal, it will make you full of aging from the face to the body. A little knowledge, we sleep, the body still consume some calories.

Ten, fat catalyst

One of the most simple life common sense: unless you put the fat is heated at a high temperature for a long time, otherwise it can not be catalytic. So there are not any fat eaten on effective catalyst, whether it is drugs or food. Exercise is the only way to help burn fat, fat burning because it must make more than consume the energy of glucose in the blood. We remove the calories used outside the normal metabolism of the body, as part of the excess glycogen storage in the liver and muscles, glycogen will be needed in the conversion of glucose to be used, when the storage is full of cells of glycogen later, the remaining portion of the fatty acid is stored in the fat cells. The first use and mobilize the body’s heat source is glucose, glycogen and reserve the next is in the fat cells of fat, two parts for energy, the body will also be used in the same proportion, to ensure that glycogen is not completely depleted. Studies have shown that: the movement of any desired energy will use a glycogen and fat, it is the most effective exercise “fat catalyst.”

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Common Factors Lead Our Body Obesity

weight loss planMany people want to lose weight, but how hardly we can’t slim down. At this time if you have to consider is what causes obesity we do? And the main reason for obesity is what we do?

Obesity intimate human impact

If people around you is a very intimate letter of fat, then you will greatly increase the chances of fat, because you often together activity, whether from diet or exercise, and other aspects of life will be pretty much the same, so we also often see two obese friends or relatives.

Air conditioning can also affect obesity

Whether it is summer or winter, our reliance on air-conditioning is also growing, but because of the long-term is in a state of constant temperature, the body regulating the function of the heat will drop. Because when the body is cold temperatures, the body will burn fat and releases heat to keep warm, and hot temperatures, our appetite will be greatly reduced, so often people lose weight with air conditioning resistance will be greater.

Latent obesity gene

A scientist abroad through research and experimentation found that certain human body contains a gene can increase or decrease the fat content of a person’s body if it contains a variant of this gene, his weight is usually higher than normal some.

Dietary intake of excess calories

The most important factor affecting our body is diet, which is one reason most obese people fat. When we intake of excess calories the body needs, they will be converted into fat accumulation in the body, causing our bloated, so the diet is very important.

Metabolic adverse effects of sleep efficiency

Our daily sleep should be maintained at about eight hours, less sleep, and sleep at night will affect the body’s metabolism, resulting in normal metabolic heat can not be lost, so it is easy to accumulate body fat, but also easily lead to poor sleep we binge gluttony, so I want to lose weight, you should start from the early hours.

Hormones affect obesity

Our body also contains a hormone that can affect hunger, which can effectively reduce appetite and control of human love for a certain kind of food or disgust, if this hormone decrease in the body, then there will be overeating phenomenon, let us quickly gain weight.

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