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Teach You How to Make Her Immersed in Orgasm

Men’s appearance might affect him having sex with a woman, but the real decisive quality of life is the ability to use his final means to make a woman reach orgasm. If you can make her excited, since her sex life requires more likely to have to let you struggling to cope.

Few men born magnet to attract women, you observe and practice are essential. In this way, you must have one day that she will share the pleasure of the flesh and grovel at your feet.

From the beginning stroke

For a variety of physical stimuli, the reaction generated every woman is different. Men against women in different parts of the body will bring a touch of her different feelings. Thus, by rubbing her body and observe her reaction, you will be able to find the most sensitive parts of her, giving further stimulus to these places.

In stroke, while women also like to let you lick and touch those sensitive areas, such as the neck and behind the ears, where skin is very tender. So, the next time she stroked, more change, not just rubbed. You can use your fingertips and tongue touch the inside of her elbow, popliteal, wrists, nipples and inner thighs.

Asked her feelings

Nowadays, sexologists everywhere. However, the most outstanding experts generally do not have the doctorate – they called the “woman.” They are much more than your teachings of scientists interesting. A woman said to you is her personal experience, how she can make her understand more than anyone feel absolutely satisfied. So next time you’re not sure if she likes a practice, the best solution is to directly ask her.

Observe her feelings

You touch her, observe her reaction. If she showed a pleasing appearance, it should continue to do so. Most men in this context, is the action too much, too fast. Unless she explicitly said otherwise, you should always keep soft soothing.

Master her needs

Ideal conditions for sex is sexual arousal level can be both with effect from the same colony. However, even with a woman, every day the state will be different. In order to maintain the degree of sexual pleasure, you should understand the situation of the development of her sexual excitement. You can get tips through her performance in sexual foreplay in. If she behaved feelingly, very gently caress you, then you should start slowly, and keep the gentle movements and romantic atmosphere in the whole process. However, if she begins to strong feelings, she may want to get a storm-like pleasure.

A good lover never go bother to drill complex skill, he learns only the easiest way to be able to make a woman happy. He needs to learn by observing lover. If you are unsure, he would ask her directly.

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How to Treat Male Low Sexual Desire

In earlier articles, we introduced the causes of male sex, with emphasis on the treatment of male sex is also of concern to everyone. Here we highlight the treatment of male low sexual desire methods.

1. Drug therapy

If the male sex is due to diseases caused by objective factors, then to organic diseases caused by, for primary disease should select the appropriate medication. Loss of libido caused by factors in the case of drugs, the need to use other drugs. Drug treatment of male sex hormone drugs are the main drug treatment, and some can also use injectable testosterone propionate TZDs.

2. Psychotherapy therapy

Some male sex is not due to disease caused by, but in daily life due to psychological factors, then for these patients, it is necessary psychological counseling therapist uses the way for treatment. First, there is the attitude from the patient to have a correct understanding of sex. Plus treatment professionals believe that male sexual touch of treatment is not difficult.

Frigidity treatment, the key is to open the male mind. Nige acres institutional experts pointed out that the treatment of male sex, according to cause male, psychotherapy, drug therapy, behavior modification, if necessary, supplemented by physical therapy. Men need to have a correct understanding of the nature, to establish a good relationship of husband and wife, disappeared outside plus endogenous psychological factors, change bad habits are to facilitate the treatment of the male sex.

Tips: male sex, from a psychological need to have action to raise awareness, and to keep up the treatment process more communication professionals, adhere to treatment, the effect will be very prominent.

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Lack Of Sexual Desire: Stress, Anxiety And Vaginal Dryness

Having a low libido is growing as the number one sexual dysfunction in women. They even have a medical term for it called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder or HSDD for short. In fact, in a recent study done of women between 18 and 59 it showed one third of them had this condition.

What Is Lack Of Sexual Desire?

It’s important to first realize that there is no set number of times a couple is to being having sex, say in a given week. Sexual tendencies tend to change with time and if you are your partner are comfortable with them amount of intercourse you currently have, this is normal.

However, if you have noticed a significant decrease in your interest of sex and it’s starting to affect other areas of your life than this is a problem that can be fixed. The only person that can truly decide whether you have a lack of sexual desire is you.

What Is Causing My Low Sexual Libido?

For women experiencing a low libido it can be a result of both physical and mental factors. Today we are going to look at some of the most common reasons.

Relationships Issues – A strain in your emotional connection to your partner can play a huge rule in your desire to be with them on an intimate level. If you partner is currently experiencing performance issues, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, this can cause you to lose interest in sex. Other relationships issues include birth of a child, lack of emotional satisfaction with your relationship, and experiencing infidelity or your breach of trust.

Anxiety/Stress – If you are feeling more burdened than usual it can affect your willingness and want for sexual pleasure. Stress from your job, fatigue, financial situations, and depression all play a role in reducing sex drive. In addition, these can greatly affect your ability to performance sexual and cause issues like vaginal dryness.

Psychological Causes – Biology is not the only factor when it comes to determining the reason behind your low sex drive. There are many psychological causes such as poor body image, low self-esteem, and history of sexual abuse. These all play a major role in your ability to become sexually aroused.

How Can I Get My Desire Back?

The treatment for low libido is highly customized on a case by case basis. Understanding the causes of your low sex drive will allow you to discover what things you need to work on changing.

For example, if your low sex drive is caused by a relationship issue, such as infidelity, talking openly with your partner about your emotions can help lift that burden off of your shoulders and put it out in the open.

If your low sex drive is caused by fatigue, exhaustion, and stress a change in your lifestyle habits may be in order. Practicing stress reduction tactics, getting more rest on a regular basis, and changing your dieting habits can all play a role in increasing your sexual desire.

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What Are The Methods to Solve Male Rapid Ejaculation

In everyday life, the situation of rapid ejaculation process and some appear in male sexual life, which undoubtedly seriously affected the quality of life. We all know that when the male orgasm will ejaculation, rapid ejaculation but if you need to attract attention.

Reasons cause of male rapid ejaculation:

1. The specialist physician determine whether premature ejaculation, then the correct standard treatment. There are currently many drugs can prolong sexual intercourse, these drugs are only temporary emergency solution, not fundamentally solve the fundamental problem of premature ejaculation. The treatment of premature ejaculation we must first understand the real cause, the patient may refer to the following solution.

2. Sexual functioning sexual encounter this form of turning point may not fully meet the early stages, nervous, endocrine activity in all aspects, but also not all straightened out, there will be the beginning of the phenomenon of premature ejaculation, after the gradual adaptation and habits, will restore the normal.

3. Rapid ejaculation is the more common male sexual dysfunction diseases, clinical treatment effect from the point of view, quick ejaculation treatment depends on appropriate treatment or not. Must not be so anxious, we must insist on a period of treatment, most can be improved until it is restored.

4. For quick ejaculation psychological factors and excessive masturbation caused, first of all men to actively get rid of bad masturbation habits, reasonable arrangements for rest time, take part in more physical exercise, avoid magazines pornographic class, etc., both spouses should be mutually understand and appreciate, manufacturing a good atmosphere, a sense of tension.

5. Ejaculation going for the timely removal of the prepuce cause long foreskin, the glans normal so exposed; for faster ejaculation disease factors, the need for early treatment of primary disease; and for the high sensitivity of the glans caused by fast ejaculation phenomenon, most good treatment is done dorsal penile nerve block surgery to reduce the sensitivity, improve ejaculation threshold.

Treatment of rapid ejaculation:

1. Use of condoms. Use of condoms can decrease a man’s sexual excitement, because condom is a barrier. A lot of people through the use of condoms to reduce the sensitivity of the penis during intercourse but not everyone can get a condom to reduce the degree of excitement.

2. Distraction. The process of life, when you want to feel the feeling of ejaculation, stop thrusting, then purposefully think about some sexual things unrelated to reduce sexual arousal, delayed ejaculation. Some will cry herself a “stop”, due to sudden stress, attention, so that you can achieve the purpose of the delay ejaculation.

3. Can be pubococcygeus training. Learn training methods, exercise four to six times a day; or during urination initiative to stop, then continue to urinate. This interrupt urination method is the use of pubococcygeus. Through these muscles long way, we can gradually improve the ability to control ejaculation.

4. Using the extrusion method. If sex is taken in the hands of a small place, when there is the feeling of approaching ejaculation stop stimulation, squeeze thumb grip lacing at the penis, for 3 second to 4 seconds, about half a minute after the ejaculation reflex, can continued for sexual intercourse or extrusion practice, practice three times -4 times a day, this can increase the ejaculation threshold, even achieve the purpose of treatment of premature ejaculation.

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Five Kinds Of Illusion Premature Ejaculation Big Secrets

Five Kinds Of Illusion Premature Ejaculation Big Secrets

1. Can not make a woman orgasm regarded as premature ejaculation

Male and female sexual functioning, there is a “men and fast women slow” characteristics, men showed rapid erection, orgasm and ejaculation soon enter; on the contrary, women’s sexual arousal showed a slower, generally after ten minutes, and even more some time before the long overdue. This is a natural difference, so the man and the woman simply did not happen ejaculation orgasm, this is nothing new. For this case, at best, a sexual intercourse with the discord on the issue.

2. Wedding premature ejaculation

Wedding stage prone to premature ejaculation, here are a few reasons: First, the wedding will be particularly high stage of excitement, life is full of sexual longing and yearning, both fresh and curious, it is easy to stimulate ejaculation; second, unmarried stage semen sex organs in savings can produce fullness sexual stimulation, wedding coincided with sex, easy and rapid ejaculation; and third, the beginning of life, the state has not yet reached satisfactory fit between husband and wife, played sexual function is not completely into the normal state, prone premature ejaculation; fourth, after the beginning of sexual, mental and psychological ideas somewhat, for example do not know okay? Is not it be? Whether the woman’s satisfaction? Masturbation past will not get in the way? And so on. Such psychological factors can interfere with sexual functioning, causing premature ejaculation is justifiable.

3. Long time no intercourse premature ejaculation

In fact, the fast and slow ejaculation time arise between the length of the interval between intercourse and the existence of an inverse relationship. In other words, sexually active, the time interval between each sex short, a slower ejaculation during intercourse. On the contrary, sex is not much, in the “hunger” asexual life long condition, sexual excitement surge, it will quickly appear once intercourse ejaculation. So for this occasionally result from lack of sex life, premature ejaculation occurs when sexual intercourse can not be regarded as a sexual function disorders.

4. Believe will inevitably lead to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

The pathogenesis of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction is not the same, so there is no causal relationship between each other. But there are some patients, premature ejaculation occurs after a long time, took place in erectile dysfunction, which is the psychological factor mischief, long-term premature ejaculation, they have upset every time intercourse are uneasy, for fear of poor quality of life, fear his wife is not satisfied, then the psychological stress, anxiety and worry, these psychological factors is sufficient to cause erectile dysfunction. If the woman really suffer ridicule, sarcasm and blame, equal to fuel, the more will bring the psychological trauma, increased erectile dysfunction.

5. Compared with the others, his own rapid ejaculation regarded as premature ejaculation

This is wrong, this comparison is completely unnecessary with others, because each person’s physiological activities are not the same, and sexual experiences and sexual frequency is not exactly the same, are not comparable, so do not do so.

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The Benefits Of Sexual Fantasies


1908, Freud wrote: “A happy person never fantasies, just so people would not be satisfied.” It is a series of misunderstandings and destructive about our inner world of prejudice is ranked first, but we now know it simply harmless, in fact, is no unhealthy sexual fantasies, sexual fantasy is to give sex add a little honey, let sex become sweet sweet honey, smooth smooth smooth.

Studies have shown that the higher the quality of life of people who have sexual fantasies of sexual satisfaction. They think about sex more, the reaction process better experience nature, more creative in bed. Unfortunately, many people will do this and feel guilty, because they will emerge out of reach to arouse sexual desire or worse, feel inner conflict. Especially for women who are sexual fantasies frightened even more so, they will worry that they can not control their own sexuality.

About a third of women had been subjected to sexual harassment or other injury, they will therefore generate memories sexual fantasies. The researchers found that about more than half of women have had mandatory and contrary to the wishes of their sex. About half of women will have sex rape fantasy colors.

Sexual fantasies like a big basket, which is equipped with all the things we have in real life can not happen. I do not think many people will go all day fantasy they will be able to do things easily, so people’s desire for fantasy content are often those people are unlikely to accept. Sexual fantasy world like films, fantasy imagined plot often not true in real life events. In the security world where sexual fantasies, the result is a pleasant and fun. In the everyday world we live in, the result is often the wounds.

Fantasy can always be distinguished easily by an obvious fact: Even when a woman lost control in the fantasy, she is actually still under complete self-control. It is a kind of feeling of danger can be controlled, which is why the content is completely subservient to become common female sexual fantasies, but it simply does not happen in real life. They certainly do not want to really happen. Fantasy subservient not just women, men also have similar fantasies. Keep in mind that, when fantasy occurred, this idea does not mean that behavior, fantasy does not equal reality, succumbed not equal rape. Our sexual fantasy is a safe export our deepest desires.

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