The advantage of middle-aged men’s sexuality in life

Men’s self-respect, self-worth and men’s senses, to a large extent, are related to their knowledge of their sexuality. Generally speaking, after 40 years of age men, penile erections can not be as hard as they can expect. If you do not understand the knowledge of middle-aged health care, it will cause great psychological pressure, and may be in their own business, family life and other aspects of hair are lost feeling.

In fact, men are not one or four or five years old will lose sexual ability, but to realize that forty or fifty years old or sixty years old is a need to change the age of sexual life, but need to learn new sex technology, It will make their own sex is still happy.

It should be clear that with the increase in age after middle age, a person’s physical and its genitourinary system will decline, nerve reflex activity becomes weak, blood vessels to reduce congestion, testosterone metabolism in vivo every few years reduced, thus affecting To men’s sexuality level, erection and ejaculation ability. In this case, the male sexual excitement must have more sensory stimulation, in particular, need a longer time masturbation caress to make the penis have erectile response.

At the same time ejaculation ability is gradually weakened, after the refractory period will be longer and longer. But this does not mean that middle-aged men’s sex life is bound to worse than 20 years old The key is to take the appropriate adjustment, middle-aged sex life is likely to be more than young when the infinite aftertaste.

The advantage of male sexual function in middle age is the emotional experience of sexual life and the extension of the duration. For the woman, the middle-aged man’s penis erections need her active help, which makes the woman feel the young can not feel the power and the value of the feeling of their participation and together to complete this mission, she will be proud of this pride. For young men, erections and ejaculation is often difficult to control the rapid action, the pleasure of sexual life without chewing on the gulping, not only their own food and not, and failed to make the woman to meet sexual satisfaction, resulting in full and appetite, This phenomenon is common in life.

Men should be happy to be able to experience the feelings of sexual life and should have plenty of time to learn how to maximize their own spouse. At this age, the focus of sexual life is more focused on the psychological and physical experience, rather than just confined to the penis in this part, so not only to meet the needs of men themselves, but also can make his wife get psychosomatic Happy and sensational pleasure.

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