The best sex skills between husband and wife

When the sex life after marriage lost the original passion. Husband and wife life because of sex is not happy and to the edge, in fact, to avoid sex after marriage boring, need to learn to use skills, change the location, so as to make your sex rekindle passion, to restore as ever.

Seize the neglected sex time

When the couple has a child, often by the children to occupy a lot of time, and busy with no time to make love. Under this premise, you need to seize the neglected sex opportunities, full and appropriate use of time. If there are ten minutes available, then a quick intercourse. Do not think that sex fast food can not do the same, in fact, occasionally fast sex do not have some fun.

So that each other in the sex journey can do the same

Grasp the opportunity of each sex, as far as possible so that both sides can enjoy, women can use other parts of the body to meet the male stimulating senses, such as breasts or lips, are male can not resist the foreplay trick. And men can not let the “second shot” affect the quality of sex, you can love the use of some time to extend the time of the tool, of course, Xiao Bian does not advocate the use of Viagra like drugs, after all, those things easy to hurt the body, With some functional condoms, the love to do lasting and healthier.

Expand the bed outside the love space

If you always make love in bed, over time will inevitably feel no meaning. To improve the sexual pleasure, we must expand the bed outside the love space. Starting from the kitchen, consider using all the delicious food in cabinets and refrigerators, which may lead you to an unprecedented level. You can also experience the taste of sex in the bedroom rocking chair. Of course, baths, swimming pools, private cars, and even wild … as long as the couple reached a consensus, these places can be expected.

Plan to make love journey and realize

Some people may think that planned sex will not look forward, but not really. If you plan a more crazy sex journey, it is quite special. The husband and wife plan together a trip that you both have never tried and can best provoke a desperate course (such as going outdoors), perhaps just making fun, so that you both have a lover’s intimate feeling.

Necessary sex communication

In the couple’s sexual life, good communication is a must. Perfect sex need to communicate with each other, understand the premise. Women want to learn to say your wishes, do not let men do not know after the efforts to please you. If you want him to stay in a certain position, he should give him some instructions. The two sides should understand each other’s needs in order to make each other satisfied with the sex.

Improve the love of caress skills

Caressing is essential between husband and wife sex skills, although simple, but also useful. After several years of marriage, often touch the lovers, more often make love to consolidate the feelings of both sides down. In addition to making love, many couples are rare to love each other to touch each other, they may feel awkward. Improving touching skills is an obstacle to eliminating all good results. Touch is not necessarily hand, you can also use sex toys.

Wife life withered, part of the reason is because the sex life is not caused by harmony. For this husband and wife can learn to change in the sex wit, save the sex, but also harvest the sweet taste of love.

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