Tips For Making Sexual Life More Harmonious

Harmonious and happy sex life not only make life more moisture sides to each other, but also to enhance the feelings between men and women, so harmonious sexual life is very important for people. Not every kind of sex life can feel the ecstasy of happiness, it is necessary to master some of sexual techniques.

Men’s first weapon: Mouth
Relations between the sexes, the power of language is very large, so men to say nice words, women want to hear, we can sexual gratification. Mouth is also responsible kiss, give each other a number of different forms of kiss, kiss the forehead, with a good first French kiss …… a weapon is a good beginning.

Men’s second weapon: Hand
It is said that one day, and 10 friends shaking hands, they caught a big cup of happiness, visible hand can promote emotional communication, affection. Relations between the sexes, men should always caressing a woman, when she has to be appreciated, to be caressed, being care of feeling, sexual nature more active and enthusiastic.

Men’s third weapon: Penis
To mouth, hand to back, physical and mental health of adult males in general will achieve full erection, then begin deeper contacts. If you can not achieve good erection hardness, impact of the sex, it is necessary to a regular hospital consulted. Furthermore, it suggests that men exercise one hour a day, and enhance erectile ability through running and other sports.

Women’s magic: Wear sexy lingerie
Bisexual life, the man may have some unspeakable desire or a small request, which requires the two sides frequently exchange and cooperate with each other. For example, some men prefer sex with the lights on when the brighter, while others prefer uniforms or sexy lingerie, women know this, we can try to meet what his fantasy plot.

Woman’s magic: Creation of an atmosphere of sex
I love the atmosphere of the space is particularly important for quality of life, a woman can often arranged at the bedroom, so that one is full of the taste of love. For example, point a few candles, put a fragrance, to change the color of the light, these small way to create a mystery man can stimulate motivation.

Women’s magic: Initiative to change posture
Traditionally, the woman in sexual life has always played a passive role. In fact, the nature of the interaction between the two sides, women should learn relevant knowledge so that they are more active. For example, take the initiative to try new sex positions, it makes your partner themselves.

Four keys make sex life more harmonious and happy

1. Listen to his physiological responses
He wanted to help create a memorable five seconds, of course, have to first understand his biological clock, which takes time to find the limit of his patience, and every man has a “personality”, generally when he temporarily stopped breathing, sprint Action is much more rapid, and began groan or cry or moan from the previous state conversely become silent, these are close to the reaction ejaculation. You can pay attention to the signal emitted by his body, and he summed up the climax of the prelude to the physiological response.

2. Taking into account his rhythm
Throughout the course of love, pleasure rhythm especially orgasm feel like turning back, is involuntary in control, and that was said to be almost isolated, some sexologists think that when a man is feeling physically and mentally more isolated, orgasm The taste of the more wonderful.

So you can take into account as much as possible while satisfying his own rhythm, that is, if he is too fast, you can slow to extend the time of arrival, which gently stroking him, bradycardia some action, if you are almost His response began to give you “to the” feeling, you can use language or action to help him, and you reach a climax.

3. There are some you have to pay attention
For example, in “drive” the process, suddenly brakes, which would make him sit there like a roller coaster suddenly mechanical failure, so people hung in the air is generally not the taste, so he is about to reach a climax at that time to stop, he still will be unable to control ejaculation, but lost the pleasure, as he finally shot at the World Cup, and was given you this super goalkeeper stopped abruptly, which would make him disappointed, will also affect you later quality of life, so to understand “the hand on the shot, when the closed hand that is close hand.”

Over the contents of both sexes more harmonious and happy sex life skills made a detailed introduction, I hope to give my friends some help in sex life, sex life is the life of men and women is an important part, so we are in life It should be on the quality of life of seriously enough, much better sex techniques to master, it will not only make life more happy, but also to enhance the feelings between husband and wife also have some help.

Source: Maximum Powerful, Hard Ten Days