What Makes Man Unable Erection?

Unable ErectionImpotence – medically known as erectile dysfunction (ED), which is a male sexual dysfunction, refers to sexual intercourse, the penis can not erect or maintain an erection to satisfy the sexual life. Impotence is a problem that all the boys are not willing, with the increasing pressure of work and life, for many men is a big hit, in order to better understand this disease, we take a look at methods for treating impotence and hazards.

What makes man unable erection

Penile erection is a huge “project” in the body needs complex neural, endocrine regulation under completion nervous start, the combined result of artery and cavernous storage of blood. Its functional status will be individual mental, psychological and social impact of a variety of factors. Therefore, the above-mentioned one part of a problem, it may lead to ED. According to etiology, it can be divided into two kinds of psychological ED ED and organic, as well as part of a mixed type.

In psychological terms, the psychological trauma suffered during childhood, the wrong sex education, family discord couples feelings, sexual environment is not ideal, etc., may lead to erection problems. Many people once erectile difficulties, it will have an enormous psychological burden, making the problem worse, creating a vicious cycle.

Men should also understand that with the aging of the body, there ED normal, just like hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases, most of all be improved through treatment.


1, The treatment of systemic diseases such as diabetes, patients with early, if properly controlled calorie and fat intake, with taking insulin and hypoglycemic agents often make sexual function improved a lot, disable those that may affect sexual function drugs, use of other drugs or stop the medication completely.

2, The use of hormones or gonadotropin therapy, but also more effective measures.

3, Adrenocorticotropic hormone or thyroid hormone for the adrenal cortex and hypothyroidism, such drugs are needed under the guidance of a doctor taking.

4, Corrected metabolism disorders, methods of drug therapy can be used to effectively alleviate impotence.

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