What’s going on for short time of sex life?

In life there are many friends will appear sex short hair loss situation, must be timely treatment. Sexual life is happy and passionate for both husband and wife. But for some people is not absolute. Some friends’ sex life is not happy. Most appear in the man, the performance of short sexual life or ejaculation time fast, erection difficulties and so on. Here to share some experience.

First: A lot of friends do not know the sexual behavior before marriage will have a certain impact on future sexual life between husband and wife. Because sexual behavior before marriage, because of excessive tension and excitement, making it difficult to change the marriage has been established before the way of life, so before marriage, must be controlled to carry out sexual life.

Second: In the sex life must be focused, do not have to disturb the outside world. Do not suddenly interrupt. If suddenly interrupted or suddenly disturbed by the outside world, will make the two sides of the sexual life of the passion. I and my husband in making love, my daughter to knock on the door, my husband no sex. After the boast. Therefore, in the sex life must be selected when the time and place.

Third: If the sex life is too small will also affect the quality of life and time, friends know? Some couples because of work or study the relationship, will be long-term separation. Then the number of sex life is very small. Once the opportunity to sex life, the two sides will be due to excitement lead to decreased quality of life.

Finally, in the weekdays, less alcohol and tobacco, do not stay up all night, exercise more, do not indiscriminate eating aphrodisiac, eat more leek, kelp, oysters, yam, lamb, pig and so have to help kidney.

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