Why Would Men After Ejaculation Get Pain Feeling

Men reach orgasm stage ejaculation occurs, but there have a lot of pain after ejaculation men. So why after ejaculation have pain feeling?

Some male ejaculation occurs when the penis, urethra, perineum, scrotum, etc. above paroxysmal pain, this pain called painful ejaculation. The main cause of painful ejaculation are: sex life too frequently, genital inflammation (Seminal, prostatitis, urethritis, etc.), urinary stones, urinary tract tumors, mostly caused by organic disease genital.

1. Sex Life Too Frequently

Too frequently sex life often cause the vas deferens, seminal vesicles and urethra organs produce inflammation, causing congestion and edema of these organs. Ejaculation, due to smooth muscle contraction, and stimulation of these congestion organs, causing pain.

Sex life too excited, strong brutal action can cause painful ejaculation.

Too frequent sexual intercourse, married indulgence, especially after sexual intercourse during the day, perineum or pain in the scrotum.

2. Genital Cancer

Male urinary genital malignancies, mostly cause painful ejaculation. Such as the testis, epididymis, prostate cancer, etc. happen, oppression or blocked pipes ejaculation, pain during ejaculation occurs.

However, the more relaxed nature of pain, mostly pain and soreness. Seminal vesicles, vas deferens, etc. opportunity tumors, while small, but more progress is occult lesions. Therefore, the pain should pay attention to.

3. Genital Inflammation

Male lower urinary tract infection is the most common cause of painful ejaculation.

Suffering from cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, ejaculation, these organs muscle rhythmic contractions occur, inflammatory lesions is a mechanical stimuli that cause severe pain. Some patients will happen painful emission.

4. Male Urinary Tract Stones

Male urinary tract stones are common, when small stones embedded in the urethra, especially embedded in the open parts of the ejaculatory product, ejaculation and peristaltic contraction of these parts, and produce pain squeeze stones. Such as prostate or seminal vesicle stones, these parts of the contraction will cause pain during ejaculation.

5. Other Diseases

People who suffer from Peyronie’s disease, penile erection during sexual intercourse will pain during ejaculation worse.

People suffering from urethral stricture, poor semen discharge, urethral attempted to force out of semen, can also cause pain.

Male urinary tuberculosis, urinary tract polyps may also cause painful ejaculation.

6. Psychological Factors

Some character good, or because of some failure of sex or, or some work stress, etc., resulting in too bad for ejaculation and anxiety induced spasmodic contraction of the perineal muscles, particularly tense, which is caused by a psychological factor.

There is also a particularly sensitive to the head of the penis, the glans when the hand touches, there is a pain, and psychological factors also should be said that there is a certain relationship.