Wrong Sleeping Position Will Cause Testicular Mutation, How Care Testicular For Male

Wrong Sleeping Position Will Cause Testicular Mutation, How To Care Male TestesTesticles are the male reproductive organs, and if its maintenance should not be the case, it is easy to cause orchitis. Many risk factors are likely to cause testicular lesions, such as viral infection, or physical damage. In addition, experts advise, wrong sleeping position may also lead to testicular mutation, and finally affect reproductive capacity.

Orchitis is a common inflammation of the male reproductive system, caused by a variety of pathogenic factors testicular inflammatory lesions can be divided into non-type-specific, viral, fungal, spirochetes resistance, parasite resistance, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and so on. Route of infection in blood and lymphatic pathways common, but also by the urethra, seminal vesicles, vas deferens, epididymis retrograde invasion testicles.

Common clinical nonspecific orchitis and mumps orchitis, which is one of the common causes of male infertility. Mumps orchitis caused by a virus. By gonorrhea, non-gonococcal urethritis, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases complicated by orchitis, accounting for 40-60% of the total incidence rate is one of the common complications of male sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, men can also cause testicular torsion Ceshui, this will place on the testicles squeezed, when compared to standing by to squeeze more obvious, which would be more prone to testicular torsion. Infants and young children and teenagers, such as strenuous exercise or sleep suddenly scrotal swelling and severe pain should be suspected testicular torsion. Male friends to pay attention to their daily sleeping position, preferably sit better, both for the safety of the testes, but also conducive to sleep. Most people will not reverse itself testicles, but there is a testis above the same as the spermatic cord will reverse the “knot.” Due to the testicles supply nutrition and metabolic waste away from the spermatic cord through the blood vessels, once the spermatic cord “knot”, testicles would “starve” the general will of ischemic necrosis after more than 12 hours. So male friends to pay attention to this problem.

How do men maintain their testicles?

1. Men pay attention to their own testicles maintenance, if there is pain in different massage may orchitis or epididymitis, please go to hospital.

2. Daily life male friends should eat more vitamin C foods. Because vitamin C can help us against bacteria, resist inflammation, improve their immunity. Contains vitamin C higher substances, carrots, cabbage, apples, oranges, grapes, etc. fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Eat some soup, lamb, pig’s trotters and other so-called “hair thing.” These foods can cause increased secretion of inflammatory site inflammation, proliferation and infiltration orchitis further aggravate the symptoms, eat spicy food, and have bland food. These will affect the normal function of the testis.

4. Usually try to reduce smoking and drinking. Smoking is not only harmful to the lungs will, testicular also escape the hazards of smoking.

5. For too long standing or sitting for too long, the same will testicular nerve compression, leading to testicular vascular congestion and other attachments.

6. The maintenance of testicular most healthy way is to use a massage, it will not only play a role in the maintenance, but also to avoid the side effects of drugs, and the use of the drug should not have to care like doctor, do not take medication without permission. Men can be in the bath or bedtime hands massage testicles, testicular Qingnie thumb along the reverse of each massage ten minutes when a long insisted there must be benefits. As found in different massage pain, may orchitis or epididymitis, please go to hospital for examination.

Tips: As the male reproductive organs, male friends must protect the testicles, usually do not pass through tight pants, not sedentary or long ride. Genital infections which may lead to inflammation.